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Burndy® Connectors

Compression Lugs

One hole, two hole, short barrel and long barrel available for purchase.

Crimping Tools

Crimping tools are needed to manually crimp compression lugs to flexible cables.

Burndy® Lugs and Tooling

Burndy ProductsBurndy® is a leading manufacturer of compression lugs, tooling and dies for the electrical wire and cable market. Copper cables need lugs to make a secure connection. Lugs range in size to fit the size of the cable in question. If you plan to cut and assemble your welding cable you can purchase the cable, lugs and tooling separately to save time and money.

Burndy® has been in business since 1924 manufacturing quality products. They have battery operating crimping tools so that you can use them on the job site whether you have a power supply available or not.

WesBell Electronics keeps Burndy® compression lugs, tools and dies in stock to manufacture cable assemblies for you or sell them to you so that you can build them yourself. As an ISO 9001 certified company we will make welding cable assemblies for you and guarantee their quality. Please call for pricing if you'd like to take advantage!

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