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Wire Harness with Heat Shrink Tubing

Wire Harness with Heat Shrink TubingWe’re a wire, cable and tubing distributor that also manufactures wire harnesses and cable assemblies to specification. We’ve always distributed bulk wire and cable directly from the manufacture, but recently started building harnesses and assemblies when customers ask the question. As an ISO9001 certified company we’re trusted, without conducting previous business, by large customers such as GE and Parker Hannifin to get the job done right.

That being said, we don’t have engineering employees on staff for large board assemblies, however we’re prepared to handle large volume in harnesses and cable assemblies that require up to 10 steps. For instance, as you can see in the picture to the left, we specialize in cutting lead wire, stripping it, crimping terminals and adding heat shrink tubing.

Heat Shrink Tubing

There are three main reasons for including heat shrink tubing to your wire harness. The first is to bundle the lead wires tightly together for a clean and neat look once the assembly is attached to the application. The second reason is to include a customer part number or details about the assembly that might be important to the person installing it or replacing it later on. The customer will specify the exact ledger, color and length of the tubing to be used on their assembly.

Another reason for using heat shrink tubing is to increase the protection of the copper wires. The insulation over the copper has a temperature rating and voltage rating that shouldn’t be exceeded. If one of the wires get cut into accidentally, heat shrink tubing can be used as a splice kit to repair it back to normal. Just be sure to ask for the same temperature and voltage requirements so that the tubing and wire insulation match.

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