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Wire Assembly Using UL1015 Hookup Wire

WesBell Electronics is a mature ISO9001 certified company that manufactures wire assemblies, harnesses and kits to our customer’s specifications. We no longer need to tell our customers about our quality of product because our ISO certificate proves it. We’re audited on a quarterly basis along with a more in-depth audit annually to confirm that our processes and procedures meet the standard.

Hookup Wire

UL1015 12 AWG Wire AssemblyThis wire assembly is comprised of three 12 AWG wires that are each approved by UL under the UL1015, UL1011, UL1230 and UL1335 categories. UL, Underwriter’s Laboratories, uses each UL designation to show what the wire has been tested to withstand. For instance, UL1015 wire is approved to resist moisture, withstand up to 600 volts and withstand up to 105°C in any given application. These PVC wires were manufactured to be used in electronic devices and appliances as long as they meet the criteria of the UL standard. See our UL1015 12 AWG wire here >>

Cutting Machine

WesBell Electronics has many wire cutting machines that we use to cut large quantities of hook up wire for the biggest companies in the world, including GE. We do not resell our wire cutting machines, we use them for high volume production. In this case, the machine was set to cut the wires to about 12 inches long and semi-strip each end. The slugs remain on the end of the wires so that the copper strands won’t get damaged of frayed when shipped. Our customers set the length and tolerance of each job.

Tie Wraps

Once each of the three wires are cut, measured and checked for accurate lengths, we bundle three wires together and tighten a tie wrap around them. Due to the high volume of production, we also have a tie wrap cutting tool that tightens the tie wrap and cuts the excess plastic for a clean finished product.

Instead of creating our brand name wire harnesses and attempting to find customers that purchase them, we let our customers inform us of exactly what they need. Some jobs are quick and simple while others are much more complicated. More complicated wire assemblies will sometimes require engineering, specification data sheets, sample prototypes, customer visits and months of production. We have a strong online presence and require positive feedback in order to remain a strong player in the wire harness and assembly industry. Feel free to browse around online to find comments and testimonials about our company.

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