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PFTE High Temperature Wire Cost

As a wire and cable distributor we have large quantities of PTFE wire in our stock, so we understand the costs associated with each part of the manufacturing process. It’s becoming more and more difficult to get your hands on because of the high demand for PTFE compound, copper and silver.

Copper is the main cost driver of PVC wire and largers sizes of copper wire because the cost of the insulation is much cheaper leaving copper as the main ingredient. Since copper has been lowering over the last month (October 2011) customers expect pricing to be going down on all types of wire and cable which may not be the case.

PTFE wire has 3 main ingredients including PTFE compound, copper and silver that can drastically change the price of the wire you’re trying to buy. Also, since all three of these materials are very hard for manufcaturers to get, the lead time is as long as 10-12 weeks to get PTFE wire manufactured.

Since PTFE wire is a high temperature wire the insulation needs to resist almost twice as much heat as PVC wire which increases the cost. PTFE is a compound used in manufacturing PTFE insulation which our vendors need to make the wire. The problem is that a PTFE compound manufacturer in Japan was shut down due to the earthquake about a year ago making it more difficult for wire manufacturers to get their hands on the PTFE compound.

Copper has been lowering over the last month which lowers the cost slightly because the bill of materials is less for the manufacturer. However, PTFE is up, material is scarce and lead times are getting longer which are all reasons the price is going up in contrast to a lower copper price. Just because copper is down 20% doesn’t always mean your price will lower 20% as well.

Silver has been a roller coaster ride over the last year going up like a rocket and coming back down just as fast making it very difficult to price wire when the lead time is out 10 weeks. A price today could be 20% different in a week nevermind 10 weeks. It’s currently down compared to its high over the last few months but it’s still up quite a bit from a year ago.

If you have any questions about the cost of PTFE wire or why it costs so much to manufacture PTFE high temperature wire then please call and ask us. We list the current copper pricing on our website for your reference to previous months. This helps you understand why pricing is going up and shows our honesty when pricing is down because when copper lowers, so does your price.

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