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XTRA Guard 2 Multiconductor Electronic Cable

XTRA Guard 2® is manufactured by Alpha Wire as a strongly resistant electronic cable to oils, fuels, solvents and water due to its extra rugged polyurethane jacket. Alpha Wire makes sure their cables are superior to similar cables because they want to stand out in the wire and cable industry.

XTRA Guard 2® is a trade mark name because Alpha designed and created every piece of it down to the over-the-top supra shield. The Alpha supra shield has an aluminum polyester aluminum foil shield with an overall braid shield for the maximum protection. There is also a standard foil shield and an unshielded option for everyday applications.

The conductors in the XTRA Guard 2® series are made with tinned copper strands and a color coded premium PVC insulation. The jacket is a specially formulated polyurethane material manufactured extra rugged for added protection and resistance to the oils, fuels and solvents it comes in contact with.

It features a 90°C temperature rating, unmatched resistance to oils, fuels, solvents, fungus and water, twice the tensile strength of PVC cables, three times the tear and abrasion resistance of PVC and ultraviolet light stability. It also passed a VW-1 and CSA FT1 flame test.

Common applications for XTRA Guard 2® electronic cables are CNC machine centers, automotive assembly plant operations, military ground support systems, packaging machinery, petrochemical plant operations and geophysical exploartion equipment. A standard PVC cable won’t last as long in these applications without the extra rugged jacket and added protection against moisture and solvents.

The standard options Alpha offers for XTRA Guard 2® are unshielded, shielded, 300 volt, 600 volt, multiconductor, multi pair and the supra shield. It comes in awg sizes 24 through 14 with as many copper conductors as 70 in some of the cables. 

Alpha Wire also manufactures XTRA Guard® in premium PVC jacket, direct burial, high / low temperature TPE jacket, chemical resistant FEP jacket and a flexible cable for critical flexible applications. They’re all approved by UL and CSA to assure the specifications will do what Alpha says they can.

Please call us if you need a quote on any Alpha Wire product including their XTRA Guard® cables, heat shrink tubing and hook up wire. We’ve been doing business with Alpha for over 20 years and have developed a great relationship along the way.

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