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PTFE Lead Wire and Shielded Cables

WesBell just added to our PTFE section from the standard high temperature lead wire to a few more types of PTFE hook up wire and two types of PTFE cables. PTFE is a brand name that designates a PTFE compound that allows wire and cable to reach temperatures of 200°C and higher.

For a few years now we’ve been selling Type E PTFE wire which is a 600 volt 200°C lead wire with a Mil Spec M16878/4 rating. Well, there’s also a 250 volt and 1000 volt PTFE lead wire that we added to our website. They aren’t available to buy online just yet, but it allows our customers and website visitors access to all of the specifications and approvals that they have to offer. We can supply these new PTFE lead wires within a few days.

The PTFE cables were also a great addition to our website since many of our customers order multiple Type E lead wires for the same wire harness or application. Instead of using 3 individual PTFE wires they can use a cable with 3 wires in it for a much better look to finish the application.

STJ stands for Shielded Tape Jacket which is the most common type of PTFE cable. They come in an unshielded version if needed but most times a shield is neccessary for the high temperature applications. The PTFE tape jacket is rated for 200°C and the wires are Type E 600 volt which is also rated for 200°C. STJ cables are manufactured with a braid shield which is better than the common aluminum foil shield in most PVC cables.

Type ET lead wire is manufactured with a slightly thinner insulation since it only needs to reach 250 volts rather than 600 volts. It’s a little bit cheaper but the level of competition on the Type E drives the price down a bit as well. Type EE is 1000 volts with a slightly thicker insulation to handle the higher voltage rating. All three types of PTFE wire are rated for 200°C with silver plated copper strands.

Please contact us if you have any questions about PTFE wire and cable or if you have any questions or comments about our website. We enjoy getting feedback!

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