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A Thorough Look at Electronic Communication Cables

The use of electronic communication cables in everyday life is not only something practical, it is also a necessity. This is especially true for those who are living in the big city or the country’s urban jungles. City-life is never the same without electricity and various electronic devices that city-dwellers rely heavily on. Country folks also use electronic devices, but not as persistently or with a frantic need as those living in the city. Devices such as computers, television, phones, and even kitchen utensils all make use of some sort of electronic cable to connect them to power sources so that these household items could function properly.  Even the different modes of transportation also make use of electronic cable variations in order to run smoothly. Some of the more common electronic cables that you normally see in your home are extension cords, and the power cables that connect your laptop, hair dryer, and any other electronic device to the wall socket so it could start working.

There are shielded electronic cables, as well as unshielded ones. Shielded cables have the advantage of being safer than unshielded cables, and there is very little possibility of accidents due to malfunctioning electronic devices. Aside from that, shielded cables are also more durable, thereby giving you less need to change damaged cables due to wear and tear. And because these shielded cables already come with insulation, you would no longer need to purchase wood or pipes that normally serve as insulation for unshielded cables. The insulations for these cables have been manufactured for extreme durability and to make the cables last a really long time, thereby making shielded cables the more practical choice not just for home use but also for office and commercial electrical needs.

On the contrary, unshielded electronic cables have long been known to be more prone to dangerous accidents due the lack of insulation. This is why unshielded cables are less likely to be used for home or office appliances, although these are the more common types of electronic communication cables used in burglar alarms, public address systems, intercoms, and remote controls. You can purchase both shielded and unshielded electronic cables from the internet at really low prices, as well as free shipping when you purchase a minimum amount. Your company may also be able to take advantage of huge discounts for bulk wire purchases, both online and from your local electronics store.

Electronic communication cables can either single or multiple conductors depending on the manufacturer’s specifications. Multiconductors are often used in unshielded cables, whereas shielded cables have single conductors, although this is not strictly the case for each and every cable being made. Different forms of electronic cables are made to specifically fit the needs of the electrical device that it will be connected to, such as fiber optic cables for data communications, voice networks, as well as video networks. With fiber optic electronic cables, you have the option to choose between single or dual jackets, as well as single- or multimode fiber types.

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Things to Remember When Shopping for Multiconductor Electronic Cables

There are various repercussions that you have to take note of when selecting the best multiconductor electronic cables. The quality of your work is at stake here so you should always make sure that the items that you are buying including the type of wire or cable that you are purchasing have been carefully studied. If you are about to buy a cable that should be installed inside your house, you can simply log on to the web and visit the right website which has been in the business of marketing quality electronic cables.

What are the specific characteristics that you should look for when shopping for your multiconductor wires? The truth is that this type of activity can be a daunting one more so if you are not aware of the right brand that is suitable for your project. If this is the case, it would be best if you ask help from an expert licensed electrician. Take note that there are quite a number of distributors that you can find on the web. You may also ask some questions regarding their products before you decide to simply click on any type of cable that you find on the site.

Preparation is very important when searching for the finest multiconductor electronic cables. The project that you are currently working on may require ribbon wires or any other type but how thick are the cables that you should purchase? With a number of choices that are being offered, coming up with the best decision is definitely going to be an overwhelming one. The number one tip that you should remember when shopping online is to be properly equipped with the right knowledge. Moreover, you should also determine the background information regarding the products that you have in mind.

Product review pages will be of great help in your search. If you have a technical expertise regarding the right way of installing the cables, then all you have to do is to find the most appropriate electrical wire. There are four vital points for you to consider before placing an order for your electronic cables: shielding performance which would also include the type of cable jacket that are available, flexible characteristic of the wires, resistance to various chemicals especially water and corrosive substances and the range of temperature that the item is cable to handle.

The best thing about reading the product reviews page is that you are given the assurance that the product that you are going to purchase will be able to properly handle the pressure especially if you will be using several home equipments that requires higher voltage. The kind of cable or wire that you are going to install can have a great impact on the quality of your connection and if you are not sure about the materials that you are going to utilize, the best thing to do is to rely on the expertise of people who know how to analyze various types of multiconductor shielded cables.

A Closer Look at Shielded Electronic Cables

Because of man’s ever increasing dependence on electricity and electronic devices, the demand for shielded electronic cables has constantly increased as well. The shielded variety has become the more popular choice because of several reasons. First, it is deemed the safer option; so the people staying in a particular area are more secure that there will be no electrical accidents. The second reason is to save money in the long run, since this type is less prone to wear and tear. Thus, it has become useful in different locations and has helped in making the lives of a lot of people much better.

The cables are generally used for electrical wiring inside the house. The insulation makes it possible to use the cable without the need to purchase additional devices to insulate the wires such as wood or pipes. The cables can just be conveniently tucked nicely to a wall and still look nice. This means that people can save a lot of money for home construction, while still making sure that the entire place is safe for everyone, including kids. This type of cable can also be used in the installation of security cameras and alarm around the house for added protection.

Shielded electronic cables are also used in commercial locations. Aside from electrical wirings, it is also sometimes used for other purposes such as high-speed phone and internet connection. If the office is using an Intercom or any similar device to communicate, these cables might well be used as well. Offices with multiple locations can also save a lot of money by buying the cables in bulk because a lot of companies are offering huge discounts for big purchases on wires. The company can then save while still making sure that everything is in order and the needs of the business are addressed.

This type of shielded cable is also used in mobile phones and other portable devices. We can plug in our portable devices to recharge it or use the cable to connect the portable devices with one another. Because of this, we are able to enjoy all the benefits that we can get from the different technological advances of the various portable devices at our disposal. We can get in touch with our friends and loved ones, or finish an important work of project even if we are on the go, without having to worry about safety.

Through the use of shielded electronic cables, we can all have a comfortable time at home, in the office, and practically anywhere we need to go. There is no need to worry about accidents because the insulation for these wires and cables are strong and lasts for a long time. In addition, we can conveniently bring our portable devices anywhere we need to go because we are assured that it can be safely plugged anywhere or be connected with another device if necessary. As technology advances, we can expect that cables would also evolve and change to better suit all our needs and demands.

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Shielded Plenum Fire Alarm Cables

Shielded plenum fire alarm cables are engineered to be used in a buildings plenum to lower the chances of a fire spreading throughout your home. They’re manufactured with a flame retardant coating such as PTFE to help cut back on the cable’s production of smoke and harmful gasses should it begin to burn. These types of cables are the ones inspectors like to see when checking a building for the best fire protection.

Fire alarm cable is used in applications when hooking up smoke detectors, signaling, fire alarm, and fire protective circuits becuase they have all been known to need the extra fire protection to continue working when a fire erupts.

EMI is electromagnetic interface which is something that an insulation cannot block a cable from. It’s “electrically noisy” and disruptive to other equipment around it which an aluminum polyester shield can block. Many fire alarm cable installations and PTFE cable installations require a strong shield in order to keep all of the equipment running smoothly.

A cable is transferring EMI to another source and the best way to block that is through the use of a shield. The shield surrounds the copper conductors which blocks any interference coming in and blocks anything going out so that all of the cables near each other can effectively do what they were set up to do.

As you can see there’s quite a bit of engineering involved in each type of fire alarm cable. If manufactured wrong or poorly they can spread a fire much faster than expected throughout the home or building. The shield could also cause problems with the EMI so it’s important to make sure the cable that you buy has all of the specifciations you need for your application.

Please call you have any questions about our shielded plenum fire alarm cable or anything else regarding the items on our website.

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Electronic Wire and Cable Section by Manufacturer

We added an electronic wire and cable section to our website geared toward selling our Alpha Wire manufacturer line. They offer many communication cables, shielded and unshielded, with superior protection to standard electronic cables.

Alpha has always taken extra pride in the cables they manufacture because they want their cables to out last each and every similar cable on the market. Instead of just making a PVC jacket like every other manufacturer Alpha Wire makes a premium grade PVC jacket that has UL and CSA approvals for higher and lower temperature ratings.

Alpha Wire has their own brand of electronic cables called XTRA Guard®. Their are six different types of XTRA Guard cables that include shielded, unshielded, PVC, PTFE and flexible. They even have different temperature ranges that reach higher and lower temperatures than the standard cables of its class.

Each XTRA Guard® type has a 300 volt and 600 volt cable that can be shielded or unshielded. They each range from 24 awg to 14 or 16 awg with as many conductors as 70 and as many pairs as 77, so there’s a wide range of applications these cables can be used in. Some of those applications include high technology applications in controlled environments, medical electronics, point of sale equipment, computer peripherals and industrial process controls.

The XTRA Guard 1® material has an unsurpassed flame and moisture resistance, fast and easy stripping of the insulation and jacket, UL and CSA recognition and flexible cable routing requirements. The conductors are manufactured with tinned copper strands and a color coded premium grade PVC insulation. It has passed the VW-1 flame test and CSA FT4 flame test to meet any approvals needed for the application of this cable.

I encourage you to compare the specification sheet of an Alpha cable to another manufacture’s identical cable to see the differences in temperature, flexibility and durability. Alpha makes cables with a longer life than any other cable because they want to keep a good name for themselves so that anyone looking for a superior cable will call them.

We plan on adding many more Alpha Wire products to our website for our customers to find. We’d like to maintain a good reputation for ourselves as well so selling an Alpha product will help our customers know how serious we are about the actual application rather than just the sale of any standard product.

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