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The Advantages of Using Portable Power Cord with EPDM Insulation

The acronym EPDM can stand for a lot of different definitions, but as rubber insulation, EPDM is defined as one of the best insulations for portable power cords in the industry. Portable power cord EPDM Insulation provides all of the following advantages:

  • Exceptional ability to resist damage caused by harmful ultraviolet rays and other weather conditions.
  • Can withstand temperatures from negative 200°C of up to positive 175°C.
  • Stable resistance to moisture and vapor
  • Thermal conductivity maintained at a stable low level
  • Does not absorb too much water due to its structure
  • Fire-resistant and self-extinguishes flames

There are many different types of Portable power cord EPDM Insulation that you can find online and most of these are manufactured both for indoor and outdoor use. The EPDM insulation on the portable power cords also provides better flexibility for the cords so that it can be used for industrial equipment that require heavy use, as well as for use as extension cords when needed in marine docksides, deep mines, for the sound equipment on a large stage, and many others. There are also portable power cords with EPDM insulation that are made specifically for use in vacuum cleaners, food processors, hand tools, other home appliances like washing machines, as well as medical and office equipment.

With all of the various ways in which portable power cords with EPDM Insulation are used, it is no wonder that it is priced heavily, from somewhere around $0.5 to $50 for every meter. Some of the more popular characteristics of the portable power cords that are insulated with EPDM insulation are:

  • High amount of resistance to solvents, oil, acids, as well as extreme temperature
  • These power cords do not tear or abrade easily
  • Retards flames easily
  • High resistance to the damage caused by sunlight and water
  • Great degree of flexibility and durability. The cords can be rolled into a neat bundle when not in use

If you are not sure whether the power cord that you have is EPDM insulated or not, you can actually test the insulator at home. All you have to do is heat a piece of the insulation in the Microwave for two minutes. If it does not emit any smoke or smell, then you can be sure that you have EPDM insulation on your portable power cord. This test would also prove the fact that the EPDM insulation can work on temperatures of up to 150°C.

If you need further information on EPDM insulation for portable power cords, or just need assistance from an expert technician about the product’s in-depth technical information, there are a lot of toll-free numbers on the internet that you can call. Most online stores do already list a few technical specifications based on the manufacturer’s information for almost every portable power cord that they sell, so there should be very little need for you to contact a specialist or personally go to a hardware store yourself.

Welding cable is a standard one conductor 600 volt power cable with EPDM insulation.

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Multi Conductor Type W and Type G G-GC Industrial Power Cables

Industrial power cables are engineered to be very durable and withstand quite a bit of impact on a daily basis, so if you’re thinking about using a multi conductor power cable then be sure that you’re going to use it for everything it’s worth.

Each type of wire or cable comes with a list of approvals that allow them to be used in certain applications. Getting more than you need won’t help the application, it will just cost more money to use, so be sure you’re getting the correct cable for your specific situation.

Type W and Type G cables are manufactured with premium EPDM insulation on the inner copper conductors with an overall EPDM rubber jacket. It has finely manufactured flexible copper strands so that the cable can be very flexible. Industrial power cables need to be flexible because they’re commonly used on job sites for portable power, then coiled back up and used on the next site. While being used on each site the cable will be dragged across the ground, stepped on and driven over on a daily basis which means the jacket needs to be extra strong in order to not be punctured while carrying power.

Common applications are industrial mining, power supply cable to heavy duty service, AC systems grounded or ungrounded and other portable power applications. These cables can withstand severe environment conditions and resist oils, acids, alkalies, heat, moisture and most chemicals. They’re all UL, CSA, MSHA and RoHS compliant.

Type W is a 2000 volt power cable that comes with 2 through 5 conductors  and in 8 awg through 500 mcm. Type G is also 2000 volts in a 3 or 4 conductor with 3 or 4 additional ground wires. Both types come with a temperature rating of 90°C and carry as much as 600 AMPS at their largest size.

Please call for a quote if you’re looking for Type W, Type G or any type of industrial power cable. We have a large amount of stock throughout the country with fast delivery times and FREE shipping on orders over $250.

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