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PVC 26 AWG Hook Up Wire Information

With a variety of multi-conductor cables that are being sold on the web, it is important that you are aware of how these wires and cables actually work. Selecting the best PVC 26 AWG wire is vital because you have to make sure that you are purchasing the most suitable product. The following are the categories that you should consider when searching for a top quality and low priced multi conductor cable:

  1. Power cord
  2. Tray Cable
  3. Electrical wire
  4. Electronic multi-conductors

The portable power cord has the same function as the ordinary extension cable. In fact these two items have similar features. The outer part is covered with rubber or PVC components and the conductor is hidden inside. The best thing about these products is that it is portable. Numerous building contractors and electrical engineers use the PVC 26 AWG wire on their projects. These professionals know the importance of having the finest materials that should be used for all those crucial works.

If you are searching for the cheapest type of multi conductor cables, it is recommended that you search the best online electronics stores for this particular purpose. Wes Bell Electronics is a well known company that sells all types of multi conductors that you can bring to your construction site. Your powerful tools and equipments require only the first class set of wires and cables so you should be able to shop for the ideal materials. Multi conductors that are made of PVC or polyvinyl chloride are especially manufactured to withstand strong electrical surges.

Electricity should at all times be controlled with the use of the most robust materials and the best way for you to prevent any type of electrical problems that could happen in the future is to purchase PVC 26 AWG wire from WesBell Electronics. All the products that you can find at the company’s web page were fabricated with the use of copper and aluminum conductor. Whether you are constructing a residential house or a commercial building, it is important that you browse the web and place an order for the toughest wires and cables.

Before you proceed with your building projects, determine the types of cables that you require. It is recommended that you purchase both outdoor and indoor PVC cables at a reliable online store. You are given the assurance that all the materials will reach the job site within a reasonable time WesBell has been dealing with cables and wires for more than twenty years and during this period, a lot of customers have already proven that the company only ships top rate wires at an incredible bargain price.

Multi conductors can be bought together with any of the following items: single-conductor, twisted pair and twist triad. Each and every strand is solid and thick and it is very flexible as well. The online store provides all types of wires and cables. All you have to do is to surf through the net and take a closer look at the products which are being offered therein.

PVC Hook Up Wire Facts – Polyvinyl Chloride Lead Wires

Cables and wires are primarily used to transmit electrical energy from its main source to the various users in different places. Long before wireless telecommunication was invented, wires and cables were used to transmit information from place to place and from continent to continent.  There was a cable that connected Europe and South America.  With man’s various inventions and innovations of things that had help him lighten his work and load, different types of wires with different types of materials were also invented to accommodate its various uses.

One of these wires that are widely used nowadays is the PVC Hook Up wire.  Hook up wire is a standard conductor wire that is primarily made of copper with tin and is stranded.  Tin is basically added for easier soldering since it is primarily used in wiring a mechanism with point to point connection even if it can hamper a little the conductivity of the copper.

A PVC Hook Up wire is primarily used in the manufacturing industry especially in the appliance sector since it is used in the internal wiring of the various products that these companies are manufacturing.  This type of wire is using smaller AWG which had made this wire more flexible as compared to the other wires available in the market today.  It is also known to use lesser voltage as compared to the wires used to transmit electricity.  A PVC Hook Up wire is not a high temperature lead wire and it is only used in internal settings.  Exposing it to water, solvents and oil can cause irreparable damage to it.  Use a different type of wire if you have plan of using the material where it is installed in an outdoor setting especially if it is constantly exposed to the elements.

PVC Hook Up wire is available in different colors and in different voltages.  You can purchase these wires by meter or by spools.  There are a number of online stores that are selling these materials.  These online stores are offering free shipping to its customers if the said customer had purchase materials with amount higher than $250.  You can ask the seller to customize the color of the wire according to your specification.  You can also ask them to cut the wires at a specified length.  The thickness of the insulator also varies but you can ask for a customized thickness.

You have to check that there is uniform thickness of the insulator to avoid accidents.  There are guidelines that the manufacturers follow in producing the wires to ensure the safety of its users.  Failure on their part to follow these guidelines will make them liable for the injury that its users will incur due to its negligence.  To ensure your safety and of the user, you need to purchase PVC hook up wires from accredited manufacturers.

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Alpha Eco Wire and Eco Wire Plus Recyclable Hook Up Wire

Alpha Wire never ceases to amaze the wire and cable industry with the imagination and quality of product. Alpha Eco Wire is the latest engineering breakthrough with increased performance and minimized environmental impact. It’s lighter, tougher, smaller and more durable than conventional PVC hook up wire.

Alpha Eco Wire is rated at 600 volts with a temperature of 105°C. It contains no halogens, phthalates or heavy metals. It meets RoHS and WEEE standards for the elimination of hazardous substances and recyclability. Eco wire has a much better perfornamce rating than PVC with a 45% smaller diameter, 40% lighter weight and 10 times the abrasion resistance.

Eco Wire Plus is rated for 300 volts and a temperature of 110°C. It’s designed for industrial applications with exposure to oils and other hazardous fluids. It contains the characteristics of standard Eco Wire with the additional fluid resistance for demanding factory applications.

Eco Wire and Eco Wire Plus come in guage sizes 28 through 10 with 11 different color options to choose from. They’re both manufactured with stranded tinned copper and a polyphenylene ether insulation to resist the worst of chemicals and fluids. They meet the UL and CSA requirements along with being CE, RoHS and REACH compliant.

Alpha engineered the Eco Wire to replace PVC hook up wire and they engineered Eco Wire Plus to replace XLPE hook up wire. Both types of Eco Wire will save space due to it’s smaller diameter and last longer due to it’s tougher, more durable, insulation.

Alpha Eco Wire will cost more than conventional PVC wire so if you don’t need the added protection, durablilty, lighter weight or abrasion resistance then you’ll be better off spending less on standard hook up wire. However, Eco Wire has been engineered to be safe for the environment and its insulation is completely recyclable.

If you have any questions about Alpha’s Eco Wire then please contact us. We have all of it listed on our website for sale so you can also visit us there for more information.

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Power Limited Tray Cable – 300 Volt Shielded and Unshielded

Power limited tray cable is also known as PLTC electronic cable that comes in 300 volts rather than the 600 volt power cable. The common variations are unshielded, shielded, individually shielded, multiconductor and multi pair which each have different uses in the electronic field.

We offer the 2 and 3 conductor unshielded (and many others on our website) which come in guage sizes 22 through 12. The stranding in each conductor is similar to PVC hook up wire with each having 30 awg tinned copper strands. These 2 and 3 conductor PLTC cables also have an overall shielded version in the same guage options.

Each of the 300 volt tray cables are UL and CSA approved along with a few other NEC code approvals. They’re also sunlight resistant in order to allow the cable to be used outdoors and in conduit. It’s very common to see PLTC electronic cables used indoors as well.

The overall shield offers one aluminum polyester shield over all of the conductors in the cable while the individual shield offers a separate foil shield over each pair in the cable. The indivivdually shielded cables also offer a stranded tinned copper drain wire.

The 600 volt tray cables are not known as PLTC cable because the “PL” stands for power limited. There isn’t an individually shielded option or a multipair option available in the 600 volt cables. However the 600 volt tray cables are manufactured for underground use as a direct burial cable. Being able to install a cable directly underground can save a lot of time compared to installing conduit and running the wires afterwards.

The standard color code for tray cable is black, red and white. The 2 and 3 conductors cables in the PLTC version are offered with a black and red or a black, red and white insulated wire. The multipair cables offer black and red pairs that are each numbered to distinguish from the other pairs in the cable.

We also offer the 600 volt THHN PVC tray cable that comes in much larger awg sizes for bigger applications. They start with an 8 awg and get as large as 500 mcm in 3 or 4 conductors with an additional ground wire. This type of tray cable is also an underground cable giving it a universal use indoors, outdoors, in conduit or directly in the Earth. They come with all black conductors and a bare uninsulated ground wire. The black conductors are numbered for identification.

Please let us know if you’re looking for any type of PLTC or 600 volt tray cable shielded or unshielded. We’ll be able to help you find what you’re looking for and possibly help you find a cheaper way to get the job done.

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Copper Hook Up Wire For Appliances and Electronics

Hook up wire is used for many different things because each different type of insulation gives it more possibilites for environmental use. Standard electronic hook up wire only needs to protect the wire from a few things and complex insulation protects it from outdoor weather conditions such as moisture, gas and solvents.

Indoor hook up wire comes in 300 volts and 600 volts with a PVC insulation. These copper wires are used in electronics and appliances throughout your home. If you’ve ever taken the panel off of your toaster, microwave or stereo and seen the wire harness you might know what I’m talking about.

At Wesbell Electronics we manufacture the wire harnesses to specification as an ISO9001 company. Being certified as an ISO9001 company we have strict procedures while producing our wire and cable harnesses in order to limit errors and produce them as quick as possible.

The 600 volt hook up wire will have a slightly thicker insulation than the 300 volt for added protection. That gives it a slightly higher cost. Higher voltage and higher temperature wires will cost more as well.

If you’re looking for the most basic, cheapest indoor electronic lead wire then UL1007  is what you should ask for. It’s the 300 volt PVC insulated copper wire being discussed. Most companies will offer 100′ spools available for sale because it’s very cheap and you’ll only have to pay about $10-20 for a spool depending on the awg size.

There’s about 10-12 standard colors available and PVC wire can be striped very easily. A stripe will usually cost about $7 additional for each spool but if you need 20 colors for a wire harness then striping is the way to go. You can make the amount of colors unlimited by including stripes as a posibility.

If you’re looking for a type of electrical wire to be used outdoors then you should take a look at our THHN wire. It’s commonly used by electrical contractors outdoors and in conduit. Its dual rated THHN THWN insulation protects against water, gas, oil and solvents.

If you’re looking for a higher temperature hook up wire then take a look at our PTFE wire that reaches 200°C. It’s manufactured with silver coated copper strands and a PTFE insulation for high heat and solder proof applications.

Please call us with any type of hook upw wire you need!

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WesBell Electronics – Electrical Wire and Cable Products

WesBell Electronics has been in business for over 20 years servicing electrical contractors, OEM’s and many other companies using wire and cable products.

Our products list starts with electrical wire and cable including THHN wire, Romex, UFB Cable, Tray Cable and many types of copper and aluminum MC cables. Each of these electrical wire products have their own specifications to be used in certain environments and we, at WesBell, can help you figure out which is best for your application.

Next is hook up wire and PVC electronic cables for appliances and small electronics. These include different voltage levels, temperature ratings and strand counts for flexibility. Of course the pricing will be different for each depending on the difficulty to manufacture.

About 2 years ago WesBell became ISO 9001 complient to be sure we follow strict procedures to best satisfy our customers. We cut and strip hook up wire and manufacture cable assemblies to specification.

Power cable is usually known as portable cord or rubber cables. SOOW cable, Type W and welding cable are all examples of rubber cables with high flexibility. These power cables use very fine copper strands to increase the flexibility and soften the cable. The rubber jacket has more protection than PVC and also helps with the flexibility.

Heat shrink tubing has become another big item here at WesBell Electronics because it goes hand in hand with many electronics projects. The heat shrink tubing is used to cover connections that could get in contact with the wrong things. So a piece of shrink tubing is placed over the connection and shrunk down to adhere to the wire. There is also adhesive shrink tubing available that has an inner lining of glue to make it more permenant.

If you have any questions about electrical or electronic wire and cable please give us a call and we’ll help you with your project.

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Types of Hook Up Wire – PVC and PTFE High Temperature

Wouldn’t it be easy if you could just ask for some hook up wire and call it a day? Well there are voltage ratings, temperature ratings and insulation types that change the pricing of each type of hookup wire based on the application you have. If there was just one universal hook up wire you’d be over paying so that it has the approvals for every application.

The most basic would be a PVC hook up wire manufactured to 300 volts and a temperature of 105°C. It has a UL rating of 1007 which approves it for that temperature and voltage. The next step up would be the UL approved 1015 which has the same temperature rating with 600 volts of power. These two types of PVC insulated wire are used in small appliances and electronic devices. You’ll usually see them in a small wire harness connecting power from one spot to the next.

As an ISO 9001 company WesBell has the capabilities to manufacture these wire and cable harnesses to specification. We cut and strip to length or follow a detailed specification sheet to meet the requirements of all of our customers.

PTFE Wire is a high temperature wire of 200°C. It’s rated from 600 volts to 3000 volts and has silver-plated copper strands in flexible and non-flexible options. It has a UL rating of 1180 and you might also hear it referred to as Type E or Type EE high temperature wire.

Beware of the pricing in 2011 for PTFE wire for a few reasons. Copper is up, silver is up and PTFE compound is up! That’s 3 problems of Type E wire right now driving the price through the roof. Silver and copper are both high demand commodities right now which are up and a large portion of the cost of manufacturing this hook up wire. The third is a PTFE compound manufacturer in Japan that was shut down creating very high demand on this compound that makes the PTFE insulation. I recommend looking around and finding a good price because you’ll find that it’s going to be very different everywhere you look depending on when it was purchased by that company.

Lastly, THHN wire is NOT dog fence wire. This is a very common question we get about our THHN wire because it can be used outdoors and in conduit. However, dog fence wire goes directly into the ground and has a polypropelene insulation to protect accordingly. THHN wire has a PVC insulation with a nylon coating available for use outdoors and in conduit only. Will the wire be deemed ineffective immediately? No, of course not but it won’t last as long and isn’t approved to be in that application.

Be sure to ask your wire and cable sales person about the types of hook up wire and your application in order to fit you with the correct type of wire for the cheapest cost possible.