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Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tubing Products 2 to 1 Shrinkable Ratio

Polyolefin heat shrink products are very common in the wire and cable industry because they cover up wire splices, terminations and loose connections so that the conductors aren’t exposed. Each type of shrinkable tubing has specifications that match the type of wire and cable insulation so that they resist they same things when used together.

Polyolefin 2 to 1 shrink tubing is the most basic type of shrinkable tubing on the market. It’s like the hook up wire of the tubing industry because it can be used on a wide variety of applications for the cheapest cost. The “2 to 1” means that it can shrink down to half of its size which means you should get 1″ tubing if you have a 0.60″ wire diameter. It will be able to shrink as far down as 0.50″ for a nice snug fit over the wire or cable.

If you need shrink tubing for a wire with a terminal on the end then you’ll be better off getting a 3 to 1 heat shrink tubing. This type of tubing will shrink down onto the terminal and also shrink down onto the wire so that it’s a nice attractive finished look without any connection or conductor exposed.

For a more permanent application you might want to look at the adhesive lined polyolefin tubing. It has an adhesive glue on the inside wall so that when heated it melts and adheres to the wire or cable permanently. The adhesive tubing comes in 2 to 1, 3 to 1 and 4 to 1 if you have an uneven application.

Heat shrink tubing has many uses besides covering up connections and making the harness or assembly look nice. There is high temperature tubing, pvc non shrinkable tubing, thin wall tubing and much more to cover most all environments that tubing can be used in. Please call if you have any questions about our shrinkable tubing products as we have much more in stock than we have online. We offer free shipping over $250 and cut small lengths to help minimize costs.

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Alpha FIT Heat Shrink Tubing Polyolefin and PVC

Alpha Wire engineers and manufactures heat shrink tubing to best fit their Xtra Guard electronic cables and many of their other products. Their brand name is FIT® shrinkable tubing which is a very advanced type of tubing compared to traditional polyolefin and PVC shrinkable tubing.

The most basic 2 to 1 polyolefin shrink tubing is Alpha’s part number FIT 221. It commonly used for general purpose repairs, wire and cable harnessing and cable and connector protection. The Alpha FIT 750 is a similar version with an adhesive inner lining to adhere much better to the application. The FIT 221 version also comes in a FIT 221V that makes it flame retardant to the UL VW-1 and CSA OFT flame retardancy approvals.

There are also a few options for 3 to 1 and 4 to 1 shrink ratios that allow the tubing to shrink down to different diameters for odd shapes that need tubing. Sometimes a cable is 1″ in diameter with a connector over it that’s 2″ in diameter which means it will need a tubing that can shrink down to 2″ and 1″ for a nice fit to both parts. An Alpha Wire FIT 321 tubing in 3″ will shrink as far down as 1″ giving the connector and cable a snug fit.

There are about 20 different types of FIT heat shrink tubing in Alpha’s catalog that offer water resistance, chemical resistance, protection and repair, splice protection, underground splice protection and temperature ratings reaching over 250°C.

The bulk of FIT tubing is irradiated polyolefin and PVC, but there’s also an FEP and TFE tubing available that offers shrink ratios of 1.2 to 1 and 1.5 to 1. This is high temperature shrink tubing in 200°C and 250°C which is commonly used for fiber optic applications, high temperature wire and cable, digital electronics and extremely caustic environments.

WesBell Electronics has had a great relationship with Alpha Wire for over 20 years which gives us very competitive pricing and quick answers when you need your wire, cable or tubing “yesterday”. Please call if you have any questions about our standard polyolefin tubing or Alpha Wire brand name FIT heat shrinkable tubing.

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