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Copper Hook Up Wire For Appliances and Electronics

Hook up wire is used for many different things because each different type of insulation gives it more possibilites for environmental use. Standard electronic hook up wire only needs to protect the wire from a few things and complex insulation protects it from outdoor weather conditions such as moisture, gas and solvents.

Indoor hook up wire comes in 300 volts and 600 volts with a PVC insulation. These copper wires are used in electronics and appliances throughout your home. If you’ve ever taken the panel off of your toaster, microwave or stereo and seen the wire harness you might know what I’m talking about.

At Wesbell Electronics we manufacture the wire harnesses to specification as an ISO9001 company. Being certified as an ISO9001 company we have strict procedures while producing our wire and cable harnesses in order to limit errors and produce them as quick as possible.

The 600 volt hook up wire will have a slightly thicker insulation than the 300 volt for added protection. That gives it a slightly higher cost. Higher voltage and higher temperature wires will cost more as well.

If you’re looking for the most basic, cheapest indoor electronic lead wire then UL1007  is what you should ask for. It’s the 300 volt PVC insulated copper wire being discussed. Most companies will offer 100′ spools available for sale because it’s very cheap and you’ll only have to pay about $10-20 for a spool depending on the awg size.

There’s about 10-12 standard colors available and PVC wire can be striped very easily. A stripe will usually cost about $7 additional for each spool but if you need 20 colors for a wire harness then striping is the way to go. You can make the amount of colors unlimited by including stripes as a posibility.

If you’re looking for a type of electrical wire to be used outdoors then you should take a look at our THHN wire. It’s commonly used by electrical contractors outdoors and in conduit. Its dual rated THHN THWN insulation protects against water, gas, oil and solvents.

If you’re looking for a higher temperature hook up wire then take a look at our PTFE wire that reaches 200°C. It’s manufactured with silver coated copper strands and a PTFE insulation for high heat and solder proof applications.

Please call us with any type of hook upw wire you need!

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