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Insulation Matters: The Differences between 4 Common Hook Up Wires

PVC hook up wire requires different levels of insulation in order to fully protect itself from corrosion. Corrosion can occur from a number of outside elements, from the environment that the wire is in to temperatures and accidents. In this article, four different types of wires and insulation will be discussed namely, UL1007, UL1061, UL1015, PTFE Teflon wire.

  • UL1007 Wire

UL1007 is meant to be used for projects that require 300 volts. It has .016” insulation thickness and has been certified by Underwriters Laboratories, or UL, for temperature and voltage reliability. However, despite being certified by UL, the high voltage of this form of wire usually requires third party approval for use by commercial properties.

  • UL1061 Wire

The UL1061 is very similar to the UL1007 because it has the same amount of voltage at 300 volts. However, the primary difference between these two is that the UL1061 has .009” insulation thickness. Its slimness makes this hook up wire ideal for work that requires the same kind of punch as the UL1007 while needing a smaller outer diameter.

  • UL1015 Wire

UL1015 wire has double the amount of voltage as the UL1007 and 1061. Thanks to its 600 volts, it also requires a lot more insulation to keep it protected. Because of this, UL1015 requires .032” of insulation, almost triple that of the UL1061! Like many types of wire, UL1015 can handle temperatures up to 105 degrees Celsius.

  • PTFE Teflon Wire

PTFE Teflon wire is high-grade wire that can withstand temperatures of 200 degrees Celsius- almost double of what the UL wires can. Because of the high temperatures that this wire is often submitted to, PTFE uses silver plated copper strands instead of tinned copper. Also, PTFE has a nonstick surface which protects the wires from water, oil, solvents, and even gasses.

There are many different kinds of wire available and each one has its own specifications, insulation, and capabilities. Having the right information is crucial and so it’s always recommended to talk to a sales associate who is knowledgeable about the different kinds of wires before buying.


Finding Hook Up Wire in Cleveland OH

Hook Up Wire Cleveland OHEven though you live in Cleveland OH you can still buy your hook up wire from any company within the USA and receive it in a few days. WesBell Electronics is located in Merrimack NH and ships PVC and PTFE lead wire within 24 hours. Furthermore, UPS guarantees that it will ship from NH to OH in 2 business days. So you can purchase your lead wire needs from our website and expect to see it in OH within 3 business days.

We keep hook up wire, portable cord products and electrical wire in stock for assembly houses, storm projects and electrical contractors. We specialize in cutting the exact length needed to get the job done. If you need 175’ then we’ll cut 175’ and if you need 34’ we’ll cut 34’ based on our “per foot” price online. Simply enter the amount of wire you need and we’ll have it cut and shipped within 24 hours or we’ll notify you otherwise.

Unfortunately, we do not cut hook up wire to exact lengths under 100’. We start with a minimum of 100’ pieces unless you need multiple colors. In which case you should speak to a representative here to figure out what your price will be for the quantity you need. However, please call if you need odd lengths in between 100’ and 500’ because we’ll cut the length you need.

Our hook up wire comes in 10 solid colors along with an unlimited amount of striped color options for harnessing projects. A spiral stripe will be added to the insulation of the lead wire in order to designate it from the rest of the same color wires. With 10 solid colors and 10 striping colors the options are endless.

Please call if you have a unique opportunity for wire, cable or heat shrinkable tubing. We’ll take a look at what you need and figure out the cheapest way for you to buy the material and have it shipped to your front door. Don’t forget, we offer Free Shipping on orders over $250!

Written by: Chris Bell

UL1007 16 AWG Hook Up Wire Compared To UL1015

UL1007 and UL1015 are both types of PVC hook up wire used indoors in applications such as appliances and electronic devices. Both come in about 10 solid color options along with an unlimited amount of striped color options making it very convenient for contract assembly houses that manufacture wire harnesses and assemblies.

The two main differences between these types of hook up wire are the outer diameter and the voltage rating. UL1007 wire is rated for 300 volts with an outer diameter of .016 inches while UL1015 wire is rated for 600 volts with an outer diameter of .030 inches. Other than those differences the two wires are nearly identical.

Both are tested and approved by UL, or Underwriters Laboratories, and CSA, or Canadian Standard Association. There was also a problem about 5 years ago with the inclusion of lead in hook up wire which was removed and stamped as RoHS compliant, meaning lead free. There are more restricted materials on the list of being RoHS compliant but lead was the main reason for getting the project completed. Most all wire and cable on the market is now RoHS compliant unless it was manufactured over 5 years ago. You can ask for a compliant specification sheet proving that it is if you need it for your records.

Both types of 16 AWG PVC wire (UL1007 and UL1015) are manufactured with 26 strands of 30 AWG tinned copper. The tin coating over the copper helps in the soldering process for contract assembly houses and personal users at home. Attempting to stick solder to bare copper is difficult but was proven easier with the additional tin coating over the copper. The tin adheres to the solder creating a much better and easier connection.

Feel free to call us with and questions you have about bare copper, tinned copper, PVC wire or the UL, CSA and RoHS compliant markings on the insulation. Everything from the copper strands to the markings on the insulation has a significant meaning in the application of that particular electrical wire. Make sure you consult your supplier or electrician to be sure the connection you’re about to make is the correct one. The worst that can happen is you’ll pick the brain of someone with direct experience in the industry to help you with your venture.

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Cutting and Stripping PVC Hook Up Wire

WesBell Electronics is an ISO 9001 certified distributor for wire and cable along with a value added services department of cutting, stripping and assembling lead wires. Being ISO certified means that we document all of our errors in house, analyze them and find ways to continuously improve our procedures.

Kenneth Bell started the company over 20 years ago selling bulk wire and cable. Anything from hook up wire to shielded and unshielded electronic cables. Just like many businesses that grow over the years we started getting inquiries to cut wire and cable to length which lead us into our value added services department.

Once we started cutting and stripping hook up wire we began making small wire harnesses and cable assemblies a short time later. It can be very hard to decline business so we accepted it and performed 100% quality checks to be sure the product matched what the customer was looking to receive.

Over 15 years later we’ve improved our process ten fold with a quality initiative of 0% defective product. While that can be very difficult to achieve with human error possibilities we strive to get closer and closer to that goal every day.

We’re currently located in Merrimack NH and perform kan ban systems in surrounding areas of Manchester, Nashua, Keene, Concord and Portsmouth New Hampshire. A kan ban system is an order for 1000 pieces that require 200 pieces to sit on the shelf ready for immediate delivery by our personnel or via UPS. Once the 200 pieces are delivered another 200 pieces go directly into production and move to the shelf when completed.

Even though we do perform value added services we stand by our niche of electrical wire and cable distribution throughout the USA. We purchase electrical wire, electronic cables, portable cord, hook up wire, PTFE wire and cable and heat shrink tubing from over 50 different manufacturers.

Please call for a quote if you’re looking for bulk wire or cable assemblies.

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Information About Foil Tape And Tinned Copper Shielding

Copper is commonly used for shielding purposes, usually as a foil tape or tinned copper shielding. Information about foil tape and tinned copper shielding is readily available online. Both foil tape and tinned copper shielding are used to shield cables, eliminate EMI/RFI interference, thermal and electrical purposes and others.

Foil tapes are available in two kinds: aluminum and copper. Both are conductive acrylic adhesive. Foil tapes are used for purposes that require reliable point-to-point contact like EMI/RFI shielding, static charge draining and grounding. These foil tapes have many uses in electronic design, prototyping for test laboratories and for design and troubleshooting purposes. Copper foil tapes in particular is a cost effective to shield against EMI/RFI interferences. It is very easy to apply and therefore, time saving. Copper foil tapes are conductive all throughout including the adhesive which makes it ideal for cable shielding, shielding electrical connections between surfaces of sheets and foils, die-cuts, temporary shielding during tests and as an antistatic.

Tinned copper shield is available in mesh and flat braid. Tinned copper shielding (flat braid) is rolled flat and braid at the time of manufacture. It is very flexible which makes it a great protective braid over hoses and tubings. It is also useful for shielding around cables, ground straps, battery grounding, and as bonding strap for vehicles, aircraft and marine equipment. It also eliminates ignition interference and can be used for any application that needs woven, tinned copper braid. Tinned copper shield has minimum shield coverage of 95%. Specifications QQ-W-343 type S and ASTM B-33 are met for woven tinned copper shields.

More information about foil tape and tinned copper shielding including the thickness, approximate awg, ampacity and others differ depending on the type of tinned copper shielding to be used as well as the shielding capacity of foil tapes which also differ with its size. Copper Foil tapes are available in typical industry standard metric cut sizes, example, 24mm for every 1 inch of nominal tape width ordered. Note that rolls are 5% narrower than the nominal size. In this case, the product’s actual size is 25.4mm wide.

The conductive adhesive of copper foil tapes is ideal for modifications of printed circuit boards, repairs of security alarm circuits and for layout and design of wiring board prototypes. It is very ideal for wrapping cables to shield EMI/RFI and to provide electrical continuity by seaming of EMI/RFI shielded rooms. It is also used for draining of static charge and surface contact to materials such as plastic or aluminum which is non-solderable. Its copper-bright color is non-tarnishing and annealed making it also great for arts and decorative projects.

For better shield coverage, tinned copper shield is recommended. Its woven, tinned copper construction provides a minimum coverage of 95%. It has a nominal thickness of .020” making it very flexible and ideal for use as bonding strap for marine equipment, aircraft and vehicles.

You can find other specific information about foil tape and tinned copper shielding at the manufacturer’s website or you may give them a call for more assistance needed.

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Voice Communications Wire: Coming Up with the Best Base Material

From the time Alexander Graham Bell made use of a wire to transmit a human voice to the present time when contemporary voice communications wire technology dominate the communication industry, there can be no doubt about the claim that much more improvements in voice communication are in the offing.  For this reason, you would expect stiffer competitions in the electronics industry because the public clamors for better quality of communication.

The advent of the cellular phones as the primary tool of communication had made the exchange of ideas and information more efficient and faster but complaints about communication glitches with the most modern of communication technology still prevail.  Some of these complaints are traceable to the quality of wires that are used to absorb and transmit sound waves.

In the present time, when economic slump is likely to remain for a longer time, business remains to be robust because consumer demand continues to rise.  One area that needs to upgrade in technology is communication.  People need effective and efficient communication to perform their businesses to be able to produce enough money to support their family or finance their business.  This calls for electrical wire and cable companies to come up with advanced research which are designed to look for ways to improve the quality of voice communications wire.

With easier access to communication (especially through the internet), consumers are increasingly being exposed to information on technology.  They do not just buy gadgets at a whim; they also ask what kind of materials is used to make these gadgets.  They do not just buy cell phones; they ask which telephone companies are producing these cell phones.  Other customers would even ask which company suppliers (or countries) supply the specs of these cell phones.  That also occurs when they buy iPods, computers, sound system and the gadgets that they use when engage in some business or academic presentations.

As already said, communication to people is very important.  Everyone knows that and they need the kind of communication system that produces unhampered, clear and fast delivery of sound units.  People want a system that they can rely on especially during the time when the so-called communication traffic occurs.  Unfortunately, communication failures abound and that is really irritating to communication technology users.  It is the responsibility of those who are engaged in the exchange of communication goods to come up with the best materials in the communication technology.

The exchange of ideas among people (and peoples) is more likely to magnify in the coming days – that is very much inevitable.  It would be dangerous to think that people will just settle for what kind of system that they have now.  If they will, they would better not trust in the present system and do away with technology once and for all.  Consumer confidence is a necessary factor in the life of the business world.   The lack of it can suck the life out of businesses from which people acquire their means of living.  Everyone must focus on producing the best materials for communication technology and it must be now.

The world needs to come up with the best voice communications wire.

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Installing an Intercom System With Electrical Wire

An intercom wiring system at home must be planned carefully to achieve its intended purpose – to provide quick and effective communication system among family members.  If you are considering installing an intercom within your house, you will need the help of experts who can guide you in the installation.  Make sure you have an initial plan that lays down the specific details of the entire system – master station, receiving stations and whether you would this device to play music or any other recordings as necessary.

Enhancing Safety and Security in the House through the Use of Intercom

 Apart from the benefit of calling a family for a phone call or summoning everyone to the dinner table, a communication system in the house can improve security and safety.  You may include a speaker at the front door so you can check visitors before they ever enter your home.  You can also use the intercom when reminding everyone to check on doors and windows if they need to be closed before sleeping.

During emergencies, the system can be very helpful because you can easily get the attention of everybody.  That happens when a burglar enters the house or when a fire is starting to build up.

Installing an Intercom Wiring System

Installing a home communication system is relatively easy.  You will need only the most basic of carpentry skills and some amount of electrical wire to finish the job. If ever, you will need very minimal help from experts for installation.  Find a good location for the master station.  The master station should be easily accessible at anytime for all members of the family.  Prepare the wires in their right lengths to be connected to the main server.  Install the receiver gadgets such doorbell chimes and speakers. You may also consider installing additional receiving stations without using wires.  There are wireless battery-powered speakers available in the market.  

Make sure that you involve everybody in the family in the installation process.  Educate your children in how to operate the intercom as early as possible.  Provide them with specific details on its operation such as proper buttons to use in accord to the situation at hand, volume control, using the music player or the radio and how to turn on/off the entire system or a single line.

Finding the Best Intercom System

In finding a good intercom system, you need to have much information and usually you can get this from reviews of intercom users.  Read through their comments about the system that they are using and you will have an idea on what is the best intercom system to acquire.  In particular, take note of the brand that they are using.  Satisfied customers are quick to inform prospective buyers about how happy they have been with their intercom and they usually mention the brands that they are using.  Also, take note of the intercom brands which are turn-off for these customers.  You would not waste to waste money in this deal.  You need to purchase the best intercom wiring system.

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PVC 26 AWG Hook Up Wire Information

With a variety of multi-conductor cables that are being sold on the web, it is important that you are aware of how these wires and cables actually work. Selecting the best PVC 26 AWG wire is vital because you have to make sure that you are purchasing the most suitable product. The following are the categories that you should consider when searching for a top quality and low priced multi conductor cable:

  1. Power cord
  2. Tray Cable
  3. Electrical wire
  4. Electronic multi-conductors

The portable power cord has the same function as the ordinary extension cable. In fact these two items have similar features. The outer part is covered with rubber or PVC components and the conductor is hidden inside. The best thing about these products is that it is portable. Numerous building contractors and electrical engineers use the PVC 26 AWG wire on their projects. These professionals know the importance of having the finest materials that should be used for all those crucial works.

If you are searching for the cheapest type of multi conductor cables, it is recommended that you search the best online electronics stores for this particular purpose. Wes Bell Electronics is a well known company that sells all types of multi conductors that you can bring to your construction site. Your powerful tools and equipments require only the first class set of wires and cables so you should be able to shop for the ideal materials. Multi conductors that are made of PVC or polyvinyl chloride are especially manufactured to withstand strong electrical surges.

Electricity should at all times be controlled with the use of the most robust materials and the best way for you to prevent any type of electrical problems that could happen in the future is to purchase PVC 26 AWG wire from WesBell Electronics. All the products that you can find at the company’s web page were fabricated with the use of copper and aluminum conductor. Whether you are constructing a residential house or a commercial building, it is important that you browse the web and place an order for the toughest wires and cables.

Before you proceed with your building projects, determine the types of cables that you require. It is recommended that you purchase both outdoor and indoor PVC cables at a reliable online store. You are given the assurance that all the materials will reach the job site within a reasonable time WesBell has been dealing with cables and wires for more than twenty years and during this period, a lot of customers have already proven that the company only ships top rate wires at an incredible bargain price.

Multi conductors can be bought together with any of the following items: single-conductor, twisted pair and twist triad. Each and every strand is solid and thick and it is very flexible as well. The online store provides all types of wires and cables. All you have to do is to surf through the net and take a closer look at the products which are being offered therein.

Pros and Cons of Using the PTFE 18 AWG Wire

For those who love fixing things or simply want to have things done on their own, knowledge about different types of hookup wires is very valuable. Not being able to use the most appropriate type of wire for each job will not only lead to waste of time and money. It can also be very dangerous and can pose a threat to one’s life and the safety of his family or workplace. For instance, it is important to know that for projects requiring high temperature wire, the best option is the PTFE 18 AWG wire. Let us take a closer look at its characteristics, as well as the pros and cons of using this type of wire.

There are different types of PTFE wire. The most typical types are Type E, Type EE, Type ET and the STJ or shielded tape jacket version. The difference between these types is dictated by the following: voltage, ampacity and appearance. In terms of voltage, STJ and Type E can accommodate 600 volts. Type EE is best for 1,000 volts, while Type ET is suited for 250 volts. The next point for comparison is ampacity, or the amount of current that the wires can conduct. Usually, this is directly proportional to the voltage, so higher currents would requires a wire that can also accommodate high voltage. The last identifier among these types is appearance. For instance, the STJ cables have two sub-types – shielded and unshielded. Choosing between these two types would be based on additional factors such as the probability of the equipment incurring a temperature higher than 200 degrees Celsius, thus needing more insulation for safety reasons.

The PTFE 18 AWG wire is a good buy because it is available in the different types mentioned above. In addition, it has a stranding of 19/30 or 19 strands of 30 AWG wires. The diameter is also good at 0.07 inches. It also has several approvals such as the UL 1213, VW-1 Flame Test, and Mil Spec M16878/4. It is also RoHS Compliant so there is no need to worry about any hazardous risks coming from using the wire.

The only downside of using this wire is the price. PTFE wires already cost more than other types of electrical or hook up wire, because of the need for a better insulation for the high temperature. This type of wire, however, is one of the priciest types of PTFE wire that is currently in the market. Thus, some people would opt for other PTFE cables that are less expensive, unless of course the particular job or equipment they are working on specifically requires the stranding and wire gauge that this wire offers.

Overall, the PTFE 18 AWG Wire is a nice catch and a wonderful option among the different types of high temperature wires. Its quality and durability can be helpful in completing work around the house or even in commercial locations. The only setback in using this type is its price. However, if you cannot compromise quality and safety over expenses, then this is the best option.

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PVC Hook Up Wire Facts – Polyvinyl Chloride Lead Wires

Cables and wires are primarily used to transmit electrical energy from its main source to the various users in different places. Long before wireless telecommunication was invented, wires and cables were used to transmit information from place to place and from continent to continent.  There was a cable that connected Europe and South America.  With man’s various inventions and innovations of things that had help him lighten his work and load, different types of wires with different types of materials were also invented to accommodate its various uses.

One of these wires that are widely used nowadays is the PVC Hook Up wire.  Hook up wire is a standard conductor wire that is primarily made of copper with tin and is stranded.  Tin is basically added for easier soldering since it is primarily used in wiring a mechanism with point to point connection even if it can hamper a little the conductivity of the copper.

A PVC Hook Up wire is primarily used in the manufacturing industry especially in the appliance sector since it is used in the internal wiring of the various products that these companies are manufacturing.  This type of wire is using smaller AWG which had made this wire more flexible as compared to the other wires available in the market today.  It is also known to use lesser voltage as compared to the wires used to transmit electricity.  A PVC Hook Up wire is not a high temperature lead wire and it is only used in internal settings.  Exposing it to water, solvents and oil can cause irreparable damage to it.  Use a different type of wire if you have plan of using the material where it is installed in an outdoor setting especially if it is constantly exposed to the elements.

PVC Hook Up wire is available in different colors and in different voltages.  You can purchase these wires by meter or by spools.  There are a number of online stores that are selling these materials.  These online stores are offering free shipping to its customers if the said customer had purchase materials with amount higher than $250.  You can ask the seller to customize the color of the wire according to your specification.  You can also ask them to cut the wires at a specified length.  The thickness of the insulator also varies but you can ask for a customized thickness.

You have to check that there is uniform thickness of the insulator to avoid accidents.  There are guidelines that the manufacturers follow in producing the wires to ensure the safety of its users.  Failure on their part to follow these guidelines will make them liable for the injury that its users will incur due to its negligence.  To ensure your safety and of the user, you need to purchase PVC hook up wires from accredited manufacturers.

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