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Why Use PVC Electronic Hook Up Wire?

An electrical conduit is mainly a passageway wherein electricity can travel. It is also considered a type of tubing utilized in creating or assembling machines. It is popularly known to be employed for the distribution and protection of electrical wire. It is also useful in hydraulics schemes such as plumbing and sewage. There are specific kinds of electrical conduits invented and assembled for every special purpose or function. Electrical conduits come in various styles which are mainly used for electrical wiring within places that are out in the open. These conduits can also be made use of in locations that may be found in any part of a person’s house such as the laundry area, the basement and even the garage. These things can even be utilized within the walls.

As mentioned above, most of these electrical conduits are employed for outdoor wiring and the most recommended for such purpose is the PVC conduit oftentimes utilized to be applied in undergrounds or damp settings. This specific type of conduit has connectors, elbows, couplings and PVC fittings. So, why use PVC electronic wire? One reason is because PVC comes in various forms such as semi-rigid, rigid and flexible. A semi-rigid PVC conduit can be bended therefore can be useful in thin walls. Rigid PVC, on the other hand, usually comes in 10-foot span and in standard thickness but it cannot be curved or twisted. While flexible PVC can be utilized for paths that are coiled or entwined.

So, why use PVC electronic wire? PVC electronic wires are very simple to put together by means of PVC glue and a cleaner. PVC electrical wires can also serve for safety and regulation intentions of the wiring route. There are some properties of PVC that make it more reasonable for using PVC wire for outdoor locations. First on the list is that these wires are light in weight and not too pricey. Second reason is that these are available in various thicknesses which make them more useful for a specific purpose depending on the conditions for installation. Third reason is that these wires do not easily fracture for being exposed to sunlight mainly because these are UV stable. The fourth reason is that PVC is resistant to corrosion which means that these wires can be used for works above or under the ground. Fifth reason for using PVC is that these conduits are resistant to abrasion making it avoid cracks and scratches. And the last reason is that PVC is water and moisture resistant which lead to a prolonged life for the PVC to function.

Why use PVC electronic wire for outdoor installations? There is one perfect answer for this question. And this is because PVC electronic wires are weather resistant. This, of course, is based on the properties presented above. This is also one popular reason for most people who choose to make use of these conduits because of the fact that these wires can stand any temperature. This is why PVC electronic wire became a popular choice for cable protection.                          

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Electrical and Electronic Wire Products Navigation

We decided to change the navigation on our website to better group each type of electrical and electronic wire by keyword for our customers and visitors. We know it will help our customers find what they’re looking for much faster based on how they search for wire and cable.

Before anyone gets to our wire and cable distribution website they must first type a phrase into the search engine. Once the searcher visits our website we can see the phrase that was entered into the search engine, which we then analyze, and alter our website accordingly.

If we get 100 visits based on the term “electrical wire” being typed in then we need to make sure they land on a page with multiple electrical wire items available so that they find what they need as quick as possible. We analyzed each landing page of our website so that we could offer all the products that our visitors are looking for.

We also reworked the side bar product listings because we’ve been adding more products to our website and need to organize it better. Each product is listed based on its keyword rather than our part number to allow our visitors to easily find what they need.

We’ve also added more pictures so that it reassures our customers that they’re buying the correct product online. Sometimes it can be hard to realize you’re buying the right type of electrical wire online because all you can see is the vender part number and about a million different products to choose from.

When you’re on WesBell’s website you’ll find that every page is unique and specific to one item only. You’ll be able to see all of the spcifications, approvals and guage sizes of that type of wire or cable. Please call when you have any questions because we openly give out our phone number instead of hiding it in one of the back pages.

Electrical wire is the biggest product listing on our website including Romex®, UFB, SER, SEU, THHN and MC wire and cable. Each type of electrical wire has similar characteristics and most commonly used in the electrical field carrying current from your electrical panel to all of the lights, outlets and appliances in your home. Bigger awg sizes of electrical wire are used to carry current from the street to your electrical box, which is then distributed throughout your home with smaller types of wire and cable.

Electronic wire and cable includes hook up wire, high temperature wire, multiconductor cables, fire alarm cable, shielded and unshielded cables. Electronic cables are used mostly with indoor electronics such as stereos and appliances. When you take off the back panel of anything electronic you’ll see wires harnesses and cables that need to each have specifications to meet for that application.

Some electronic cables can be basic PVC / PVC cables, some need higher voltage, some need a shield, some need higher temperature and some need to be more flexible than others in order to be approved for that application. These are the types of keywords we like to list our products under because our customers don’t know our part numbers or the manufacturers part numbers. All they know is that they want a “high temperature cable with 3 conductors and a shield” so we list our products accordingly.

Take a walk through our website to see the difference because you’ll find it’s much easier to use than other wire and cable websites that list their products by their own part number. Call us if you have any questions so that we can help make sure you have the best type of wire or cable for your application at the cheapest price possible.

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Buying Electrical Wire From WesBell Electronics

Here at WesBell Electronics you can call at any time to speak to our knowledgeable sales staff about the type of electrical wire or cable you’re looking to buy. We’ll help you find the best fit for your application whether it’s indoors, outdoors, in conduit or underground.

Over the years we’ve helped many customers spend as little as possible by finding cheaper alternatives, offering free shipping over $250, shipping from the tax free state of New Hampshire and cutting the exact length you need for the job to minimize waste. We’ll also drop ship, cut multiple lengths and manufacture wire and cable assemblies to specification as an ISO 9001 certified company.

We continue to find new ways to save our customers money which builds trust in the relationship and keeps long lasting customers. In fact, we have a long list of customers that have been buying all of their electrical wire and cable from us since day one about 25 years ago. Those same customers have also gained more business because we work as a team to get new business for the both of us.

We learn something new with every phone call we get. Then we document it, analyze it and figure out how we can help the next customer with that new information. We improve everyday because we enjoy helping our customers get exactly what they want.

We got many phone calls in the past asking for 120′, 125′, 80′, 40′ and many more lengths of wire that most distributors won’t cut because it might give them an odd spool length. After analyzing that we started offering the “per foot price” on almost all of our wire and cable and we’ve had nothing but tremendous feedback since the implementation.

WesBell is also a customer of many large wire and cable manufacturers which helps us learn how to help our customers better. Some vendors treat us like gold, thank us for every order and even follow up to make sure everything went smoothly. Other venders act as if we should do them a favor for letting us buy from them. Needless to say we like to be treated like gold.

If you’re spending money at WesBell for your wire and cable needs then you’ll be treated like any other customer we already have. If you spend more than $250 we’ll ship your wire for free whether you live next door or out in California.

Take a look at us on Ebay to see the amount of positive feedback we have. Give us a call if you need a quote on any type of electrical or electronic wire and cable.

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