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Cutting and Stripping PVC Hook Up Wire

WesBell Electronics is an ISO 9001 certified distributor for wire and cable along with a value added services department of cutting, stripping and assembling lead wires. Being ISO certified means that we document all of our errors in house, analyze them and find ways to continuously improve our procedures.

Kenneth Bell started the company over 20 years ago selling bulk wire and cable. Anything from hook up wire to shielded and unshielded electronic cables. Just like many businesses that grow over the years we started getting inquiries to cut wire and cable to length which lead us into our value added services department.

Once we started cutting and stripping hook up wire we began making small wire harnesses and cable assemblies a short time later. It can be very hard to decline business so we accepted it and performed 100% quality checks to be sure the product matched what the customer was looking to receive.

Over 15 years later we’ve improved our process ten fold with a quality initiative of 0% defective product. While that can be very difficult to achieve with human error possibilities we strive to get closer and closer to that goal every day.

We’re currently located in Merrimack NH and perform kan ban systems in surrounding areas of Manchester, Nashua, Keene, Concord and Portsmouth New Hampshire. A kan ban system is an order for 1000 pieces that require 200 pieces to sit on the shelf ready for immediate delivery by our personnel or via UPS. Once the 200 pieces are delivered another 200 pieces go directly into production and move to the shelf when completed.

Even though we do perform value added services we stand by our niche of electrical wire and cable distribution throughout the USA. We purchase electrical wire, electronic cables, portable cord, hook up wire, PTFE wire and cable and heat shrink tubing from over 50 different manufacturers.

Please call for a quote if you’re looking for bulk wire or cable assemblies.

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Toughest Multiconductor Instrumentation Cables in the Market

Selecting the best type of multiconductor instrumentation cables is not an easy task. There are various criteria that you have to consider like voltage, flame resistance and the presence of moist or any other chemical resistance that could occur in the process. In addition to this, if you are planning to mix different brands of instrumentation cables, you should have the right technical skills when it comes to this part. Take note that anything can happen if you are not able to correctly construct the wirings.

In these difficult times, each and every homeowner should keep a close watch over the kind of cables or wires that they use in their home. Most accidents are caused by substandard materials and this should not be the case if the owner of the building had been careful enough in scrutinizing the kind of cables that were used. Deciding to let an expert electrician handle the job would also be best but you have to make sure that the person whom you are going to hire is a licensed electrical expert.

A lot of people use multiconductor cables because of the. The stranding of the wire is solid and the purchaser thereof is given the assurance that the bare annealed copper has the robust filler. There is a need to properly scrutinize all your cables and make sure that the commodity is suitable for the type of indoor or outdoor connection that you are currently working on.

You very well know that working on an outdoor instrumentation wiring entails a lot of preparation. No matter what kind of extreme weather condition you have like high temperature or below zero degrees, it is imperative that your outdoor line is still functioning properly. When it comes to your indoor connection, your lines of wirings can handle possible leaks. Most homes or buildings have the same pathway for water lines and electrical wire. If this is what you have in your place, then you have to see to it that the conductors are properly cabled with the use of fillers.

You should also need to construct the round-core just to make sure that the overall effectiveness of the instrumentation cables will be achieved. A greater number of electricians use the over-all aluminum mylar shields as well as the drain wire that is to be utilized to cover the center. The best thing about using instrumentation wires is that you can easily install these items in free air, in race ways or even below the ground. The so called “direct burial cable” procedure is very common and you do not even have to worry about the wetness or dryness of the ground when dealing with the ground works.

Just remember that you have to select the most flexible instrumentation cable for the connection that you make more so if the location is an industrial area where there are various hazards. The insulation capability of the multiconductor instrumentation cables is considered superior.

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XTRA Guard 2 Multiconductor Electronic Cable

XTRA Guard 2® is manufactured by Alpha Wire as a strongly resistant electronic cable to oils, fuels, solvents and water due to its extra rugged polyurethane jacket. Alpha Wire makes sure their cables are superior to similar cables because they want to stand out in the wire and cable industry.

XTRA Guard 2® is a trade mark name because Alpha designed and created every piece of it down to the over-the-top supra shield. The Alpha supra shield has an aluminum polyester aluminum foil shield with an overall braid shield for the maximum protection. There is also a standard foil shield and an unshielded option for everyday applications.

The conductors in the XTRA Guard 2® series are made with tinned copper strands and a color coded premium PVC insulation. The jacket is a specially formulated polyurethane material manufactured extra rugged for added protection and resistance to the oils, fuels and solvents it comes in contact with.

It features a 90°C temperature rating, unmatched resistance to oils, fuels, solvents, fungus and water, twice the tensile strength of PVC cables, three times the tear and abrasion resistance of PVC and ultraviolet light stability. It also passed a VW-1 and CSA FT1 flame test.

Common applications for XTRA Guard 2® electronic cables are CNC machine centers, automotive assembly plant operations, military ground support systems, packaging machinery, petrochemical plant operations and geophysical exploartion equipment. A standard PVC cable won’t last as long in these applications without the extra rugged jacket and added protection against moisture and solvents.

The standard options Alpha offers for XTRA Guard 2® are unshielded, shielded, 300 volt, 600 volt, multiconductor, multi pair and the supra shield. It comes in awg sizes 24 through 14 with as many copper conductors as 70 in some of the cables. 

Alpha Wire also manufactures XTRA Guard® in premium PVC jacket, direct burial, high / low temperature TPE jacket, chemical resistant FEP jacket and a flexible cable for critical flexible applications. They’re all approved by UL and CSA to assure the specifications will do what Alpha says they can.

Please call us if you need a quote on any Alpha Wire product including their XTRA Guard® cables, heat shrink tubing and hook up wire. We’ve been doing business with Alpha for over 20 years and have developed a great relationship along the way.

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Electronic Wire and Cable Section by Manufacturer

We added an electronic wire and cable section to our website geared toward selling our Alpha Wire manufacturer line. They offer many communication cables, shielded and unshielded, with superior protection to standard electronic cables.

Alpha has always taken extra pride in the cables they manufacture because they want their cables to out last each and every similar cable on the market. Instead of just making a PVC jacket like every other manufacturer Alpha Wire makes a premium grade PVC jacket that has UL and CSA approvals for higher and lower temperature ratings.

Alpha Wire has their own brand of electronic cables called XTRA Guard®. Their are six different types of XTRA Guard cables that include shielded, unshielded, PVC, PTFE and flexible. They even have different temperature ranges that reach higher and lower temperatures than the standard cables of its class.

Each XTRA Guard® type has a 300 volt and 600 volt cable that can be shielded or unshielded. They each range from 24 awg to 14 or 16 awg with as many conductors as 70 and as many pairs as 77, so there’s a wide range of applications these cables can be used in. Some of those applications include high technology applications in controlled environments, medical electronics, point of sale equipment, computer peripherals and industrial process controls.

The XTRA Guard 1® material has an unsurpassed flame and moisture resistance, fast and easy stripping of the insulation and jacket, UL and CSA recognition and flexible cable routing requirements. The conductors are manufactured with tinned copper strands and a color coded premium grade PVC insulation. It has passed the VW-1 flame test and CSA FT4 flame test to meet any approvals needed for the application of this cable.

I encourage you to compare the specification sheet of an Alpha cable to another manufacture’s identical cable to see the differences in temperature, flexibility and durability. Alpha makes cables with a longer life than any other cable because they want to keep a good name for themselves so that anyone looking for a superior cable will call them.

We plan on adding many more Alpha Wire products to our website for our customers to find. We’d like to maintain a good reputation for ourselves as well so selling an Alpha product will help our customers know how serious we are about the actual application rather than just the sale of any standard product.

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Electrical and Electronic Wire Products Navigation

We decided to change the navigation on our website to better group each type of electrical and electronic wire by keyword for our customers and visitors. We know it will help our customers find what they’re looking for much faster based on how they search for wire and cable.

Before anyone gets to our wire and cable distribution website they must first type a phrase into the search engine. Once the searcher visits our website we can see the phrase that was entered into the search engine, which we then analyze, and alter our website accordingly.

If we get 100 visits based on the term “electrical wire” being typed in then we need to make sure they land on a page with multiple electrical wire items available so that they find what they need as quick as possible. We analyzed each landing page of our website so that we could offer all the products that our visitors are looking for.

We also reworked the side bar product listings because we’ve been adding more products to our website and need to organize it better. Each product is listed based on its keyword rather than our part number to allow our visitors to easily find what they need.

We’ve also added more pictures so that it reassures our customers that they’re buying the correct product online. Sometimes it can be hard to realize you’re buying the right type of electrical wire online because all you can see is the vender part number and about a million different products to choose from.

When you’re on WesBell’s website you’ll find that every page is unique and specific to one item only. You’ll be able to see all of the spcifications, approvals and guage sizes of that type of wire or cable. Please call when you have any questions because we openly give out our phone number instead of hiding it in one of the back pages.

Electrical wire is the biggest product listing on our website including Romex®, UFB, SER, SEU, THHN and MC wire and cable. Each type of electrical wire has similar characteristics and most commonly used in the electrical field carrying current from your electrical panel to all of the lights, outlets and appliances in your home. Bigger awg sizes of electrical wire are used to carry current from the street to your electrical box, which is then distributed throughout your home with smaller types of wire and cable.

Electronic wire and cable includes hook up wire, high temperature wire, multiconductor cables, fire alarm cable, shielded and unshielded cables. Electronic cables are used mostly with indoor electronics such as stereos and appliances. When you take off the back panel of anything electronic you’ll see wires harnesses and cables that need to each have specifications to meet for that application.

Some electronic cables can be basic PVC / PVC cables, some need higher voltage, some need a shield, some need higher temperature and some need to be more flexible than others in order to be approved for that application. These are the types of keywords we like to list our products under because our customers don’t know our part numbers or the manufacturers part numbers. All they know is that they want a “high temperature cable with 3 conductors and a shield” so we list our products accordingly.

Take a walk through our website to see the difference because you’ll find it’s much easier to use than other wire and cable websites that list their products by their own part number. Call us if you have any questions so that we can help make sure you have the best type of wire or cable for your application at the cheapest price possible.

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Buying Electrical Wire From WesBell Electronics

Here at WesBell Electronics you can call at any time to speak to our knowledgeable sales staff about the type of electrical wire or cable you’re looking to buy. We’ll help you find the best fit for your application whether it’s indoors, outdoors, in conduit or underground.

Over the years we’ve helped many customers spend as little as possible by finding cheaper alternatives, offering free shipping over $250, shipping from the tax free state of New Hampshire and cutting the exact length you need for the job to minimize waste. We’ll also drop ship, cut multiple lengths and manufacture wire and cable assemblies to specification as an ISO 9001 certified company.

We continue to find new ways to save our customers money which builds trust in the relationship and keeps long lasting customers. In fact, we have a long list of customers that have been buying all of their electrical wire and cable from us since day one about 25 years ago. Those same customers have also gained more business because we work as a team to get new business for the both of us.

We learn something new with every phone call we get. Then we document it, analyze it and figure out how we can help the next customer with that new information. We improve everyday because we enjoy helping our customers get exactly what they want.

We got many phone calls in the past asking for 120′, 125′, 80′, 40′ and many more lengths of wire that most distributors won’t cut because it might give them an odd spool length. After analyzing that we started offering the “per foot price” on almost all of our wire and cable and we’ve had nothing but tremendous feedback since the implementation.

WesBell is also a customer of many large wire and cable manufacturers which helps us learn how to help our customers better. Some vendors treat us like gold, thank us for every order and even follow up to make sure everything went smoothly. Other venders act as if we should do them a favor for letting us buy from them. Needless to say we like to be treated like gold.

If you’re spending money at WesBell for your wire and cable needs then you’ll be treated like any other customer we already have. If you spend more than $250 we’ll ship your wire for free whether you live next door or out in California.

Take a look at us on Ebay to see the amount of positive feedback we have. Give us a call if you need a quote on any type of electrical or electronic wire and cable.

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Multi Conductor Cables Shielded and Unshielded

There are many different types of multi conductor cables that have been engineered by wire and cable manufacturers over the years to protect the conductors from weather, sunlight, oils, gases, solvents and much more. Each cable is made with the standard gauge sizes and numbers of conductors to fit all types of applications.

The most basic type of shielded or unshielded multi conductor cable would be the PVC / PVC which would be the least expensive because it has the least amount of approvals needed. A PVC / PVC cable is used indoors for wire and cable harnesses to replace multiple single hook up wires in a neater way. When wire and cable is used indoors there obviously isn’t as much that can affect or harm it which means it costs less to engineer and manufacture.

A second type of indoor multi conductor cable is a high temperature cable. A PVC cable can only handle 105°C compared to a high temperature STJ cable that can handle temperatures of 200°C. They’re manufactured with PTFE insulated conductors and a FEP jacket. These cables also come shielded and unshielded but are mostly dedicated to temperature applications and protection from solder iron heat. PVC insulation melts as solder irons attempt to connect the wire to the application so PTFE wire or STJ cables are a good alternitive for those situations.

Outdoor multi conductor cables have added protection for weather and other things that might damage or puncture a cable which could short the connection. Electrical cables include UFB cable, MC cable and tray cable that can be used outdoors, underground or in conduit. MC cable can be used outdoors but not directly in the ground while tray cable can be duried in the ground without a problem. Each cable that has more approvals and options will cost more money.

Electronic cables used outdoors are also called power cables. SOOW, Type W, Type G and rubber tray cables are used in portable power applications. These multi conductor cables are manufctured with a rubber outer jacket so that they can be dragged on the ground, ran over on job sites and flexible enough to coil back up for another time.

Early developement construction sites use these cables to run power a long way for their machines and tools that need power before there’s any electricity on the site. As time passed cables were getting ruined very quickly because they were being run over by heavy machinery and dragged over concrete and rocky areas. That made manufactures develope the tough rubber jackets for a much longer life of the cable.

The common denominator in all of these cables is the copper. Each of them is manufactured with either stiff or flexible copper strands. Electrial cables need to be stiff to push through conduit easily while power cables need to be flexible so that it’s easier to use the tools, bend around corners and coil up on a spool for next time.

Even though copper is very expensive there are many other things to take into consideration for the cost of each cable. Nevermind the type of cable, a cable manufacturer has to buy the copper, engineer the cable, make it, store it, spool it and ship it before you can even get a price.

Talk to us about how and where you’re using your cable before buying it. We can help you figure out the most cost effective type of wire and cable for your application because we have a knowledgeable sales staff available to assist you.

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