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XTRA Guard 3 Alpha Electronic Shielded Cable

Alpha Wire engineered and manufactures an XTRA Guard 3 material that’s suitable for direct burial in the Earth without the costly use of conduit. These electronic underground cables come in unshielded, shielded, 300 volt, 600 volt and Alpha supra shield options.

XTRA guard 3 direct burial cables have 5 times the water resistance of standard PVC cables due to its specially formulated Ethylene Propylene Copolymer jacket. This gives the cable outstanding service life and ultraviolet light stability. It’s available is multiconductor and multi pair with as many as 60 conductors per cable.

Common applications for XTRA Guard 3 are inter-building communications, satellite communications equipment, land irrigation systems, outdoor security systems, outdoor scoreboards and displays and pipeline sensor controls. Alpha manufactures a superior cable for standard applications extending the life of the application to avoid replacement cables and installations in the future.

XTRA Guard cables also come in PVC jackets for high technology applications and TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) for mining, paper, wood and pulp operations. The TPE jacket has excellent low and high heat resistance from -60°C to 125°C. There’s a total of 6 types of XTRA Guard material covering most applications with a superior Alpha Wire type of electronic cable.

The standard foil shield that Alpha manufactures is an aluminum polyester foils shield facing in with a tinned copper drain wire. Common reasons for a foil shield are low cost, ease of termination, low frequency interface and 100% coverage over the core of the cable. They also make a supra shield which is an aluminum polyester aluminum foil shield with an overall braid shield for the maximum protection. Common reasons for a supra shield are high frequency interface and high physical strength.

Please call us if you’re looking for any type of Alpha Wire products so that we can assist you. We’ve had a good relationship with Alpha for over 20 years and stock many of their electronic cables in our warehouse with free shipping on orders over $250.

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Electrical and Electronic Wire Products Navigation

We decided to change the navigation on our website to better group each type of electrical and electronic wire by keyword for our customers and visitors. We know it will help our customers find what they’re looking for much faster based on how they search for wire and cable.

Before anyone gets to our wire and cable distribution website they must first type a phrase into the search engine. Once the searcher visits our website we can see the phrase that was entered into the search engine, which we then analyze, and alter our website accordingly.

If we get 100 visits based on the term “electrical wire” being typed in then we need to make sure they land on a page with multiple electrical wire items available so that they find what they need as quick as possible. We analyzed each landing page of our website so that we could offer all the products that our visitors are looking for.

We also reworked the side bar product listings because we’ve been adding more products to our website and need to organize it better. Each product is listed based on its keyword rather than our part number to allow our visitors to easily find what they need.

We’ve also added more pictures so that it reassures our customers that they’re buying the correct product online. Sometimes it can be hard to realize you’re buying the right type of electrical wire online because all you can see is the vender part number and about a million different products to choose from.

When you’re on WesBell’s website you’ll find that every page is unique and specific to one item only. You’ll be able to see all of the spcifications, approvals and guage sizes of that type of wire or cable. Please call when you have any questions because we openly give out our phone number instead of hiding it in one of the back pages.

Electrical wire is the biggest product listing on our website including Romex®, UFB, SER, SEU, THHN and MC wire and cable. Each type of electrical wire has similar characteristics and most commonly used in the electrical field carrying current from your electrical panel to all of the lights, outlets and appliances in your home. Bigger awg sizes of electrical wire are used to carry current from the street to your electrical box, which is then distributed throughout your home with smaller types of wire and cable.

Electronic wire and cable includes hook up wire, high temperature wire, multiconductor cables, fire alarm cable, shielded and unshielded cables. Electronic cables are used mostly with indoor electronics such as stereos and appliances. When you take off the back panel of anything electronic you’ll see wires harnesses and cables that need to each have specifications to meet for that application.

Some electronic cables can be basic PVC / PVC cables, some need higher voltage, some need a shield, some need higher temperature and some need to be more flexible than others in order to be approved for that application. These are the types of keywords we like to list our products under because our customers don’t know our part numbers or the manufacturers part numbers. All they know is that they want a “high temperature cable with 3 conductors and a shield” so we list our products accordingly.

Take a walk through our website to see the difference because you’ll find it’s much easier to use than other wire and cable websites that list their products by their own part number. Call us if you have any questions so that we can help make sure you have the best type of wire or cable for your application at the cheapest price possible.

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