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Happy 25th Anniversary WesBell Electronics!

25 Year AnniversaryAs of today, March 8, 2013, WesBell Electronics has been in business under the same owner, Kenneth Bell, for 25 straight years. According to http://www.statisticbrain.com/startup-failure-by-industry/ 25% of businesses fail during the first year, 36% fail by year 2 and over 71% of businesses have failed by year 10. So, how does a company such as WesBell Electronics last 25 years in such a competitive electrical wire and cable industry?

Good old fashioned customer service is the foundation of any lasting company. We have a 99.8% positive feedback rating with eBay since 2001 and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Our customer service doesn’t stop after we take the order, it continues until the customer receives the material. We follow up, with an actual phone call, to make sure the customer was satisfied with the entire process of their order.

On the other side of the spectrum, a lasting company needs to also have good relationships with their vendors, suppliers or manufacturers. By creating a good relationship, a vendor will provide top customer service to your company when it really counts. We make sure to keep a “low risk” rating with Dun & Bradstreet to ensure our vendors that our invoices will be paid. Dun & Bradstreet is the business world’s credit score and WesBell has an exceptional score. Therefore, our vendors trust us and have no problem handling out-of-the-ordinary requests in a timely fashion.

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Celebrating 25 Years in Business!

Why Have An Electrical Wire Blog?

Hook Up Wire

There are many reasons for a person or business to start a blog. A business might want to promote products or services while an individual can discuss anything on their mind in order to get paid through advertisements on their page. Once someone writes a blog post it has the ability to show up in the search engine for related words and phrases that are typed into the Google search.

In our case, this electrical wire and cable blog was created to promote our most popular pages that offer wire and cable products for sale. WesBell, as a company, does not want visitors coming to our site and clicking on advertisements because, once clicked, they will be removed from our site. We have the opposite goal in mind, which is to pay other websites to send their visitors to our website. The cost of the visitor is minimal compared to the amount of long term business our company could get.

Blogs are nearly all informational discussing why wire is used in certain environments or even discussing your infamous cookie recipe for others to enjoy as much as you do. Our hope is for our customers to gain a wider knowledge of the products they’re buying based on the information we post. It’s possible that they have been buying an indoor cable for years and using it outdoors when the outer jacket isn’t approved for it. Hopefully, if they’re following our blog, they will see a post or two about the products they’re buying and gain further knowledge of what they’re buying.

For instance, many types of hook up wire that we sell have insulation covering the copper strands called PVC insulation. PVC wire is used to manufacture wire harnesses and assemblies that are used in electronic devices and appliances. Well there’s also a higher temperature hook up wire used for those applications reaching temperatures above 105ºC and as high as 200ºC. That’s a very slight difference that could be missed when purchasing wire without asking the appropriate questions. The upgraded temperature describes PTFE insulated lead wire. It will be much more expensive, but necessary, for higher temperature applications.

We do promote buying our wire and cable online when you understand what you’re buying. However, if you have any questions at all it’s just as easy to place your order on the phone with one of our sales representatives. When you have a knowledgeable sales person on the phone with you it’s easier to get first hand information about the product you’re buying and the application it’s going to be installed in.


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The Importance and Safety of Service Entrance Cable Type SER

Wires and cables are primarily used to transmit electrical energy from its main source to the various users such as manufacturing industries, factories, business offices as well as the home.  But before the electricity can reach the end user, the edifice that will utilize it needs to have a service entrance where the electrical devices and wires of the home or edifice and of the electrical company meet. The energy have to pass this device since it serves to meter, protect and distribute the electrical supply to the various branch circuits placed strategically inside the house and/or edifice.  Service Entrance Cable Type SER is a type of cable that is used widely consumers due to its simple but sleek design.

Service Entrance Cable Type SER contains wires that are made of copper.  The cable contains three wires, two of which are insulated in different colors while the last one is completely bare for easy identification.  The two insulated wires are the primary transmitter of electrical power while the bare or the neutral wire serves to support and/or neutralize the other two wires.  These wires are then covered with rubber and/or plastic.  An outer cover is also installed to protect the wires from damage since it will be constantly exposed to the harsh elements.  That is the reason why the insulators that are used in these cables are sturdy enough to withstand fluctuating temperatures.  There is a need for these wires and of the cable as a whole to be free from any defects.  This is to ensure the safety of its user and to avoid any damage and/or malfunctioning.  Thus, this type of cable has materials that can withstand wet and dry locations. 

In installing Service Entrance Cable Type SER, proper procedure should be followed based on the guidelines provided by the NEC and the wiring and protection law that is implemented in the state where you are currently located.  These guidelines are precautionary measures to prevent accidental electrocution and or to avoid other hazards that individuals may experience if the said wires are haphazardly installed.  Contractors and consumers should to purchase these type of wires from accredited manufacturers and sellers to ensure the high quality of materials that is used. 

Online sellers and hardware stores are selling this type of cable at a very competitive price.  There is a standard color of the insulator for this type of cable for easier identification.  You need to check the wire to determine the uniform thickness from end to end.  You can purchase this cable by meter or by bulk.  Manufacturers may ship the material to you for free if you purchase a minimum amount from them.  You can ask the seller to cut and strip the cable at a specified length before sending it to you.  You can also ask them to tin dip the wire if you do not want a cable with fray edges.  Inquire from the seller the exact day of delivery for there are some sellers who have a delivery time of two weeks from the date of purchase.  If you want faster delivery, you need to negotiate with them.

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Our Electrical Wire and Cable Website is Growing!

At WesBell Electronics we’re very excited to see the growth of our website in the tough 2011 economy. Our website offers electrical wire and cable for sale online and many more products that we offer that need to be ordered over the phone. It’s hard to keep updated pricing on copper wire because it changes every day. So we only keep our popular items available to buy as we work on procedures to get more items listed.

As more and more people visit our website we’re starting to see trends and percentages that are helping us move forward. If we get 1000 visitors we’ll see a certain amount of phone calls, orders placed online and orders placed over the phone. Based on that data, if visits increase 10 times then everything else should follow accordingly. That way we can put a budget on how much to spend to get our website to the next level.

Not only do we want to increase the visitors to our website, but we also want to increase the conversion rate to an order. So we started to offer free shipping on orders over $250 and exact cut lengths for electrical contractors and home owners who have no need for a 500 foot spool of copper wire. Like most sales people, we don’t like to say the word “no” to anyone that calls and needs a somthing specific so work as hard as we can to avoid it.

Our web design team has been working hard on the layout of our website to make it much easier to navigate for those who have a tough time using the internet and computers in general. We use the keywords that we promote so that it’s easy, once you arrive, to find what you’re looking for.

We have many pages on our website that reference welding cable and strongly promote it throughout the search engines. That puts us near the top of a search when someone types in the phrase “Welding Cable”. We aren’t going to change the term welding cable to the manufactures part number once you get to our website because we know it would be difficult for you to find.  

We appreciate any feedback you might have on our website or our products because we’ll use that information to figure out how to make your experience better. As an ISO 9001 certified company we must follow strict procedures to comply with the their standards. It assures our customers that we handle things the right way and take the neccessary steps to fix something that might go wrong. Not only do we want to avoid a similar mistake, but need to take action in order to be compliant with the ISO standards.

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Buying Electrical Wire From WesBell Electronics

Here at WesBell Electronics you can call at any time to speak to our knowledgeable sales staff about the type of electrical wire or cable you’re looking to buy. We’ll help you find the best fit for your application whether it’s indoors, outdoors, in conduit or underground.

Over the years we’ve helped many customers spend as little as possible by finding cheaper alternatives, offering free shipping over $250, shipping from the tax free state of New Hampshire and cutting the exact length you need for the job to minimize waste. We’ll also drop ship, cut multiple lengths and manufacture wire and cable assemblies to specification as an ISO 9001 certified company.

We continue to find new ways to save our customers money which builds trust in the relationship and keeps long lasting customers. In fact, we have a long list of customers that have been buying all of their electrical wire and cable from us since day one about 25 years ago. Those same customers have also gained more business because we work as a team to get new business for the both of us.

We learn something new with every phone call we get. Then we document it, analyze it and figure out how we can help the next customer with that new information. We improve everyday because we enjoy helping our customers get exactly what they want.

We got many phone calls in the past asking for 120′, 125′, 80′, 40′ and many more lengths of wire that most distributors won’t cut because it might give them an odd spool length. After analyzing that we started offering the “per foot price” on almost all of our wire and cable and we’ve had nothing but tremendous feedback since the implementation.

WesBell is also a customer of many large wire and cable manufacturers which helps us learn how to help our customers better. Some vendors treat us like gold, thank us for every order and even follow up to make sure everything went smoothly. Other venders act as if we should do them a favor for letting us buy from them. Needless to say we like to be treated like gold.

If you’re spending money at WesBell for your wire and cable needs then you’ll be treated like any other customer we already have. If you spend more than $250 we’ll ship your wire for free whether you live next door or out in California.

Take a look at us on Ebay to see the amount of positive feedback we have. Give us a call if you need a quote on any type of electrical or electronic wire and cable.

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Indoor Outdoor and Underground Copper Electrical Wire

Electrical wire comes with all different types of insulation, but they all have the common denominator of copper or aluminum stranding. The insulation changes the expense of the wire or cable based on the environment you need to place it in.

Indoor Wire and Cable

THHN wire is the most common type of single conductor electrical wire. It’s manufactured with a dual rating of THHN and THWN so that it’s all water resistant. It can be used indoors and in conduit only.

Using your copper wire and cable indoors requires the least amount of protection on the insulation because there isn’t much that can hurt it. There isn’t any moisture, oil or solvents effecting the life of the insulation so it can be made for less money. Romex cable is the most common type of indoor electrical wire which uses THHN wire conductors.

Outdoor Wire and Cable

THHN is still the single conductor wire used outdoors and in conduit because the THWN rating can resist water, oil, gases and solvents. However, running 3-4 single wires can be difficult for the installer because they’ll have to run each one individually or tie all 3 together and try to run them as one.

Romex will not work outdoors OR in conduit so you’ll have to upgrade in quality and price to an MC Cable. It’s manufactured with THHN wires and a Metal Clad jacket for easy installation in conduit. The ground wire in MC cable is also a THHN wire rather than a bare copper ground wire so the cable remains moisture and solvent resistant.

Underground Electrical Wire

THHN cannot be buried directly in the ground so you’ll have to upgrade on a single conductor to USE-2 wire. It’s used mostly on solar installations and has a rubber insulation.

If your installation is directly in the Earth instead of in conduit then you’ll have to upgrade to a UFB cable which is an underground feeder cable. It’s color coded and flat instead of round with a bare copper ground wire. The insulation covers each conductor individually to keep it water and moisture tight directly underground.

Tray cable is also an underground cable for larger sizes since UFB cable only goes as large as 6 awg 3 conductor. Tray cable goes as big as 500 mcm 4 conductor with ground. It has all black numbered THHN conductors and an overall PVC jacket. We sell it per foot on our website so that you can get the exact length you need and avoid any waste.

Those are the basics of indoor and outdoor electrical wire. There are also basics on electronic wire and cable based on heat and voltage ranges for different applications.

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WesBell Electronics – Electrical Wire and Cable Products

WesBell Electronics has been in business for over 20 years servicing electrical contractors, OEM’s and many other companies using wire and cable products.

Our products list starts with electrical wire and cable including THHN wire, Romex, UFB Cable, Tray Cable and many types of copper and aluminum MC cables. Each of these electrical wire products have their own specifications to be used in certain environments and we, at WesBell, can help you figure out which is best for your application.

Next is hook up wire and PVC electronic cables for appliances and small electronics. These include different voltage levels, temperature ratings and strand counts for flexibility. Of course the pricing will be different for each depending on the difficulty to manufacture.

About 2 years ago WesBell became ISO 9001 complient to be sure we follow strict procedures to best satisfy our customers. We cut and strip hook up wire and manufacture cable assemblies to specification.

Power cable is usually known as portable cord or rubber cables. SOOW cable, Type W and welding cable are all examples of rubber cables with high flexibility. These power cables use very fine copper strands to increase the flexibility and soften the cable. The rubber jacket has more protection than PVC and also helps with the flexibility.

Heat shrink tubing has become another big item here at WesBell Electronics because it goes hand in hand with many electronics projects. The heat shrink tubing is used to cover connections that could get in contact with the wrong things. So a piece of shrink tubing is placed over the connection and shrunk down to adhere to the wire. There is also adhesive shrink tubing available that has an inner lining of glue to make it more permenant.

If you have any questions about electrical or electronic wire and cable please give us a call and we’ll help you with your project.

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Current Copper Pricing Update

The price of copper as a commodity traded on the NYSE has a lot to do with the current costs of electrical wire and cable. So far this year copper has been fairly steady in the $4.40 – $4.85 per pound range keeping the wire and cable pricing somewhat steady as well.

If you keep an eye on the current copper price per pound then you can do a simple equation to check your current electrical wire pricing. This is not an exact formula but if you apply the same percentage increase or decrease to the cost of your wire then you’ll have a good idea of the current cost.

Customers sometimes call and request pricing on electrical wire they they plan on buying in a month or two. It’s great to plan ahead but we need to let you know that copper changes daily and that price will most likely be different by the time you call to place the order.

So we like to send our customers to our current copper pricing page on our website to keep them aware of whether their price will go up or down when it comes time to buy. Every 2 weeks we plug in the current price of copper so that you can adjust your quote without having to continuously call back for an updated price.

Impact on Electrical Wire Pricing

It’s not uncommon for contractors and businesses to call with a $10,000 to $15,000 order for wire and cable products. So a 10% increase or decrease in copper can be very significant to the job they’re bidding. Remember I said copper has been STEADY so far this year with a 10-12% fluctuation. That’s fairly calm for copper and any other commodity on the stock market, so when copper becomes unsteady you’ll have to keep an eye out every week to be sure your bid is still current. 

$12,000 + 10% = $13,200

Copper has been the new craze for thieves as they go from building to building cutting the electrical cables from the power supply in order to sell it to scrap yards. Keep a close eye on all of your wire and cable and don’t throw any of it away. Keep it in a scrap box and when it piles up bring it to the nearest scrap yard for some extra cash.

Why Romex© Can’t be Used Outdoors

Romex© is a type or electrical wire used indoors only for a few reasons. We get this question a lot since it has THHN THWN wires inside it that are allowed to be used outdoors.

Yes, THHN THWN wire can be used outdoors but not directly underground. Romex©, however has a bare copper ground wire inside the cable that is NOT fully protected by the PVC jacket covering all of the conductors. So when Romex© wire is used outdoors and gets wet with water, gas, oil or any type of solvent it could penetrate the jacket and ruin the connection by getting in contact with the bare copper ground wire.

What should you use instead?

MC cable can be used indoors and outdoors because the ground wire is an insulated THHN THWN wire as well. The common use for MC cable is indoors because it can be used without conduit for a much easier installation. However, even if the metal clad jacket doesn’t fully protect the THHN THWN wires they already have the approvals alone to withstand outdoor environments. Copper and Aluminum MC cable can also be used in conduit.

Why not just run THHN THWN wires individually?

You can. Depending on the current copper prices we’ll sometimes push our customers in that direction because the cost of all 4 electrical wires are cheaper than the cable. However, sometimes the cable is cheaper as well. There’s also the added labor involved in pushing each individual wire through conduit or tying all four together to push them through as a group.

We have a highly trained staff here at WesBell Electronics and are here to help you. We’ll give you the cheaper option before you ask and help you find the correct cable by the installation it’s going in. If you have questions please ask and we’ll gladly help you through the process and explain what we’re saying to help you understand.

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How to get Free Shipping on ALL orders!

WesBell Electronics offers Free Shipping to its customers for a few different reasons. Figuring out shipping yourself on large shipments can be very difficult because you don’t have the standard contacts that a business has. WesBell ships hundreds of thousands of pounds of electrical wire and cable each month so there are freight companies knocking on our door on a daily basis.

We receive discounts on regular freight, truck load discounts and much more which gives us the ability to pass it along to our customers. On our website any order over $250 is free shipping in the continental USA no matter what the weight. Many of our website orders amount to $251-$260 which we assume is due to the free shipping option.

Electrical contractors and large businesses will sometimes call for very large stocking orders or job requirements which are able to be directly shipped from the manufacturer to the customer. There are very large minimums to buy from most manufacturers which eliminates drop shipping most often. However, when there are large requirements the manufacturer also offers free shipping which saves everyone a lot of time and money on freight. Of course WesBell offers that free shipping to the customer.

So next time you’re looking for wire and cable products call us and ask how you can get Free Shipping on your order because we might be able to figure it out!