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Romex and UFB Electrical Wire Pricing Lowered!

Since copper is a daily fluctuating commodity we must keep up to date on our copper wire and cable pricing. Over the last month alone copper rose above $4.20 per pound, came back down to $3.20 per pound and has settled in the last few days around $3.60 per pound.

When buying and selling copper electrical wire such as Romex® and UFB underground cable we have to watch the pricing very carefully because the amount of copper in each conductor can drastically change the price. When copper goes down we have to lower our pricing in order to compete with other wire and cable distributors and when pricing goes up we have to increase our pricing so that we don’t lose money on orders.

With that being said, over the last few days WesBell has lowered all pricing on copper wire and cable in order to show our customers we’re honest and not trying to make “extra money” while copper is decreasing. We’ve heard many stories from our customers that their electrical wire vendor increased pricing when copper was high but didn’t decrease pricing when copper lowered.

We like to keep our customers informed of when copper is increasing and decreasing by showing them on our website. We keep the last 3 years worth of copper pricing online so that when you buy something that you haven’t bought in over a year you can see exactly why there was a price increase or decrease.

The last thing we want to hear is that our pricing is 10% higher than our competitor because we work hard to please our customers in every way and a higher price can give a potential customer a bad impression of our entire company. We stay on top of copper, stay current on pricing, offer free shipping on orders over $250, ship from the tax free state of NH, offer exact cut lengths and stand by our on time delivery as one of our top 3 ISO9001 quality objectives.

As an ISO9001 company we analyze, and document, everything that goes wrong, discuss it, and implement a new procedure to be sure that it can’t happen again. Being an ISO certified company is so much more than “extra paperwork”. It forces companies to do the right thing, take the right steps forward and to, not only look for new customers, but to take a step back and be sure you’re pleasing your current customers even more.

People talk about money multiple times a day so we know how important our wire and cable pricing is to our customers. We look at other websites pricing before uploading ours so that we know we’re competitive. If we’re not please let us know!

Please call if you have and questions or comments about our website.

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Electrical Wire Pricing Has Been Fluctuating With Copper Prices

The pricing on copper electrical wire weighs heavily on the copper commodity traded on the stock market. As it fluctuates up and down the pricing of copper wire does the same. Manufactures of copper wire literally change pricing every day during a volitile market such as this.

Most electrical contractors and users of wire and cable are starting to understand the fluctation of copper. They’re starting to ask “What’s the current copper price today?” instead of “Why has the price gone up?”. Some manufactures and distributors will raise pricing while copper is up but not bring the prices back down when copper is falling. Beware and always check around for the best price you can find because it will be expensive.

If you’re a home owner looking for a smaller one time purchase then you might have different things to look for. There are a lot of wire and cable distributors out there that might offer good pricing on large quantity but not on small quantity purchases. They also might only offer certain spool sizes rather than cutting it to the length you need.

Here at WesBell Electronics we offer exact cut lengths and a price per foot. We offer free shipping over $250 and ship all small orders (below $500) from New Hampshire which means you won’t have to pay a sales tax either. These options are very beneficial to our customers when they need something small for a particular job. That way they won’t have to buy a 250′ reel of wire when they only need 180′ for the job.

We have knowledgeable sales people on staff to help you find what you need. Talk with us and well help you get the best possible deal on your wire and cable purchase.

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