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Copper Cable Scam – Theives Out For Easy Money

Copper has become a hot commodity on the market because it’s easy to steal and it can turn into cash quicker than almost anything else out there right now. When someone robs a jewelery store they need to figure out how to turn the stolen jewelery into cash and a pawn shop comes to mind as the easiest and fastest way to do that. Copper, on the other hand, is much easier to deal with if you happen to be a thief for a living.

After breaking into a home to stealing the copper pipes and wiring you can bring it straight to a metal scrap yard to receive fresh green cash for the amount of pounds you have without having to prove that it’s even yours to begin with. They’ll weigh the amount you have and offer you an amount of money for it. After they buy it from you they’ll peal off any insulation and melt down the copper to sell it back to manufacturers of copper materials.

With that small amount of crook knowledge you’ll understand this scam slightly better. People are placing orders online with a fake credit card to get their hands on some copper wire or copper piping before the credit card company figures out that it’s fake. If the copper wire gets to their location before the credit card company picks up on it then it’s too late. The copper will be at the scrap yard the same day.

A few simple triggers that this could be happening to you are that the “ship to” address is different than the credit card billing address. That doesn’t mean it’s a scam but it’s a sign to look into it a little bit more. The second thing you can do is talk to the credit card company to see if there’s been any irregular activity on this particular card and have them contact the card owner to be sure it’s not a scam.

The hard thing about it is the fact that a new customer is calling to place a large order which will get any sales person happy enough to probably over look such a scam. Just be sure to always have it in the back of your mind because it’s definitely happening to people like you and me.

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