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Happy 25th Anniversary WesBell Electronics!

25 Year AnniversaryAs of today, March 8, 2013, WesBell Electronics has been in business under the same owner, Kenneth Bell, for 25 straight years. According to http://www.statisticbrain.com/startup-failure-by-industry/ 25% of businesses fail during the first year, 36% fail by year 2 and over 71% of businesses have failed by year 10. So, how does a company such as WesBell Electronics last 25 years in such a competitive electrical wire and cable industry?

Good old fashioned customer service is the foundation of any lasting company. We have a 99.8% positive feedback rating with eBay since 2001 and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Our customer service doesn’t stop after we take the order, it continues until the customer receives the material. We follow up, with an actual phone call, to make sure the customer was satisfied with the entire process of their order.

On the other side of the spectrum, a lasting company needs to also have good relationships with their vendors, suppliers or manufacturers. By creating a good relationship, a vendor will provide top customer service to your company when it really counts. We make sure to keep a “low risk” rating with Dun & Bradstreet to ensure our vendors that our invoices will be paid. Dun & Bradstreet is the business world’s credit score and WesBell has an exceptional score. Therefore, our vendors trust us and have no problem handling out-of-the-ordinary requests in a timely fashion.

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Celebrating 25 Years in Business!

Our Electrical Wire and Cable Website is Growing!

At WesBell Electronics we’re very excited to see the growth of our website in the tough 2011 economy. Our website offers electrical wire and cable for sale online and many more products that we offer that need to be ordered over the phone. It’s hard to keep updated pricing on copper wire because it changes every day. So we only keep our popular items available to buy as we work on procedures to get more items listed.

As more and more people visit our website we’re starting to see trends and percentages that are helping us move forward. If we get 1000 visitors we’ll see a certain amount of phone calls, orders placed online and orders placed over the phone. Based on that data, if visits increase 10 times then everything else should follow accordingly. That way we can put a budget on how much to spend to get our website to the next level.

Not only do we want to increase the visitors to our website, but we also want to increase the conversion rate to an order. So we started to offer free shipping on orders over $250 and exact cut lengths for electrical contractors and home owners who have no need for a 500 foot spool of copper wire. Like most sales people, we don’t like to say the word “no” to anyone that calls and needs a somthing specific so work as hard as we can to avoid it.

Our web design team has been working hard on the layout of our website to make it much easier to navigate for those who have a tough time using the internet and computers in general. We use the keywords that we promote so that it’s easy, once you arrive, to find what you’re looking for.

We have many pages on our website that reference welding cable and strongly promote it throughout the search engines. That puts us near the top of a search when someone types in the phrase “Welding Cable”. We aren’t going to change the term welding cable to the manufactures part number once you get to our website because we know it would be difficult for you to find.  

We appreciate any feedback you might have on our website or our products because we’ll use that information to figure out how to make your experience better. As an ISO 9001 certified company we must follow strict procedures to comply with the their standards. It assures our customers that we handle things the right way and take the neccessary steps to fix something that might go wrong. Not only do we want to avoid a similar mistake, but need to take action in order to be compliant with the ISO standards.

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When Should I Buy Copper Electrical Wire?

If you have time wait before buying your copper electrical wire it might be wise to do some research first because you could save a lot of money. The price of copper goes up and down every day just like stocks or real estate which means buying at the right time saves you money.

In October 2011 copper has taken a downward turn for the first time in over a year. Since distributors and manufactures of copper wire seem to increase pricing very quickly as copper rises, consumers expect the same when copper is dropping in price. That seems like the fair way to handle it, but in this money hungry world everyone wants to get there hands on every last dime they can.

You can really start to understand your copper wire distributor during these times because it’s an easy way to find out if they’re being honest or not. We get a lot of phone calls from our website asking for pricing and we’ve heard comments from them saying their current distributor isn’t lowering their pricing at all even though copper has dropped over a $1.00 per pound.

Two things can happen from that scenario depending on the price we give them. The first thing that could happen is we could give them a much lower price and prove to them that their current wire and cable distributor is taking advantage of them. The second thing that could happen is we might give them the same pricing they’re currently getting which means the manufacturers probably haven’t lowered their pricing yet either.

So When Should You Buy Your Copper Electrical Wire?

No one can tell you exactly when to buy copper because it might lower tomorrow and give you a better price. On the other hand copper could go up which might raise your price so when is the right time? The key is to research a little bit more, make more phone calls and figure out who’s honest about their pricing and gives you the best price every time.

If time is an issue then you don’t have much of a choice about how much you’ll pay for the type of wire or cable you need because you’ll probably get similar pricing with each distributor you call. Quantity is also a good way to get distributors and manufacturers to lower their pricing because a bigger order is much more enticing to them.

We can do all of the extras for free here at WesBell. We cut electrical wire to any length you need without minimums, offer free shipping on orders over $250 and ship from the tax free state of New Hampshire saving you money on things besides just the cost of copper wire.

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Indoor Outdoor and Underground Copper Electrical Wire

Electrical wire comes with all different types of insulation, but they all have the common denominator of copper or aluminum stranding. The insulation changes the expense of the wire or cable based on the environment you need to place it in.

Indoor Wire and Cable

THHN wire is the most common type of single conductor electrical wire. It’s manufactured with a dual rating of THHN and THWN so that it’s all water resistant. It can be used indoors and in conduit only.

Using your copper wire and cable indoors requires the least amount of protection on the insulation because there isn’t much that can hurt it. There isn’t any moisture, oil or solvents effecting the life of the insulation so it can be made for less money. Romex cable is the most common type of indoor electrical wire which uses THHN wire conductors.

Outdoor Wire and Cable

THHN is still the single conductor wire used outdoors and in conduit because the THWN rating can resist water, oil, gases and solvents. However, running 3-4 single wires can be difficult for the installer because they’ll have to run each one individually or tie all 3 together and try to run them as one.

Romex will not work outdoors OR in conduit so you’ll have to upgrade in quality and price to an MC Cable. It’s manufactured with THHN wires and a Metal Clad jacket for easy installation in conduit. The ground wire in MC cable is also a THHN wire rather than a bare copper ground wire so the cable remains moisture and solvent resistant.

Underground Electrical Wire

THHN cannot be buried directly in the ground so you’ll have to upgrade on a single conductor to USE-2 wire. It’s used mostly on solar installations and has a rubber insulation.

If your installation is directly in the Earth instead of in conduit then you’ll have to upgrade to a UFB cable which is an underground feeder cable. It’s color coded and flat instead of round with a bare copper ground wire. The insulation covers each conductor individually to keep it water and moisture tight directly underground.

Tray cable is also an underground cable for larger sizes since UFB cable only goes as large as 6 awg 3 conductor. Tray cable goes as big as 500 mcm 4 conductor with ground. It has all black numbered THHN conductors and an overall PVC jacket. We sell it per foot on our website so that you can get the exact length you need and avoid any waste.

Those are the basics of indoor and outdoor electrical wire. There are also basics on electronic wire and cable based on heat and voltage ranges for different applications.

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WesBell’s Electrical Wire and Cable Manufacturers

WesBell, like most distribution businesses, doesn’t like to keep all its eggs in one basket. We purchase our electrical wire and cable from many manufacturers and we start to realize who has the best price, product, delivery and customer service. After finding out the needs of our customers we choose the appropriate vendor that we feel will satisfy our customer the most.

Standard electrical wire products are kept in stock such as THHN wire, Romex, UF-B cable and some MC cables while large orders and special orders need to be separately ordered through the manufacturer. Those types of orders will be directly shipped to the customer in order to save time and freight charges.

For inquiries involving a special order WesBell exhausts all resources before getting back to the customer with the best options available. We give the best price which may or may not be an additional day or two delivery, then the best product. While there are better manufactured copper cables from certain vendors they always meet specification and get the job done. Some manufacturers have additional protection for longer life of the cable which some customers care about and some don’t. It’s the same mentality as buying Walmart brand VS brand name products because while Walmart is cheaper in the beginning you’ll probably have to replace it sooner which makes the life long cost much more.

Customer service to our customers is up to Wesbell and we make sure to keep great relationships with our customers by satisfying their every need. However it’s up to us to develop good relationships with our vendors as well so that we have more opportunity to get the best price, delivery and product possible. If we start eliminating vendors we have less opportunity to get orders from our customers.

Basic Types of Electrical Wire

Basic Types of Electrical Wire

There are many types of electrical wire for each possible condition the wire will be placed in. Some for indoor use only and some that can be buried directly in the earth and of course there’s a higher cost for the added options.


THHN wire is the single copper hook up wire used alone and inside other electrical cables in the industry. THHN stands for Thermoplastic High Heat resistant Nylon jacket the the dual rated THHN/THWN wire adds in “Water Resistant”.

Romex® Cable

Romex® is an indoor only cable manufactured with THHN wires and a thin PVC jacket made solely for the ease of installation. Otherwise electrical contractors must run each THHN wire by itself or tape them together and attempt to run them as one. Romex® cables were made to be cheaper because when adding all the bells and whistles you’ll end up with a much more expensive cable.

MC Cable

MC cable was manufactured because contractors wanted to run Romex® cable outdoors and in conduit but couldn’t because the jacket was thin and the bare copper ground wire could be damaged. So Southwire decided to change the jacket slightly and also make the ground wire insulated, using a THHN wire instead of bare copper.

MC cable can now be used outdoors and in conduit. There is also a PVC jacketed MC cable which keeps it water tight for direct burial in the ground. Just ask for MC cable with PVC jacket.

UF-B Cable

UFB cable stands for Underground Feeder with ground. This cable comes in the standard circuit sizes of 14 awg through 6 awg and come in 2 or 3 conductors plus a ground wire. The ground is bare copper but the UF-B jacket is very strong and can handle the underground abuse.

Now you know exactly which cable to use for each location you’re running it. The only thing left to do is call your electrician and ask them which size you need for the amount of power.

Good luck with your search and if you can’t find it, call us to find it for you!