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Electrical Wire and Cable Value Added Services

WesBell has been in business for over 20 years as a wire and cable distributor. As businesses grow they tend to expand into new things and for us it was value added services.

After about 5 years of selling bulk wire and cable we had a customer ask us to cut hook up wire to length for them. We decided that the rest of our customers might be able to benefit from this as well. So we accepted the job and started contacting the rest of our customers about our new services.

Jumping ahead another 5 years WesBell now distributes wire and cable, spools, stripes, cuts to length, cuts and strips lead wire and manufactures wire harnesses and cable assemblies to specification as an ISO 9001 company. Being certified as an ISO 9001 company gives our customers ease of mind knowing that we have to follow strict procedures when manufacturing.

Our value added services department has been a large portion of our growth. We’ve also been able to employ a lot of people because of it in this terrible 2011 economy.

If you need anything done to your wire or cable please let us know. We can quote it which might end up saving you money. We have machines running all day long cutting and stripping wires that need to be crimped or tin dipped.

Tin dipping your lead wires after cutting them is a good idea to keep them from fraying. After the pieces are placed in the bag and shipped to your location they can get a little banged up. So if the ends are tinned then it will be much easier to work with when you get them.

Please call with any questions or comments about wire and cable or about our blog. Let us know if you want a certain topic discussed in our blog as well!

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