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Alpha Wire FIT Fabric Heat Shrink Tubing

Alpha Wire has a new item in their heat shrink tubing products section called FIT Fabric heat shrinkable tubing. FIT® is the Alpha Wire brand name that they use to set their tubing apart from other manufacturers who try to compete with the quality of their tubing.

FIT Fabric has a superior abrasion resistance to temperature over a wide range from 67°C to 125°C which means that even in high or low temperatures this type of tubing will remain fully abrasion resistant. It’s a woven fabric tubing with a 2 to 1 shrink ratio and has excellent flexibility and durability.

Alpha Fabric tubing is extremely easy to install and resistant to harsh environments where other types of heat shrinkable tubing aren’t. It’s very soft, safe handling and can be easily cut with scissors. When shrunk, fabric tubing has a very type grip compared to standard polyolefin tubing (without adhesive) giving it a good hold on the application.

FIT Fabric tubing is most commonly used for mechanical abrasion protection and severe environment protection due to the quality manufacturing job done by Alpha Wire. They make sure, through testing, that their product will perform or even outperform the characteristics it states in their catalog.

Alpha’s woven fabric shrinkable tubing is also used for noise and rattle protection, halogen free environments and high flexing applications. The tight grip and woven fabric material keeps the noise and vibration low and gives it the clearance to be used in a halogen free environment.

Alpha recommends using their fabric tubing with their Xtra Guard 4 and Xtra Guard 5 electronic cables because the similar characteristics of both products will work together for maximum results.

There are about 10 different sizes available in Alpha’s catalog from 1/2 inch to 2 1/2 inch. The 3 largest sizes (3/4″, 1 1/4″ and 2 3/4″) come in a 2 to 1 and 3 to 1 shrink ratio option for a wide range of applications that may need more than the standard 2 to 1 shrink ratio.

Alpha stocks a wide range of heat shrink tubing and non shrinkable tubing in their catalog. WesBell Electronics stocks their Xtra Guard cables and heat shrink tubing that work hand in hand to give applications the maximum protection and longest lasting life possible. They pride themselves by making a superior cable and have created a great name by doing just that.

Please call us if you need any type of electronic cable or shrinkable tubing by Alpha Wire.

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Alpha FIT Heat Shrink Tubing Polyolefin and PVC

Alpha Wire engineers and manufactures heat shrink tubing to best fit their Xtra Guard electronic cables and many of their other products. Their brand name is FIT® shrinkable tubing which is a very advanced type of tubing compared to traditional polyolefin and PVC shrinkable tubing.

The most basic 2 to 1 polyolefin shrink tubing is Alpha’s part number FIT 221. It commonly used for general purpose repairs, wire and cable harnessing and cable and connector protection. The Alpha FIT 750 is a similar version with an adhesive inner lining to adhere much better to the application. The FIT 221 version also comes in a FIT 221V that makes it flame retardant to the UL VW-1 and CSA OFT flame retardancy approvals.

There are also a few options for 3 to 1 and 4 to 1 shrink ratios that allow the tubing to shrink down to different diameters for odd shapes that need tubing. Sometimes a cable is 1″ in diameter with a connector over it that’s 2″ in diameter which means it will need a tubing that can shrink down to 2″ and 1″ for a nice fit to both parts. An Alpha Wire FIT 321 tubing in 3″ will shrink as far down as 1″ giving the connector and cable a snug fit.

There are about 20 different types of FIT heat shrink tubing in Alpha’s catalog that offer water resistance, chemical resistance, protection and repair, splice protection, underground splice protection and temperature ratings reaching over 250°C.

The bulk of FIT tubing is irradiated polyolefin and PVC, but there’s also an FEP and TFE tubing available that offers shrink ratios of 1.2 to 1 and 1.5 to 1. This is high temperature shrink tubing in 200°C and 250°C which is commonly used for fiber optic applications, high temperature wire and cable, digital electronics and extremely caustic environments.

WesBell Electronics has had a great relationship with Alpha Wire for over 20 years which gives us very competitive pricing and quick answers when you need your wire, cable or tubing “yesterday”. Please call if you have any questions about our standard polyolefin tubing or Alpha Wire brand name FIT heat shrinkable tubing.

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