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Crimping Burndy® Compression Lugs to Flexible Cables

Crimping Burndy Compression Lugs to Flexible CablesCompression lugs and the crimping tools used to attach the two are very important to have a good connection. The welding cable needs to be cut to the right length first of all. Then it is important to make sure you are using the proper tools to attach the compression lug to the cable. There are machines that will do this but some people may prefer to crimp the lugs themselves. There are hand help tools that will let customers do this. It is also important to look at all the options for hand held crimping tools.

Cut Wire to Length

Wires can be cut in two ways, either by machine or by hand. Machines can cut the wire to length and strip the insulation off each end, which prepares it for crimping the lugs. If you are cutting wires by hand you need to make sure that you leave enough extra length so the wire can be stripped of its insulation and have the compression lug crimped on the end and still have the wire or cable be the correct length.

Buy Burndy® Lugs

The Burndy® compression lugs are made to last. The compression lugs come in either long or short barrel. Customers can also choose a lug with either one or two bolt holes. The long barrel lugs will give customers an added crimp onto the welding cable. Adding another crimp onto the cable gives the customers a more secure connection. If the welding machine you are attaching the cable too vibrates a lot and there is going to be excess tugging and pulling of the machine around the shop then look at a compression lug with two bolt holes. This will give customers a sturdier and longer lasting connection to the welding machine.

Crimping Tools

Hydraulic compression tools are commonly used to crimp lugs to welding cables.  The hydraulic crimping tools provide 6 tons of force when crimping the lugs onto the welding cable. It also has other features that allow it to crimp lugs that are in tight areas. Each Lug requires a certain tool and dye to compress the lug to the cable. There are a variety of different kinds of crimping tools that a customer can purchase. There are the mechanical, hydraulic, battery powered, or even remote power compression tools. Each one of these tools is different so make sure you have done your research on each to find which tool will be best for what you need to be done.

The Burndy® crimping tools work best when attaching a Burndy® compression lug onto a welding cable. This is because each different cable or lug will need a specific kind of tool to crimp both together. Make sure you look into all of your crimping tool options before purchasing one. You don’t want to end up with one that won’t get the job done right the first time.

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Written by: WesBell Electronics