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How Can WesBell Improve 100% Positive Feedback from 2014?

100% Positive Feedback from 2014
In 2015 we plan to be focused on our customers, our website and our value added services. Although, how do we improve 100% positive feedback? Well, over the past 13 years we’ve maintained a perfect feedback rating from our eBay customers, but we received a few complaints from our website customers. We aim for perfection each and every time, but we also understand that things will go wrong when we’re busy. Therefore, we like to pay special attention to those customers that experienced a problem when we processed their order. In other words, we don’t mess up that often, but when we do, we make it up to you. That’s our guarantee. Humans can’t guarantee perfection but they can guarantee to “make it right.”

Value Added Services

We’re an ISO 9001 certified company that manufactures wire harnesses and cable assemblies upon request. Roughly 80% of our sales are generated through bulk wire and cable orders, however we’re focused on increasing our production department in order to service more customers in a faster period of time. Quick delivery times continue to be a top priority for our customers that manufacture electronic devices and build electrical enclosures.

We help our customers with this issue by keeping a buffer quantity on the shelf at all times. If our customer typically buys 1000 pcs per month, we’ll have about 200 pcs on the shelf at any given time in case they need a quick delivery. We also work on our relationship to better understand the main concerns of each unique customer and better serve them each in their particular way.


We plan to increase the functionality of our website in 2015 without changing the layout or design. We want to create a better user experience, not just on desktop computers, but also on mobile phones. Within about 6 months we plan to set up customer profiles that allow customers to save their information and easily purchase items listed in their history. Our customers on Net30 terms will also experience increased functionality because they will be able to log in and view open invoices, along with placing new orders without waiting for an email to get processed by a real person.


Consumers are getting smarter, purchasing departments are getting smarter, and demands are getting more specific with the help of technology. When customers like General Electric request to have product on a specific day, they need it on that day because they have a production line ready to use it. Individuals are different than companies, but individuals also plan to use incoming shipments as soon as possible. The fact of the matter is, we commit and deliver. If we aren’t going to meet a date provided by a customer we’ll call them ahead of time so that they can plan accordingly.

The only thing worse than messing up as a vendor is not admitting when you’re wrong. I can’t say that WesBell has never messed up an order, but I can say that we’ve corrected every wrong that’s come about. I believe that’s why we have high positive feedback from our customers. We treat them how we want to be treated!

Written by: WesBell Electronics Inc

Wire and Cable Acronyms

There are acronyms used in every industry and some of them can be very confusing. There are many different types of wire and cable that use abbreviations and acronyms to describe them. Well, sometimes the acronym becomes a more popular description of the product than the actual name, which leaves the consumer confused. Hopefully this post will help clear the air.


TFFN THHN THWN WireThermoplastic Flexible Fixture Nylon“, “Thermoplastic High Heat Nylon” and “Thermoplastic Heat Water Nylon” are the descriptions of the insulation used on the most popular type of electrical building wire. These three types of electrical wire are used in homes and buildings running power from the electrical box to your outlets, lights and appliances. “Thermoplastic” defines the insulation and “Nylon” describes a nylon coating over the insulation for added protection and lubrication for conduit installations. The middle 2 letters in each acronym represent what the wire can resist or withstand. Buy TFFN THHN THWN Wire here >>

NM-B and UF-B

NMB and UFB CableThese stand for Non Metallic (Top of image) and Underground Feeder (Bottom of image). Both of these electrical cables have multiple THHN / THWN wires bundled together to run more than one wire at a time.NMB cables are used indoors only while UFB cables can run directly underground without conduit or raceway. Buy NM-B or UF-B Cable here >>

Type MC

MC CableMetal Clad cables have a metallic jacket engineered with aluminum interlocked armor to give it enough protection to be used outdoors and in conduit applications. Buy MC Cable here >>


SOOW CableEach letter stands for something in this case and there could be any combination of all letters.

S – Service Cord
J – Junior (300 volts instead of 600 volts)
T – Thermoplastic – A cheaper insulation used for cost effective jobs not needing rubber insulation
E – Elastomer – Usually hand in hand with the “T” for thermoplastic insulation
O – Oil resistant conductor insulation
O – Oil resistant Jacket
W – Water resistant jacket (Not approved to be submersed in water) Buy SJOOW and SOOW Cable here >>


American Wire Gauge is the association that determines the diameter of each gauge size and the tolerance needed to be approved as a particular gauge. You might see “…a 4 AWG wire is…”.


Hook Up WirePolyvinyl Chloride and Polytetrafluoroethylene are both acronyms for hook up wire. PVC is used in applications up to 105ºC and PTFE is used in applications up to 200ºC. Otherwise they are used in very similar applications such as wire harnesses, appliances and electronics. Buy Hook up Wire here >>


SER SEU CableService Entrance (“R” for round and “U” for flat) cables are used to bring power from the telephone pole on your street to your electrical box in order to supply it will enough power to fill your home. The only difference is one is round compared to flat. Flat cables have all of the conductors lying next to each other compared to bundled or twisted inside the jacket. Buy SER and SEU Cable here >>

DLO and Type SC

DLO and SC CableDiesel Locomotive and Stage Cable are both single conductor portable cord cables. Stage lighting cable is used to connect high power lighting displays for concerts and DLO cable is used for industrial applications requiring a very powerful and protective cable reaching as high as 2000 volts with a dual insulation. Buy DLO and SC Cable here >>

There are more acronyms out there that you can call to ask us about if you’re unsure. Never mind acronyms, we also get all kinds of application based requests such as “a cable for my welder”, “generator cable”, “appliance wire” or “automotive wire” that we have to break down with the customer. Call us with all of the information you have and we’ll help you find exactly what you need.

Written by: Chris Bell

WesBell Electronics – Electrical Wire and Cable Products

WesBell Electronics has been in business for over 20 years servicing electrical contractors, OEM’s and many other companies using wire and cable products.

Our products list starts with electrical wire and cable including THHN wire, Romex, UFB Cable, Tray Cable and many types of copper and aluminum MC cables. Each of these electrical wire products have their own specifications to be used in certain environments and we, at WesBell, can help you figure out which is best for your application.

Next is hook up wire and PVC electronic cables for appliances and small electronics. These include different voltage levels, temperature ratings and strand counts for flexibility. Of course the pricing will be different for each depending on the difficulty to manufacture.

About 2 years ago WesBell became ISO 9001 complient to be sure we follow strict procedures to best satisfy our customers. We cut and strip hook up wire and manufacture cable assemblies to specification.

Power cable is usually known as portable cord or rubber cables. SOOW cable, Type W and welding cable are all examples of rubber cables with high flexibility. These power cables use very fine copper strands to increase the flexibility and soften the cable. The rubber jacket has more protection than PVC and also helps with the flexibility.

Heat shrink tubing has become another big item here at WesBell Electronics because it goes hand in hand with many electronics projects. The heat shrink tubing is used to cover connections that could get in contact with the wrong things. So a piece of shrink tubing is placed over the connection and shrunk down to adhere to the wire. There is also adhesive shrink tubing available that has an inner lining of glue to make it more permenant.

If you have any questions about electrical or electronic wire and cable please give us a call and we’ll help you with your project.

Toll Free – (800) 334-8400

How and Why to Become ISO 9001 Certified

WesBell Electronics is an Electrical Wire and Cable Distributor - ISO 9001 Certified

Some companies have a very bad outlook towards an ISO certification because it entails a lot of extra paperwork to do something that might take 5 seconds. Well, while that’s true, ISO has many advantages that can help take a company to the next step and the paperwork is for you to analyze..

How to become ISO Certified

Most companies hire an ISO consultant to set up all of the initial documents that need to be implemented and then take care of following the procedures themselves. The ISO consultant will discuss each step along the way and explain the points and advantages of having the certification.

Most likely one of your customers has stressed the importance of your company, as a vendor, becoming certified so you have started to research the idea. Instead of thinking about it as a pain, think about it as a way to improve your every day procedures and document them. The idea behind ISO in the first place is “continuous improvement” for the organization, not more sales to customers. However, with continuous improvement comes more sales from customers.

Now that you’re certified – How much paperwork is involved?

It really isn’t as bad as you think. Paperwork only comes when something is done wrong and even then it’s only filling out one page to document the wrong doing for future analyzation.

Assume you get a call from a customer saying you shipped the wrong product and they want the correct material ASAP. First things first, get them the correct material right away no questions asked (Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Yes Sir). Isn’t that how you’d like the phone call to go if you received incorrect material from your vendor?

Now you need to document (NCMR – Nonconforming Materials Report) exactly where you went wrong. Was it the salesperson who entered the wrong item? Was it the shipping dept who picked the wrong item? Was the address mixed up with another pick ticket on the shipping bench? Once that’s filled out, That’s it! File it and call it a day.

Three months later pull out all of the NCMR’s that were filled out to analyze what you need for “Continuous Improvement” of the organization. Assume you come across 4 NCMR documents that show one salesperson writing up the wrong item every time! Well that could mean a few things such as the person isn’t educated enough for the job and can’t handle it, the person isn’t trained enough or complete carelessness on their day to day duties.

Starting to get it? You can technically be ISO without the certification by documenting everything and continuously improve on your own. Keep track of EVERYTHING worth analyzing later such as NCMR’s, customer feedback, on time shipping to customers and on time shipping from vendors. Even keep track of employees, good and bad, to weigh the pros and cons before taking action on anything serious.

ISO allows you to keep track on paper instead of just in your head! Documentation solves discussions and arguements very quickly so don’t think of the “paperwork” as a bad thing for your organization to implement!

Cut, Strip and Install Romex® NM-B Cable

Romex® cable is manufactured by a company called Southwire, which is currently the largest copper wire manufacturer in the USA. The name Romex® is usually followed by NM or NM-B which stands for “Non Metallic” and “Non Metallic with ground”.

Take a look at this video to see the correct way to cut and strip the Romex® jacket off and install it in a standard electrical box. The video shows a few different situations that a contractor will see on everyday jobs. There are metal and plastic boxes that have different ways of making the connections with the electrical wire.

Even though there is a white and yellow cable sitting on his bench they are still both Romex® NM-B cables. The white has 14 awg wires and the yellow has 12 awg wires. The Romex 12/2 with ground is used for installations using higher amounts of current.

Be very careful when cutting the jacket off to prevent injuries. It sounds repetitive but accidents happen and cutting yourself with a sharp blade that’s meant to cut a pvc jacket will ruin your day. Watch the video closely to make sure you always cut the cable correctly.