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Solar Cable Assemblies – NEW!!

WesBell Electronics is now joining the booming energy crisis business by manufacturing PV solar cable assemblies which are known in the industry as “Home Runs”. WesBell has done extensive research in order to keep costs down for contractors so that it keeps costs down for you, the end user, when you decide to make the transition into solar energy.

Solar energy is still new to the average person and to contractors installing solar panels which means costs are still very high to convert your homes energy source. The average home would cost anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000 to install solar panels  so that’s about 15-20 years to pay off based on your current energy bill savings. However, with time businesses find quicker and easier ways to manufacture products and install them which means costs come down. As stated above, WesBell has already put specific procedures in place to handle high volume solar cable assemblies in order to meet the needs of our customers and you know as well as I do that solar panel manufactures are doing the same.

The standard Solar Cable consists of USE-2 wire which is water, gas, oil, weather and sunlight resistant. The cable is exposed to all of those environmental conditions so a USE-2 cable is used to uphold the life of the system.

WesBell is a large distributor for Tyco Electronics so Tyco is sending us leads for solar cable assemblies. We buy all of our solar connectors and tooling through Tyco and since they aren’t equipped to manufacture the assemblies we handle that part as an ISO 9001 Certified Company.

WesBell Electronics has been in business for over 20 years supplying our customers bulk wire and cable, bulk terminals and connectors, and value added services such as wire and cable assemblies manufactured to specification. We’ve already started making solar cables and we’re prepared to handle much more.