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600 Volt Unshielded Electronic Cables

Unshielded Electronic CableUnshielded electronic cables are those with multiple lead wires bundled together and wrapped with an overall jacket. A shielded electronic cable will also have a foil or braid shield between the lead wires and the jacket to block EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) when cables run side by side in an installation. The biggest difference between the various 600 volt unshielded cables lies in the type of protection the jacket offers which, in turn, describes where it can be installed without being damaged by its environment.

600 Volt PVC Electronic Cables

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) lead wires inside of a PVC insulated jacket is the most basic, low cost, electronic cable that you can purchase. Common applications for PVC cables are intercoms, public address systems, remote control circuits and related environmental applications. These types of electronic cables are most likely used indoors because the outdoor environmental conditions will be too tough for the basic PVC jacket.

600 Volt Fire Alarm Cable

Fire Alarm CableFire alarm cables typically come with a red jacket but there are various colors available depending on our inventory levels. They are commonly used to install fire alarms, security systems and other similar communication applications. These are manufactured with a PVC jacket or a Plenum jacket. The plenum jacket is used when the installation is in plenum or any type of above head duct for fire protection reasons.



600 Volt STJ PTFE Cables

Unfortunately, STJ cables only come in a shielded version because the amount of heat used to wrap the jacket around the conductors would melt the insulation of the lead wires during the process. Therefore, a shield is placed between the lead wires and the jacket to limit the amount of heat hitting the insulation of the wires. STJ stands for Shielded Tape Jacket and it’s an upgrade from PVC cables because it can handle applications with a temperature rating of up to 200ºC compared to 105ºC. STJ PTFE cables usually have a white tape wrapped jacket but also have the option of FEP extruded insulation which is not wrapped.

There are many different types of 600 volt unshielded electronic cables available in multi conductor, multi pair, higher voltage and higher temperature for each different type of installation. There are also jackets that are manufactured with more protection for severe weather and severe impact. Standard cables have been known to end up with cracked insulation and damaged conductors quicker than expected so it’s worth it to purchase a heavy duty cable when necessary for the application.

Written by: Chris Bell
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Using Multi Conductor Electronic Cables

Electronic CableElectronic cables are used to hold multiple conductors of hook up wire instead of running all of the wires individually. When you’re application has ten 22 AWG wires running next to each other it might be a good idea to switch to an electronic multi conductor cable. It will give your application a much cleaner look and it will also give it more protection because of the PVC jacket covering the conductors.

Our multi conductor electronic cables are used in applications such as burglar alarms, cash registers, cable tray installations, intercoms, internal telephones and remote control circuits. The PVC jacket is most commonly manufactured in gray, but some other colors are available upon request with a possible minimum purchase amount. The temperature range that these cables can be used in is -20ºC to 80ºC. Buy Electronic Cables here >>

Shielded Electronic CableWe make sure to keep the shielded and unshielded versions available to our customers. The most common shielding for electronic cables is an aluminum wrapped foil shield to block EMI, or Electro Magnetic Interference. EMI occurs when two cables are running next to each other but have separate connections. The two cables may interfere with each other, for instance, when a phone line or radio station switches lines without the operator making any changes. The shielding will limit this from happening.

Braid Shield CableAnother type of shield used in electronic cables is a foil braid shield. This has the standard foil shield along with an additional braid shield. A braided shield uses tinned copper strands and weaves them together similar to the look of a Chinese finger. Braid shields are used to block much higher levels of EMI.

We also sell the single conductor 22 AWG wires individually if you want to buy various colors without the need of a PVC jacket. We offer about 10 to 12 solid colors such as black, green, white or red along with an unlimited amount of spiral striped color options. Any color spiral stripe can be added to any color of our hook up wire for a small additional charge. This helps our contract assembly customers that sometimes need up to 50 different color options for a single application. Buy Hookup Wire here >>

Written by: Chris Bell

Voice Communications Wire: Coming Up with the Best Base Material

From the time Alexander Graham Bell made use of a wire to transmit a human voice to the present time when contemporary voice communications wire technology dominate the communication industry, there can be no doubt about the claim that much more improvements in voice communication are in the offing.  For this reason, you would expect stiffer competitions in the electronics industry because the public clamors for better quality of communication.

The advent of the cellular phones as the primary tool of communication had made the exchange of ideas and information more efficient and faster but complaints about communication glitches with the most modern of communication technology still prevail.  Some of these complaints are traceable to the quality of wires that are used to absorb and transmit sound waves.

In the present time, when economic slump is likely to remain for a longer time, business remains to be robust because consumer demand continues to rise.  One area that needs to upgrade in technology is communication.  People need effective and efficient communication to perform their businesses to be able to produce enough money to support their family or finance their business.  This calls for electrical wire and cable companies to come up with advanced research which are designed to look for ways to improve the quality of voice communications wire.

With easier access to communication (especially through the internet), consumers are increasingly being exposed to information on technology.  They do not just buy gadgets at a whim; they also ask what kind of materials is used to make these gadgets.  They do not just buy cell phones; they ask which telephone companies are producing these cell phones.  Other customers would even ask which company suppliers (or countries) supply the specs of these cell phones.  That also occurs when they buy iPods, computers, sound system and the gadgets that they use when engage in some business or academic presentations.

As already said, communication to people is very important.  Everyone knows that and they need the kind of communication system that produces unhampered, clear and fast delivery of sound units.  People want a system that they can rely on especially during the time when the so-called communication traffic occurs.  Unfortunately, communication failures abound and that is really irritating to communication technology users.  It is the responsibility of those who are engaged in the exchange of communication goods to come up with the best materials in the communication technology.

The exchange of ideas among people (and peoples) is more likely to magnify in the coming days – that is very much inevitable.  It would be dangerous to think that people will just settle for what kind of system that they have now.  If they will, they would better not trust in the present system and do away with technology once and for all.  Consumer confidence is a necessary factor in the life of the business world.   The lack of it can suck the life out of businesses from which people acquire their means of living.  Everyone must focus on producing the best materials for communication technology and it must be now.

The world needs to come up with the best voice communications wire.

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Toughest Multiconductor Instrumentation Cables in the Market

Selecting the best type of multiconductor instrumentation cables is not an easy task. There are various criteria that you have to consider like voltage, flame resistance and the presence of moist or any other chemical resistance that could occur in the process. In addition to this, if you are planning to mix different brands of instrumentation cables, you should have the right technical skills when it comes to this part. Take note that anything can happen if you are not able to correctly construct the wirings.

In these difficult times, each and every homeowner should keep a close watch over the kind of cables or wires that they use in their home. Most accidents are caused by substandard materials and this should not be the case if the owner of the building had been careful enough in scrutinizing the kind of cables that were used. Deciding to let an expert electrician handle the job would also be best but you have to make sure that the person whom you are going to hire is a licensed electrical expert.

A lot of people use multiconductor cables because of the. The stranding of the wire is solid and the purchaser thereof is given the assurance that the bare annealed copper has the robust filler. There is a need to properly scrutinize all your cables and make sure that the commodity is suitable for the type of indoor or outdoor connection that you are currently working on.

You very well know that working on an outdoor instrumentation wiring entails a lot of preparation. No matter what kind of extreme weather condition you have like high temperature or below zero degrees, it is imperative that your outdoor line is still functioning properly. When it comes to your indoor connection, your lines of wirings can handle possible leaks. Most homes or buildings have the same pathway for water lines and electrical wire. If this is what you have in your place, then you have to see to it that the conductors are properly cabled with the use of fillers.

You should also need to construct the round-core just to make sure that the overall effectiveness of the instrumentation cables will be achieved. A greater number of electricians use the over-all aluminum mylar shields as well as the drain wire that is to be utilized to cover the center. The best thing about using instrumentation wires is that you can easily install these items in free air, in race ways or even below the ground. The so called “direct burial cable” procedure is very common and you do not even have to worry about the wetness or dryness of the ground when dealing with the ground works.

Just remember that you have to select the most flexible instrumentation cable for the connection that you make more so if the location is an industrial area where there are various hazards. The insulation capability of the multiconductor instrumentation cables is considered superior.

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A Closer Look at Shielded Electronic Cables

Because of man’s ever increasing dependence on electricity and electronic devices, the demand for shielded electronic cables has constantly increased as well. The shielded variety has become the more popular choice because of several reasons. First, it is deemed the safer option; so the people staying in a particular area are more secure that there will be no electrical accidents. The second reason is to save money in the long run, since this type is less prone to wear and tear. Thus, it has become useful in different locations and has helped in making the lives of a lot of people much better.

The cables are generally used for electrical wiring inside the house. The insulation makes it possible to use the cable without the need to purchase additional devices to insulate the wires such as wood or pipes. The cables can just be conveniently tucked nicely to a wall and still look nice. This means that people can save a lot of money for home construction, while still making sure that the entire place is safe for everyone, including kids. This type of cable can also be used in the installation of security cameras and alarm around the house for added protection.

Shielded electronic cables are also used in commercial locations. Aside from electrical wirings, it is also sometimes used for other purposes such as high-speed phone and internet connection. If the office is using an Intercom or any similar device to communicate, these cables might well be used as well. Offices with multiple locations can also save a lot of money by buying the cables in bulk because a lot of companies are offering huge discounts for big purchases on wires. The company can then save while still making sure that everything is in order and the needs of the business are addressed.

This type of shielded cable is also used in mobile phones and other portable devices. We can plug in our portable devices to recharge it or use the cable to connect the portable devices with one another. Because of this, we are able to enjoy all the benefits that we can get from the different technological advances of the various portable devices at our disposal. We can get in touch with our friends and loved ones, or finish an important work of project even if we are on the go, without having to worry about safety.

Through the use of shielded electronic cables, we can all have a comfortable time at home, in the office, and practically anywhere we need to go. There is no need to worry about accidents because the insulation for these wires and cables are strong and lasts for a long time. In addition, we can conveniently bring our portable devices anywhere we need to go because we are assured that it can be safely plugged anywhere or be connected with another device if necessary. As technology advances, we can expect that cables would also evolve and change to better suit all our needs and demands.

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How to Keep Electronic Cables Neat and Organized

A lot of people have to deal with electronic cables on a daily basis – at home, in the office, almost everywhere we go. We live in a world that is entirely dependent on electronic devices that it is difficult to think of any room or place where these cables do not exist. Using multiple devices that need to be plugged in can make things look messy. In addition, not being able to organize these cables and wires appropriately can lead to electrical problems. It can also be deemed unsafe for other people staying in that area and may cause accidents.

This is the reason why we would have to make an effort to organize cables and wires and keep them neat and safe place. There are multiple ways to do this. First is through the use of storage boxes. Boxes would be helpful for chargers if electronic devices are not needed to be always plugged in. Instead of having these items cluttered in the desk, a storage box would help in keeping these items safely and neatly kept when not in use. It would also save us time because we would be able to know where to get these items by the time we need to use them.

For electronic devices that are always plugged in such as the television, DVD player or personal computer, we can keep shielded electronic cables tidy by using wire organizers or bundlers. Through the use of these organizers, we can have all wires tied together and conveniently hidden at a discreet location. Thus, we can keep the cables away from children or anyone that might accidentally trip on the wires. We would not want anyone to trip off and cut the power supply during an important ball game or an exciting scene in a movie, right? Add to that the potential damages the person might get because of tripping off.

Lastly, we could keep the cables around the house or in the office organized by using power cord extensions with multiple sockets. If our lives depended heavily on the electrical and electronic devices that we use, then we would be in a total mess if we have to look for an individual socket for each of the items. However, we can use the power cord adaptors to organize the devices we need to plug in. For instance, we can have one extension cord for all the devices we use for entertainment – the television, the DVD player and the home theater system. We can have another one for the devices that we use in the kitchen.

Whether we admit it or not, electronic cables play a big part in our lives. We can leave things the way they are and let all our electronic devices and their respective cables control our lives or we can take over and make an effort to keep the cables neat and organized. With the second option, we can get peace of mind that no matter how many electronic devices we have, we are safe and our home or workplace still looks neat. We can also enjoy all our electronic devices with more ease and comfort.

Difference Between PVC and PTFE Cables

When our customers and website visitors ask for pricing on a PVC cable to compare it to a PTFE cable they’re completely shocked when they hear the difference in price, so we’re going to let you know the differences in order to justify the pricing. Once you understand the engineering, materials and commodities it will be easier to understand the price difference between the two.

PVC cables are manufactured at a much lower cost because they don’t have to meet the high temperature rating that PTFE cables do. PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride which is a compound engineered to be used in electronics and other indoor applications.

PVC electronic cables meet a 105°C temperature rating in 300 or 600 volts. They’re manufactured with flexible copper strands and PVC insulation on the inner conductors. They sometimes come with an aluminum overall foil shield and a tinned copper drain wire.

Now that you know the construction of a PVC cable you’ll probably understand why a PTFE cable is much more expensive. PTFE compound is used to manufacture a 200°C temperature material to cover the copper conductors. The engineering involved in creating a 200°C cable is much more involved than the process of creating a 105°C cable.

The inner conductors of PTFE cables also have a PTFE insulation called Type E or M16878/4 that also meet the high temperature of 200°C. They’re manufactured with silver plated copper strands which means the cost of high copper and high silver must be included in the pricing on PTFE cables.

The final reason for higher prices on PTFE cables is the fact that the earthquake in Japan affected an entire manufacturer of PTFE compound that was sending the compound to PTFE wire manufacturers. That created a huge shortage of PTFE wire in the market which drove up the pricing as well.

I wouldn’t want to say that a PVC cable is easy to manufacture, but when comparing it to a PTFE cable it seems like a walk in the park. Both cables have a UL and CSA approval along with RoHS compliance, but PTFE cables can be used outdoors, at higher temperatures and they resist water, gases, oils, solvents and much more. Just make sure you’re sitting down when you hear the pricing!

Please call if you have any questions or comments about our wire, cable tubing, blog or website! We enjoy all feeback!

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XTRA Guard 3 Alpha Electronic Shielded Cable

Alpha Wire engineered and manufactures an XTRA Guard 3 material that’s suitable for direct burial in the Earth without the costly use of conduit. These electronic underground cables come in unshielded, shielded, 300 volt, 600 volt and Alpha supra shield options.

XTRA guard 3 direct burial cables have 5 times the water resistance of standard PVC cables due to its specially formulated Ethylene Propylene Copolymer jacket. This gives the cable outstanding service life and ultraviolet light stability. It’s available is multiconductor and multi pair with as many as 60 conductors per cable.

Common applications for XTRA Guard 3 are inter-building communications, satellite communications equipment, land irrigation systems, outdoor security systems, outdoor scoreboards and displays and pipeline sensor controls. Alpha manufactures a superior cable for standard applications extending the life of the application to avoid replacement cables and installations in the future.

XTRA Guard cables also come in PVC jackets for high technology applications and TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) for mining, paper, wood and pulp operations. The TPE jacket has excellent low and high heat resistance from -60°C to 125°C. There’s a total of 6 types of XTRA Guard material covering most applications with a superior Alpha Wire type of electronic cable.

The standard foil shield that Alpha manufactures is an aluminum polyester foils shield facing in with a tinned copper drain wire. Common reasons for a foil shield are low cost, ease of termination, low frequency interface and 100% coverage over the core of the cable. They also make a supra shield which is an aluminum polyester aluminum foil shield with an overall braid shield for the maximum protection. Common reasons for a supra shield are high frequency interface and high physical strength.

Please call us if you’re looking for any type of Alpha Wire products so that we can assist you. We’ve had a good relationship with Alpha for over 20 years and stock many of their electronic cables in our warehouse with free shipping on orders over $250.

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XTRA Guard 2 Multiconductor Electronic Cable

XTRA Guard 2® is manufactured by Alpha Wire as a strongly resistant electronic cable to oils, fuels, solvents and water due to its extra rugged polyurethane jacket. Alpha Wire makes sure their cables are superior to similar cables because they want to stand out in the wire and cable industry.

XTRA Guard 2® is a trade mark name because Alpha designed and created every piece of it down to the over-the-top supra shield. The Alpha supra shield has an aluminum polyester aluminum foil shield with an overall braid shield for the maximum protection. There is also a standard foil shield and an unshielded option for everyday applications.

The conductors in the XTRA Guard 2® series are made with tinned copper strands and a color coded premium PVC insulation. The jacket is a specially formulated polyurethane material manufactured extra rugged for added protection and resistance to the oils, fuels and solvents it comes in contact with.

It features a 90°C temperature rating, unmatched resistance to oils, fuels, solvents, fungus and water, twice the tensile strength of PVC cables, three times the tear and abrasion resistance of PVC and ultraviolet light stability. It also passed a VW-1 and CSA FT1 flame test.

Common applications for XTRA Guard 2® electronic cables are CNC machine centers, automotive assembly plant operations, military ground support systems, packaging machinery, petrochemical plant operations and geophysical exploartion equipment. A standard PVC cable won’t last as long in these applications without the extra rugged jacket and added protection against moisture and solvents.

The standard options Alpha offers for XTRA Guard 2® are unshielded, shielded, 300 volt, 600 volt, multiconductor, multi pair and the supra shield. It comes in awg sizes 24 through 14 with as many copper conductors as 70 in some of the cables. 

Alpha Wire also manufactures XTRA Guard® in premium PVC jacket, direct burial, high / low temperature TPE jacket, chemical resistant FEP jacket and a flexible cable for critical flexible applications. They’re all approved by UL and CSA to assure the specifications will do what Alpha says they can.

Please call us if you need a quote on any Alpha Wire product including their XTRA Guard® cables, heat shrink tubing and hook up wire. We’ve been doing business with Alpha for over 20 years and have developed a great relationship along the way.

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Fire Alarm Wire and Cable – FPLR, FPLP Shielded and Unshielded

Fire alarm cable has now been added to our website under multiconductor cables. We wanted to add the riser and plenum alarm wire because we feel it compliments our electronic wire line very well. Many people looking for PVC multiconductor cables will also need riser and plenum fire alarm cables as well.

Fire alarm wire comes in shielded and unshielded versions which both offer a riser and plenum option. It’s usually offered in a red jacket but, depending on the gauge size and conductor count, you can get a few different color options.

Riser alarm wire is also known as FPLR for Fire Alarm Riser. The unshielded version of a riser cable will be the cheapest option between the four because it doesn’t have a shield or the added protection of the plenum jacket. It’s commonly installed virtically in the walls of your home where very little air can get to it.

Plenum alarm wire is also known as FPLP for Fire Alarm Plenum. The shielded version will be the most expensive type because of the Plenum PVC insulation and the added cost of the shield. Plenum PVC insulation protects the conductors from burning and spreading a fire. It’s commonly installed horizontally along your home’s ceiling because air can get into those areas which would cause a riser cable to spread the fire.

Riser, plenum, shielded and unshielded are the four most basic types of fire alarm wire but we also offer a contractor grade alarm wire for those who need it. Each type comes in 22 awg, 18 awg, 16 awg and 14 awg with anywhere from 2 to 10 condutors. Alarm wire conductors have polypropylene insulation, solid copper conductors and the shielded versions come with an additional drain wire.

WesBell stocks fire alarm wire in very high quantities so that we can supply our customers with a quick turn around whether they have a small job or a large commercial job to get done. “Time is money” and we let our customers know when their material will show up to the job site so that they can plan accordingly and save as much money as possible.

We also offer free shipping on orders over $250 and ship from NH so that you won’t have to pay taxes on the material you buy from us. Most of our wire and cable offer a free cutting charge to any length you need to buy so that you can limit waste in every possible area. Please call us if you have any questions of comments.

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