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Cable Assemblies by WesBell Electronics – ISO 9001 Certified

When looking for a wire and cable distributor look for a company that offers their customers some kind of additional services. This way you can look for a one stop shopping vendor for all of their wire and cable needs. Specifically look for ISO 9001 Certified vendors to ensure that you get the highest quality products and services. Some companies can now manufacture all different kinds of cable assemblies to meet a customer’s needs.

50’ Cable Assembly

50’ Cable AssemblyThese specific kinds of cable assemblies are manufactured in house for our customers.  What we do is, we remove the outer jacket, then remove the shielding, and stripe the lead wires.  Now we don’t just stop there we also tin dip the lead wires and solder a thermistor to the wires on one end.  Now the customers can change the specifics and let us know just what the length needs to be and the tolerance for each assembly.

Cat5e Cable Assembly

Cat5e Cable AssemblyThe specific kind of assembly we created was a molded Cat5e.  Now we do not do the molding here at WesBell, but our vendor will send us the cable coiled up with molded ends.  Our job then is to remove 2 inches of the outer rubber jacket, and pull apart the bonded pair conductors.  Customers can choose if they want or need heat shrink tubing added onto the conductors.

Electronic 3 Conductor Cable Assembly

Electronic 3 Conductor Cable AssemblyThe particular assembly done here used a General Cable.  This brand of cable has a PVC jacket that covers three PVC wires.  When creating this assembly for our customers we strip off both layers of PVC insulation off of the conductors.  Then the copper strands are crimped and then inserted into a plastic housing unit that will connect the customer’s application.  Most of the assemblies we manufacture are created to specifically meet each customer’s individual and unique application.

Custom Steel Braided Assembly

Custom Steel Braided AssemblyThis is a custom electronic cable assembly for the customer.  This cable had an additional stainless steel braid cover, and had six PVC wire conductors.  In order to create the assembly we had to remove the PVC jacket, the stainless braid and the PVC insulation around each individual conductor.  Next we were able to pull the shield to the side and twist it, then solder the copper strands to hold their form.  Then to make sure no wire was left exposed we added an adhesive lined piece of tubing to help with the transition from the steel braid to the PVC jacket.

Each one of the cable assemblies we create are to each customers specifications.  Being ISO 9001 certified guarantees our customers receive high quality work from us every time.  The assemblies we manufacture are created to meet each and every customer’s specifications.

Written by: WesBell Electronics
ISO 9001 Certified