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Cable Assemblies by WesBell Electronics – ISO 9001 Certified

When looking for a wire and cable distributor look for a company that offers their customers some kind of additional services. This way you can look for a one stop shopping vendor for all of their wire and cable needs. Specifically look for ISO 9001 Certified vendors to ensure that you get the highest quality products and services. Some companies can now manufacture all different kinds of cable assemblies to meet a customer’s needs.

50’ Cable Assembly

50’ Cable AssemblyThese specific kinds of cable assemblies are manufactured in house for our customers.  What we do is, we remove the outer jacket, then remove the shielding, and stripe the lead wires.  Now we don’t just stop there we also tin dip the lead wires and solder a thermistor to the wires on one end.  Now the customers can change the specifics and let us know just what the length needs to be and the tolerance for each assembly.

Cat5e Cable Assembly

Cat5e Cable AssemblyThe specific kind of assembly we created was a molded Cat5e.  Now we do not do the molding here at WesBell, but our vendor will send us the cable coiled up with molded ends.  Our job then is to remove 2 inches of the outer rubber jacket, and pull apart the bonded pair conductors.  Customers can choose if they want or need heat shrink tubing added onto the conductors.

Electronic 3 Conductor Cable Assembly

Electronic 3 Conductor Cable AssemblyThe particular assembly done here used a General Cable.  This brand of cable has a PVC jacket that covers three PVC wires.  When creating this assembly for our customers we strip off both layers of PVC insulation off of the conductors.  Then the copper strands are crimped and then inserted into a plastic housing unit that will connect the customer’s application.  Most of the assemblies we manufacture are created to specifically meet each customer’s individual and unique application.

Custom Steel Braided Assembly

Custom Steel Braided AssemblyThis is a custom electronic cable assembly for the customer.  This cable had an additional stainless steel braid cover, and had six PVC wire conductors.  In order to create the assembly we had to remove the PVC jacket, the stainless braid and the PVC insulation around each individual conductor.  Next we were able to pull the shield to the side and twist it, then solder the copper strands to hold their form.  Then to make sure no wire was left exposed we added an adhesive lined piece of tubing to help with the transition from the steel braid to the PVC jacket.

Each one of the cable assemblies we create are to each customers specifications.  Being ISO 9001 certified guarantees our customers receive high quality work from us every time.  The assemblies we manufacture are created to meet each and every customer’s specifications.

Written by: WesBell Electronics
ISO 9001 Certified

Crimping Burndy® Compression Lugs to Flexible Cables

Crimping Burndy Compression Lugs to Flexible CablesCompression lugs and the crimping tools used to attach the two are very important to have a good connection. The welding cable needs to be cut to the right length first of all. Then it is important to make sure you are using the proper tools to attach the compression lug to the cable. There are machines that will do this but some people may prefer to crimp the lugs themselves. There are hand help tools that will let customers do this. It is also important to look at all the options for hand held crimping tools.

Cut Wire to Length

Wires can be cut in two ways, either by machine or by hand. Machines can cut the wire to length and strip the insulation off each end, which prepares it for crimping the lugs. If you are cutting wires by hand you need to make sure that you leave enough extra length so the wire can be stripped of its insulation and have the compression lug crimped on the end and still have the wire or cable be the correct length.

Buy Burndy® Lugs

The Burndy® compression lugs are made to last. The compression lugs come in either long or short barrel. Customers can also choose a lug with either one or two bolt holes. The long barrel lugs will give customers an added crimp onto the welding cable. Adding another crimp onto the cable gives the customers a more secure connection. If the welding machine you are attaching the cable too vibrates a lot and there is going to be excess tugging and pulling of the machine around the shop then look at a compression lug with two bolt holes. This will give customers a sturdier and longer lasting connection to the welding machine.

Crimping Tools

Hydraulic compression tools are commonly used to crimp lugs to welding cables.  The hydraulic crimping tools provide 6 tons of force when crimping the lugs onto the welding cable. It also has other features that allow it to crimp lugs that are in tight areas. Each Lug requires a certain tool and dye to compress the lug to the cable. There are a variety of different kinds of crimping tools that a customer can purchase. There are the mechanical, hydraulic, battery powered, or even remote power compression tools. Each one of these tools is different so make sure you have done your research on each to find which tool will be best for what you need to be done.

The Burndy® crimping tools work best when attaching a Burndy® compression lug onto a welding cable. This is because each different cable or lug will need a specific kind of tool to crimp both together. Make sure you look into all of your crimping tool options before purchasing one. You don’t want to end up with one that won’t get the job done right the first time.

**We ship electrical wire to Indianapolis IN in 2 days through UPS.

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Cut, Strip and Crimp Wire Assembly – WesBell

We started selling wire and cable products over 25 years ago and customers have been asking us to cut, strip or crimp wire since the day we opened. Aside from electrical installations, it seems almost obvious that a spool of wire is going to eventually be cut to a certain length for an application. So we started letting our customers know upfront that we’ll cut, strip, crimp, solder, twist and assemble their finished product.

Assembly Process

Cut, Strip and Crimp Wire AssemblyIn the picture to the left you’ll see UL1015 PVC wire cut to about 6 inches. It’s an 18 AWG flexible hookup wire used in electronics and appliances that you can buy on our website. The red insulated flag terminal is crimped with a hand tool piece by piece and set up to fit the customer’s application. The opposite end is semi-stripped, leaving the extra piece of insulation on the wire to stop the copper strands from fraying during the shipping process. If the insulation is removed completely before shipping the product we’ll typically “tin dip” the ends in solder to hold all of the copper strands together as one.


Due to the high volume of this particular part we decided to automate the process a bit more. We bought the red insulated terminals on a reel that feeds into a crimping press with a foot pedal crimping process. The assembler inserts the wire into the terminal, presses the foot pedal for a secure connection and the crimping press automatically slides the next terminal into position. The process is about 4-5 times faster than crimping by hand, but much more expensive.


WesBell completes “in-process” quality checks after each part of the process is complete, along with a final inspection of the entire assembly. For instance, once the wire is cut and stripped on the wire cutting machine, 5% of the pieces are measured for accurate lengths. If one or more pieces do not meet the tolerance specified another lot will need to be measured and so on. Otherwise, if everything matches the data sheet, the parts move to the next step in the process.

Written by: WesBell Electronics
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Wire Assembly Using UL1015 Hookup Wire

WesBell Electronics is a mature ISO9001 certified company that manufactures wire assemblies, harnesses and kits to our customer’s specifications. We no longer need to tell our customers about our quality of product because our ISO certificate proves it. We’re audited on a quarterly basis along with a more in-depth audit annually to confirm that our processes and procedures meet the standard.

Hookup Wire

UL1015 12 AWG Wire AssemblyThis wire assembly is comprised of three 12 AWG wires that are each approved by UL under the UL1015, UL1011, UL1230 and UL1335 categories. UL, Underwriter’s Laboratories, uses each UL designation to show what the wire has been tested to withstand. For instance, UL1015 wire is approved to resist moisture, withstand up to 600 volts and withstand up to 105°C in any given application. These PVC wires were manufactured to be used in electronic devices and appliances as long as they meet the criteria of the UL standard. See our UL1015 12 AWG wire here >>

Cutting Machine

WesBell Electronics has many wire cutting machines that we use to cut large quantities of hook up wire for the biggest companies in the world, including GE. We do not resell our wire cutting machines, we use them for high volume production. In this case, the machine was set to cut the wires to about 12 inches long and semi-strip each end. The slugs remain on the end of the wires so that the copper strands won’t get damaged of frayed when shipped. Our customers set the length and tolerance of each job.

Tie Wraps

Once each of the three wires are cut, measured and checked for accurate lengths, we bundle three wires together and tighten a tie wrap around them. Due to the high volume of production, we also have a tie wrap cutting tool that tightens the tie wrap and cuts the excess plastic for a clean finished product.

Instead of creating our brand name wire harnesses and attempting to find customers that purchase them, we let our customers inform us of exactly what they need. Some jobs are quick and simple while others are much more complicated. More complicated wire assemblies will sometimes require engineering, specification data sheets, sample prototypes, customer visits and months of production. We have a strong online presence and require positive feedback in order to remain a strong player in the wire harness and assembly industry. Feel free to browse around online to find comments and testimonials about our company.

See us here: WesBell BBB | WesBell eBay

How Can WesBell Improve 100% Positive Feedback from 2014?

100% Positive Feedback from 2014
In 2015 we plan to be focused on our customers, our website and our value added services. Although, how do we improve 100% positive feedback? Well, over the past 13 years we’ve maintained a perfect feedback rating from our eBay customers, but we received a few complaints from our website customers. We aim for perfection each and every time, but we also understand that things will go wrong when we’re busy. Therefore, we like to pay special attention to those customers that experienced a problem when we processed their order. In other words, we don’t mess up that often, but when we do, we make it up to you. That’s our guarantee. Humans can’t guarantee perfection but they can guarantee to “make it right.”

Value Added Services

We’re an ISO 9001 certified company that manufactures wire harnesses and cable assemblies upon request. Roughly 80% of our sales are generated through bulk wire and cable orders, however we’re focused on increasing our production department in order to service more customers in a faster period of time. Quick delivery times continue to be a top priority for our customers that manufacture electronic devices and build electrical enclosures.

We help our customers with this issue by keeping a buffer quantity on the shelf at all times. If our customer typically buys 1000 pcs per month, we’ll have about 200 pcs on the shelf at any given time in case they need a quick delivery. We also work on our relationship to better understand the main concerns of each unique customer and better serve them each in their particular way.


We plan to increase the functionality of our website in 2015 without changing the layout or design. We want to create a better user experience, not just on desktop computers, but also on mobile phones. Within about 6 months we plan to set up customer profiles that allow customers to save their information and easily purchase items listed in their history. Our customers on Net30 terms will also experience increased functionality because they will be able to log in and view open invoices, along with placing new orders without waiting for an email to get processed by a real person.


Consumers are getting smarter, purchasing departments are getting smarter, and demands are getting more specific with the help of technology. When customers like General Electric request to have product on a specific day, they need it on that day because they have a production line ready to use it. Individuals are different than companies, but individuals also plan to use incoming shipments as soon as possible. The fact of the matter is, we commit and deliver. If we aren’t going to meet a date provided by a customer we’ll call them ahead of time so that they can plan accordingly.

The only thing worse than messing up as a vendor is not admitting when you’re wrong. I can’t say that WesBell has never messed up an order, but I can say that we’ve corrected every wrong that’s come about. I believe that’s why we have high positive feedback from our customers. We treat them how we want to be treated!

Written by: WesBell Electronics Inc

Twisting PVC and PTFE Lead Wire

Twisting PVC and PTFE Lead WireBuilding a wire harness or twisting lead wires is considered to be a value added service offered by companies. There can be other products also added on to the twisted wires such as solder and terminals. Some companies do offer these services to their customers to make things easier, however only a select few are ISO9001 certified and I suggest you find those companies. This makes things easier for customers because it almost becomes one stop shopping. The customer doesn’t have to twist the wires themselves or even go to another business to get this done.

Twisting Wires

Usually twisting hook up wire is only done for smaller wire harness jobs. These jobs include anywhere from two to four lead wires total. Companies will offer this value adding service to their customers for jobs where the wires are not connecting to the same spot and jacket protection isn’t necessary. However twisting lead wires does give the application a more neat and organized look. This is beneficial because the wires will hold their form together as one.

Cutting the Wire

There are two times when the wire can be cut to length. The wire can be cut before it twisted for shorter lengths, or there is the option of twisting the wires first and then rolling the wires onto a spool to be cut to length later on. Once the wire is cut it is then stripped of its insulation as well. And there is also the option of having the strands tin dipped to keep them together as one instead of them getting bumped and frayed.

Additional Cost

Customers need to be aware that there is an additional cost associated with getting PVC and PTFE lead wires twisted together for a wire harness. Some companies will also offer to include a layer of heat shrink tubing over the twisted wires for better protection and a cleaner look. But the addition of the heat shrink tubing would also cost the customer extra money because it’s an additional step. The added heat shrink tubing not only helps to make the twisted wires look better but it is there for added protection as well.

These value added services vary based on the company you place your order with. There are different types of insulation to be aware of because each type comes with a different cost. Some companies will give their customers the option to add solder to the end of wires to prevent fraying while they’re being shipped. These are all things that companies can offer as an added service for their valued customers.

Written by: WesBell Electronics Inc
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Cutting and Stripping Lead Wire | ISO Certified

In the eyes of the customer it is easier to trust a company that has the ISO9001 certification. This means that the company adheres to strict quality standards. Customers can be sure that the company is making their products properly and not taking and short cuts in the manufacturing process. It’s also beneficial to the company to have this certification.

ISO 9001 Companies

Certified companies are compliant of the standard because they’re audited annually to be sure of it. Failing the audit revokes the certification which means trust is automatically gained by ISO9001 certified companies. By being ISO9001 certified it gives customers some security that the company is both trust worth and high quality. By adhering to the high ISO9001 standards the companies are showing their customers as well as their potential customers that they are a trustworthy company with high quality products.

Value Added Services

WesBell’s value added services include cutting, stripping, spiral striping wire, twisting wires, soldering, wire harnesses, cable assemblies. These are all extra added services companies can offer their customers. This way the customer not only can get the wire or cable they are looking, but if the company were to build a wire harness as well it’s one less step the customer has to do themselves.  Certain companies will also offer to tin dip or even solder hook up wires for their customers. This is just one less thing a customer has to do themselves. It’s convenient and can save a customer both time and money.

How to Become ISO9001 Certified

In order for a company to become ISO9001 certified they first need to find and hire an ISO consultant to help with all the initial paperwork. Talking with the consultant can be beneficial. You as the company and the consultant can discuss all the added benefits of getting certified. It can help to improve the day to day operations of your business and continue to make improvements in sales. Having the ISO9001 certification can be the deciding factor for customers when they are considering buying your products. The certification gives them a sense of security that the product they are about to buy is good quality and it can be trusted.

When it comes to cutting and stripping lead wire make sure you as the customer go to an ISO9001 certified company. With the regular audits there is no way that the certification can be out of date. One failed audit and the company loses the certification. This way any company that is ISO9001 certified can be trusted and is selling high quality products. This means that as the customer whatever value added service you pay for will be done correctly the first time.

3 Welding Cable Options in Order by Price

3 Welding Cable OptionsGenerally all welding cables are used for very similar applications. However not all welding cables have the UL or CSA approvals on them. Now that does not make these cables unsafe. It just means that as a consumer you need to make sure you trust the manufacturer. This way you’ll know you are getting a safe and quality product. The three main variations of welding cable are the Class K, the Class M and the Super Vu-Tron.

Class K

The Class K welding cable is made from 30 AWG copper strands. This is also known as the standard welding cable. It is not UL or CSA approved like some of the other classes of welding cables you can find. The cables come in black and red. Although there are other colors available upon customer request. Because of the copper stranded conductor as well at the rubber insulation of the cable they have good flexibility. They are used mainly for secondary voltage resistance welding leads as well as for power supply applications that do not exceed 600 volts.

Class M

A Class M welding cable has 34 AWG copper strands. This is to make the cable more flexible. The Class M cables are both UL and CSA approved. This kind of welding cable also comes in the same colors as the Class K welding cable. This variation of welding cable just like the Class K cable is very flexible. The Class M cable however is more flexible because it is made with even smaller copper strands. The cables have very similar temperature ratings as well as the exact same voltage ratings. What makes this cable more expensive is the fact that the copper strands are smaller making it more flexible. And the fact that this cable is both UL and CSA approved, while the Class K cables are not.

Super Vu-Tron

The super vu-tron welding cable is a Class M cable. It is a slightly different version made of the same 34 AWG copper strands. The super vu-tron has an orange colored jacket for safety. The orange color is a trademark of General Cable. The welding cable has a good abrasion resistance and is also weather and ozone resistant because of the special jacket that the cable has. The cable comes in sizes ranging from a 6 AWG all the way up to a size 4/0. The super vu-tron cables also have a temperature range of -50°C up to 90°C.

The welding cables are listed in order of price. The Class K welding cables are the cheapest and then working your way up the Super Vu-Tron cables are the most expensive. That leaves the Class M cables in the middle. Each cable is slightly different even though they are all intended to be used for generally the same thing.

Written by: WesBell Electronics Inc

Difference Between Type W and Type G Power Cables

The Type W and the Type G power cables are very similar. They are used for nearly the same applications. These are industrial strength power cables. The cables can be used on all kinds of job sites to give power to machinery. They can handle 2000 volts of electricity and have rubber insulation around them.  But there is in fact one main big difference between the Type W and the Type G power cables.


Each of these cables is a 2000 volt rubber power cable. They have thick insulation for industrial job sites. Both are rugged enough to be run over by trucks and dragged across rocky areas of job sites. This makes the cables not only perfect for jobs at home where that much power is needed but also for job sites. Industrial sites that require a lot of power may also require their cables to be rugged and durable because of the demanding and dangerous environment.

Type W Power Cable

Type W Power Cables Type W cables have no additional ground wires. There is a same size green wire in 3 conductor cables and higher. The different colors of the wires help to easily identify each wire. The Type W cables are made ideally for industrial to light to medium duty mining applications because of it heavy duty and durable rubber jacket. It also can be used for AC systems, mobile and portable electronic equipment. This rubber jacket on the cable can withstands severe environmental conditions, as well as exposure to oils, acid, alkalies, heat, moisture and most chemicals. This shows that this cable really can handle anything, allowing it to be perfect for messy and hazardous industrial settings.

Type G & G-GC Power Cable

Type G Power Cables Type G and G-GC cables include additional ground wires over and above their conductor count. If there are 3 main conductors there are also 3 smaller size ground wires. And if there are 4 main conductors then there are 4 smaller size ground wires. The “GC” stands for ground check. The G-GC cables are known for having an excellent resistance to impact. They are made with a cable core bound for superior flexibility and toughness. They are also made with a rope lay stranding to maximize the flex life of the cable.

The difference between the Type W power cables and the Type G power cables is the ground wires. The Type W cables do not have additional ground wires. While the Type G cables do. The wires inside the cable are both colored and have numbers imprinted on them to be able to tell what a conductor is and what a ground wire is. Other than the ground wires these cables are generally very similar.

Written by: WesBell Electronics Inc

3 Types of XTRA Guard Multi-pair Cables

XTRA Guard Multi-pair Cables A multi pair cable has more than one conductor in them. Each of these conductors is also covered in a PVC insulation. This is to extend the life of the cable. The multi pair cables are most commonly used for high technology applications, medial electronics, point of sale equipment, computer peripherals and industrial controls.


The unshielded multi pair cable is the more basic version of these cables. It still does have the same temperature range rating. It is also approved to be able to handle 300 volts of electricity. The only difference between this and the shielded version is the shield. This cable has the conductors wrapped in a PVC jacket and then the conductors are all wrapped together in another PVC jacket. The cables also are made with a nylon rip cord to make it easy to get the jacket off.


Shielded Multi-pair Cables The XTRA Guard shielded cable is approved for 300 volts of electricity. The cables come in a range of sizes starting at 24 AWG and going all the way up to size 18 AWG. They have all stranded copper conductors. The shield on this cable is made out of three layers, aluminum, polyester, and aluminum again. This gives the wire added protection against interference from other wires that could be in close contact. The temperature rating for the cable is between -20°C and up to 80°C.

SUPRA Shielded

The SUPRA shielded version of the XTRA Guard multi pair cords is very similar to the others. It has the same intended uses and it’s even made of the same materials. There is however a difference between the standard shield and the SUPRA shield. The SUPRA shield has even more added protection for the conductors. The SUPRA shield is made of layers of aluminum, polyester, aluminum foil shield with a 70% braid shield. The braid gives the cable added protection from EMI.

The XTRA Guard multi pair cables have devoted their energy to flame and moisture resistance, fast and easy stripping of the jacket and being used in flexible cable routing systems. Plus the cables are all both UL and CSA approved. Each cable has a different level of protection against outside interference. The cables with shields are better protected than the unshielded version. Then the SUPRA shielded cable is even better protected than the shielded cable. However each cable is approved for the same uses and they are all made with the same materials.

Written by: WesBell Electronics