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How Can WesBell Improve 100% Positive Feedback from 2014?

100% Positive Feedback from 2014
In 2015 we plan to be focused on our customers, our website and our value added services. Although, how do we improve 100% positive feedback? Well, over the past 13 years we’ve maintained a perfect feedback rating from our eBay customers, but we received a few complaints from our website customers. We aim for perfection each and every time, but we also understand that things will go wrong when we’re busy. Therefore, we like to pay special attention to those customers that experienced a problem when we processed their order. In other words, we don’t mess up that often, but when we do, we make it up to you. That’s our guarantee. Humans can’t guarantee perfection but they can guarantee to “make it right.”

Value Added Services

We’re an ISO 9001 certified company that manufactures wire harnesses and cable assemblies upon request. Roughly 80% of our sales are generated through bulk wire and cable orders, however we’re focused on increasing our production department in order to service more customers in a faster period of time. Quick delivery times continue to be a top priority for our customers that manufacture electronic devices and build electrical enclosures.

We help our customers with this issue by keeping a buffer quantity on the shelf at all times. If our customer typically buys 1000 pcs per month, we’ll have about 200 pcs on the shelf at any given time in case they need a quick delivery. We also work on our relationship to better understand the main concerns of each unique customer and better serve them each in their particular way.


We plan to increase the functionality of our website in 2015 without changing the layout or design. We want to create a better user experience, not just on desktop computers, but also on mobile phones. Within about 6 months we plan to set up customer profiles that allow customers to save their information and easily purchase items listed in their history. Our customers on Net30 terms will also experience increased functionality because they will be able to log in and view open invoices, along with placing new orders without waiting for an email to get processed by a real person.


Consumers are getting smarter, purchasing departments are getting smarter, and demands are getting more specific with the help of technology. When customers like General Electric request to have product on a specific day, they need it on that day because they have a production line ready to use it. Individuals are different than companies, but individuals also plan to use incoming shipments as soon as possible. The fact of the matter is, we commit and deliver. If we aren’t going to meet a date provided by a customer we’ll call them ahead of time so that they can plan accordingly.

The only thing worse than messing up as a vendor is not admitting when you’re wrong. I can’t say that WesBell has never messed up an order, but I can say that we’ve corrected every wrong that’s come about. I believe that’s why we have high positive feedback from our customers. We treat them how we want to be treated!

Written by: WesBell Electronics Inc