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Twisting PVC and PTFE Lead Wire

Twisting PVC and PTFE Lead WireBuilding a wire harness or twisting lead wires is considered to be a value added service offered by companies. There can be other products also added on to the twisted wires such as solder and terminals. Some companies do offer these services to their customers to make things easier, however only a select few are ISO9001 certified and I suggest you find those companies. This makes things easier for customers because it almost becomes one stop shopping. The customer doesn’t have to twist the wires themselves or even go to another business to get this done.

Twisting Wires

Usually twisting hook up wire is only done for smaller wire harness jobs. These jobs include anywhere from two to four lead wires total. Companies will offer this value adding service to their customers for jobs where the wires are not connecting to the same spot and jacket protection isn’t necessary. However twisting lead wires does give the application a more neat and organized look. This is beneficial because the wires will hold their form together as one.

Cutting the Wire

There are two times when the wire can be cut to length. The wire can be cut before it twisted for shorter lengths, or there is the option of twisting the wires first and then rolling the wires onto a spool to be cut to length later on. Once the wire is cut it is then stripped of its insulation as well. And there is also the option of having the strands tin dipped to keep them together as one instead of them getting bumped and frayed.

Additional Cost

Customers need to be aware that there is an additional cost associated with getting PVC and PTFE lead wires twisted together for a wire harness. Some companies will also offer to include a layer of heat shrink tubing over the twisted wires for better protection and a cleaner look. But the addition of the heat shrink tubing would also cost the customer extra money because it’s an additional step. The added heat shrink tubing not only helps to make the twisted wires look better but it is there for added protection as well.

These value added services vary based on the company you place your order with. There are different types of insulation to be aware of because each type comes with a different cost. Some companies will give their customers the option to add solder to the end of wires to prevent fraying while they’re being shipped. These are all things that companies can offer as an added service for their valued customers.

Written by: WesBell Electronics Inc
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