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Cutting and Stripping Lead Wire | ISO Certified

In the eyes of the customer it is easier to trust a company that has the ISO9001 certification. This means that the company adheres to strict quality standards. Customers can be sure that the company is making their products properly and not taking and short cuts in the manufacturing process. It’s also beneficial to the company to have this certification.

ISO 9001 Companies

Certified companies are compliant of the standard because they’re audited annually to be sure of it. Failing the audit revokes the certification which means trust is automatically gained by ISO9001 certified companies. By being ISO9001 certified it gives customers some security that the company is both trust worth and high quality. By adhering to the high ISO9001 standards the companies are showing their customers as well as their potential customers that they are a trustworthy company with high quality products.

Value Added Services

WesBell’s value added services include cutting, stripping, spiral striping wire, twisting wires, soldering, wire harnesses, cable assemblies. These are all extra added services companies can offer their customers. This way the customer not only can get the wire or cable they are looking, but if the company were to build a wire harness as well it’s one less step the customer has to do themselves.  Certain companies will also offer to tin dip or even solder hook up wires for their customers. This is just one less thing a customer has to do themselves. It’s convenient and can save a customer both time and money.

How to Become ISO9001 Certified

In order for a company to become ISO9001 certified they first need to find and hire an ISO consultant to help with all the initial paperwork. Talking with the consultant can be beneficial. You as the company and the consultant can discuss all the added benefits of getting certified. It can help to improve the day to day operations of your business and continue to make improvements in sales. Having the ISO9001 certification can be the deciding factor for customers when they are considering buying your products. The certification gives them a sense of security that the product they are about to buy is good quality and it can be trusted.

When it comes to cutting and stripping lead wire make sure you as the customer go to an ISO9001 certified company. With the regular audits there is no way that the certification can be out of date. One failed audit and the company loses the certification. This way any company that is ISO9001 certified can be trusted and is selling high quality products. This means that as the customer whatever value added service you pay for will be done correctly the first time.