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3:1 and 4:1 Shrinkable Tubing Products Pricing Online

Shrinkable Tubing ProductsWesBell is now offering 3:1 and 4:1 heat shrink tubing products online with pricing. You can purchase 100’, 500’ or 1000’ quantities on a spool or in 4’ lengths. We also have the ability to cut tubing to length through our value added services department. We’ve been using tubing products for over 15 years by manufacturing wire harnesses and cable assemblies, but we mostly used 2:1 flexible or adhesive versions.

3 to 1 Heat shrink tubing

The term 3:1, or 3 to 1, means that you divide by 3 to figure out what the tubing can shrink to. For instance, 1” tubing shrinks 67% to 1/3” and 3/4” tubing shrinks to 1/4”. So, if the application requires the tubing to shrink to 1/4″, why not just buy 1/2″, 2:1 instead? Well, first view the picture to the left, notice how the tubing is shrunk over two diameters because of the cable jacket. The tubing will have to be big enough to fit over the cable jacket and it will have to shrink enough to get down to the conductors. Therefore, 3/4″ 3:1 shrinkable tubing will fit over the 1/2″ cable jacket and it will shrink down to 1/4″ to fit tightly to the conductors.

4 to 1 Heat shrink tubing

The term 4:1, or 4 to 1, means that you divide by 4 to figure out what the tubing can shrink to. For instance, 1” tubing shrinks 75% to 1/4” and 3/4” tubing shrinks to .1875”. 4 to 1 tubing products come in a standard flexible version and an adhesive lined version. The adhesive line is glue that resides on the inside of the tubing wall and it melts when heat is applied. Once it dries there is a water tight seal that’s nearly impossible to remove. Adhesive lined tubing can be used as a splice kit to wire and cable because it holds the same attributes as far as temperature and voltage along with a water tight seal.

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Wire Harness with Heat Shrink Tubing

Wire Harness with Heat Shrink TubingWe’re a wire, cable and tubing distributor that also manufactures wire harnesses and cable assemblies to specification. We’ve always distributed bulk wire and cable directly from the manufacture, but recently started building harnesses and assemblies when customers ask the question. As an ISO9001 certified company we’re trusted, without conducting previous business, by large customers such as GE and Parker Hannifin to get the job done right.

That being said, we don’t have engineering employees on staff for large board assemblies, however we’re prepared to handle large volume in harnesses and cable assemblies that require up to 10 steps. For instance, as you can see in the picture to the left, we specialize in cutting lead wire, stripping it, crimping terminals and adding heat shrink tubing.

Heat Shrink Tubing

There are three main reasons for including heat shrink tubing to your wire harness. The first is to bundle the lead wires tightly together for a clean and neat look once the assembly is attached to the application. The second reason is to include a customer part number or details about the assembly that might be important to the person installing it or replacing it later on. The customer will specify the exact ledger, color and length of the tubing to be used on their assembly.

Another reason for using heat shrink tubing is to increase the protection of the copper wires. The insulation over the copper has a temperature rating and voltage rating that shouldn’t be exceeded. If one of the wires get cut into accidentally, heat shrink tubing can be used as a splice kit to repair it back to normal. Just be sure to ask for the same temperature and voltage requirements so that the tubing and wire insulation match.

Striping and Twisting Hook Up Wire

Striping and twisting hook up wire is an additional service provided by your wire and cable supplier. Manufacturers will offer to stripe wire when the quantity is over 25,000’ for a single color, but more often than not, your purchase of striped wire will require your supplier to do the additional work of adding a spiral stripe.

Striping Hook Up Wire

Striping Hook Up WireIf there are 10 basic colors of hook up wire and 10 stripe colors that can be added, how many options are there in total? Quite a few. Contract assembly businesses manufacture wire harnesses with anywhere from 10, 25, 50, 100 or more lead wires that are all connected to the same device. Including a stripe will allow various color options to be used. It will also limit the amount of harnesses needed for a single job because 100 different colors can fit into a single harness instead of breaking it into 10 separate harnesses.

Twisting Hook Up Wire

Twisting Hook Up WireTwisting hook up wire is typically done for smaller wire harness jobs that include two to four lead wires in total. A wire harness with two wires that are 3 feet long will benefit from twisting because the wires will hold their form together as one. We can cut and twist 6 inch wires or we can twist 1000 feet onto a plastic spool for you to cut to length yourself.

Sometimes a 2, 3 or 4 conductor cable will be used instead of twisting lead wires together, however it will be more expensive to purchase. The cable jacket offers more protection to the wires in addition to making it look neat and clean within the assembly.

WesBell can also include a layer of heat shrink tubing over the twist to give the wires more protection and a cleaner look. Shrinkable tubing has voltage and temperature ratings just like wire insulation, so it’s smart to get similar ratings between the wire and tubing based on the environment they’ll be placed in.

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An Electronic Cable for Extreme Environmental Use

Xtra Guard Electronic CablesAlpha Wire manufactures electronic cables with the word extreme in mind each and every time. Alpha is the place to go when you need a cable with higher or lower temperature ratings than normal. It’s also the place to go when you need a cable that will last longer than typical electronic cables, because it will be too expensive to replace once the equipment is running. Alpha is hard at work making cables more efficient so that people can increase manufacturing time and decrease maintenance and repair costs. We all understand how expensive down-time can be for a company.

Xtra Guard® Products

Alpha takes all of that into consideration when designing and engineering their products. You’ll see a “®” next to most of their products because they design it themselves and stand by it 100% of the time. Alpha also makes sure to include UL, CSA, RoHS and REACH approvals for installation inspections, equipment approvals and other industry standards. The approvals are expenses that generic brands of PVC cables may not carry.

FIT® Heat Shrink Tubing

Alpha’s FIT® heat shrink tubing matches its Xtra Guard® cables in extreme environments. For instance, Xtra Guard® 5 cable can work comfortably in temperatures of -80°C to 200°C when basic PVC electronic cables are rated from -20°C to 80°C. Alpha FIT® 500 heat shrink tubing also meets the temperatures of their Xtra Guard® 5 cables allowing them to be used in synchronized conditions. Each cable in Alpha’s catalog usually has a matching tubing product so that you don’t have to search for it yourself.

You won’t have to worry about the quality-of-product when you buy an Alpha Wire product from WesBell Electronics.