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Buy Alpha Xtra-Guard® 3 Cables Online

Xtra-Guard® 3 cableAlpha Xtra-Guard® 3 cables are used for electronic applications that require the highest level of design and protection. Alpha isn’t in business to just make another cable, they’re in business to have the best product on the market. They’re in business to supersede the competition by remembering that details count. So, if you’re looking for your average multiconductor cable you can find it here at a reasonable price however, if you’re designing satellite communications equipment that needs five times the water resistance of a standard PVC cable, then you can find what you’re looking for in an Alpha Wire catalog.

Unshielded and Shielded Underground Cable

Underneath the incredibly strong EPC (Ethylene Propylene Copolymer) jacket you’ll find PVC insulated copper strands. The copper strands are commonly connected to outdoor security systems, scoreboards and displays. Once connected, the cable is approved to travel underground to the power supply without the use of conduit. Sometimes it’s cheaper to purchase an underground cable instead of purchasing tray cable and conduit together. If however, you already have conduit installed you may want to consider a cable that’s not approved and designed to be installed directly in the ground. It sounds expensive just describing it (300 Volt PLTC cable and 600 Volt tray cable are available for those installations).

Multipair Supra-shield®

When a cable needs to “shield” electromagnetic interference it’s common to see it designed in multiple pairs of two twisted wires, along with some kind of shield to limit the span of the magnetic field. Take a look at the shielding in the picture to the left. There’s a layer of tin foil like material called an aluminum polyester foil shield and it blocks EMI. A third, and even stronger version of blocking EMI is a tinned copper braid shield, which is copper strands woven together, and Alpha has a branded braid shield called Supra-shield®.

Alpha Supra-shield® is designed with flexibility in mind. They designed both the Xtra-Guard® 3 EPC jacket and the Supra-shield® while specifically sandwiching the shield between two jacket layers because it created a higher level of flexibility and protection.

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