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Electrical Wire Doesn’t Stop on Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Some people are trick-or-treating, some people are putting up scary decorations and some people are online buying wire and cable. It may not be as crazy as you think once you read on…

Halloween Extension CordExtension cords
are commonly used to deliver power to Halloween decorations that light up. The prop usually has a short cord on it that plugs into a wall but an extension cord will extend that cord so you can put it outside. Unfortunately, “they” haven’t stated selling wireless Halloween or Holiday decorations yet.



Halloween Speaker WireA form of speaker wire is connected to the string of lights that get placed around the trim of homes. The copper strands connect to each light so that electricity is delivered to all of them simultaneously once it’s plugged into an outlet. The insulation is slightly thicker than speaker wire for added protection because it’s used outdoors and needs to withstand more impact.

Halloween Wire HarnessWire harnesses are used within larger Halloween decorations similar to the picture to the left of this paragraph. The home owner buying the decoration may not know about the inner workings of the prop but anything that lights up needs electrical wiring of some kind. If you take it apart you’ll see a few lead wires connected to the electronic part of the prop.


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