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Electrical Wire Prices Online From WesBell Electronics

Electrical wire pricesElectrical wire prices are difficult to offer online because the price of copper changes daily and it affects the price of each type of wire. However, we like to offer pricing online so that our customers know exactly what it will cost them when pricing entire installation jobs for their customers.

Electricians, installers and contractors constantly visit the electrical wire prices section of our website. Since we offer exact cut lengths of THHN wire, Romex® and UFB cable it makes it very each to get an entire cost of the job they’re about to commit themselves to. We also offer free shipping on orders over $250 because it can be difficult to determine a freight quote from New Hampshire to California if you’re not in the business.

We constantly ship electrical wire to New York NY and Philadelphia PA for free due to online orders that surpass $250. Simple “Add to Cart” and when the total reaches $250 it will show $0 for shipping charges. If you need expedited shipping for orders over $250 please call to place it so that we can give you a freight quote and exact date of delivery.

Written by: Chris Bell

Finding Hook Up Wire in Cleveland OH

Hook Up Wire Cleveland OHEven though you live in Cleveland OH you can still buy your hook up wire from any company within the USA and receive it in a few days. WesBell Electronics is located in Merrimack NH and ships PVC and PTFE lead wire within 24 hours. Furthermore, UPS guarantees that it will ship from NH to OH in 2 business days. So you can purchase your lead wire needs from our website and expect to see it in OH within 3 business days.

We keep hook up wire, portable cord products and electrical wire in stock for assembly houses, storm projects and electrical contractors. We specialize in cutting the exact length needed to get the job done. If you need 175’ then we’ll cut 175’ and if you need 34’ we’ll cut 34’ based on our “per foot” price online. Simply enter the amount of wire you need and we’ll have it cut and shipped within 24 hours or we’ll notify you otherwise.

Unfortunately, we do not cut hook up wire to exact lengths under 100’. We start with a minimum of 100’ pieces unless you need multiple colors. In which case you should speak to a representative here to figure out what your price will be for the quantity you need. However, please call if you need odd lengths in between 100’ and 500’ because we’ll cut the length you need.

Our hook up wire comes in 10 solid colors along with an unlimited amount of striped color options for harnessing projects. A spiral stripe will be added to the insulation of the lead wire in order to designate it from the rest of the same color wires. With 10 solid colors and 10 striping colors the options are endless.

Please call if you have a unique opportunity for wire, cable or heat shrinkable tubing. We’ll take a look at what you need and figure out the cheapest way for you to buy the material and have it shipped to your front door. Don’t forget, we offer Free Shipping on orders over $250!

Written by: Chris Bell

Lead Wire Splicing and Insulation Cuts

As a large electrical wire and cable supplier WesBell ships spools with 100’, 1000, and even 5000’ on each spool making it hard to determine if the customer can, or cannot, accept a splice somewhere in the middle. A splice occurs when the wire breaks during the spooling process. Once it breaks it needs to be connected together by pulling off a few inches of insulation and connecting the copper ends to each other.

Lead Wire SpliceAssume we have an order for 1000 feet of XYZ wire. We’ll uncoil it from a 5000’ reel onto a smaller reel. If there was a break in the wire we’ll mark it on the spool to let the customer know that the insulation ends for 6 inches at the 200 foot mark.

If your installation requires a continuous length of hook up wire please make sure you state that on the order. We have a “comments” section of our online order form that we take very seriously. It’s a place where you can mention your company PO number and special instructions such as a continuous spool.

Many companies that buy hook up wire will cut smaller lengths each day for different projects that they have. In that case, a continuous spool isn’t necessary because they can cut off the splice area and move on.

Fixing a Splice

Fixing a SpliceA splice exposes the metal which can cause a short if it comes in contact with another wire. If you have a splice and still need to use that portion of the lead wire you should cover it will heat shrinkable tubing. Simply place the tubing over the splice and apply heat until it shrinks to fit the wire nice and snug. You should not use a piece of wire with exposed copper for any reason other than grounding.

If you have questions about cutting, splicing, stripping, twisting or soldering hook up wire please call us for information.

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Written by: Chris Bell