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Shipping Welding Cable to Chesapeake VA

WesBell Electronics is located in Merrimack NH however we have the ability to ship products, not only across the USA, but also across the world. We have customers in Canada, China and Japan that buy from us on a regular basis with shipping rates that aren’t quite as bad as you’d think.

If you’re buying welding cable in Chesapeake VA we can supply that material to you in a few different ways. We can cut and ship it quickly from our NH location which will arrive in 3 business days via UPS or we can have it cut and shipped directly from the largest manufacturer in the United States, South Wire Company in York PA. South Wire manufactures portable cord products such as welding cable, SOOW, SJOOW and industrial power cables.

If you’re purchasing hook up wire in Norfolk VA we would still be able to get it to your door in 3 days via UPS. Our hook up wire is stocked in Merrimack in increments of 100’, 250’, 500’, 1000’ and bulk spools. We can sell directly to the end user and we can also supply resellers and distributors with bulk spools at quantity discount pricing.

If you buy wire and cable in high quantities please talk to us about setting up a blanket order so that we have exactly what you need at all times. A “blanket order” is simply an order for a large quantity in which a portion of it ships monthly rather than all at once. The payment is due for each shipment after it ships which means you do not pay for anything until it has shipped out the door.

Written by: Chris Bell
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