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When a consumer is buying a product they expect to speak to a pleasant person on the phone, get competitive pricing and have their product shipped in a timely fashion. Offering those attributes as a vendor will promise you more satisfied long term customers. As an ISO 9001 certified company we must, not only comply to those standards, but continuously improve in order to satisfy our 3rd party auditor when they come to inspect our processes and procedures.

ISO 9001 Certified – Any organization certified as ISO9001 must give the best customer service. Even when a customer calls screaming for product, or when something went wrong with a shipment, we must follow the order through to the end even if it means losing money. ISO9001 companies strive for the best customer service because they understand that word of mouth can make or break your entire company.

Value Added Services – We mainly distribute electrical wire and cable products throughout the USA but we also offer value added services. We cut, strip, terminate, solder, twist and stripe hook up wire and also manufacture cable assemblies to specification. Again, as an ISO 9001 company we must adhere to the upmost of standards that continuously improve our services department. If it’s not getting better it’s probably getting worse. There are always new standards and certifications needed to supply material to companies like General Electric.

Accepting Returns – People make mistakes, plain and simple. Whether it’s the supplier or the customer doesn’t matter, getting the correct product to the customer as quick as possible is what matters. Figuring out the root cause of the entire situation can be reverse engineered later and documented for further quality objectives.

Drop Shipping – As a company that resides in New Hampshire and ships across the country, we must find faster ways of getting products to our customers. Therefore, if you place an order from CA we might drop ship it from our CA manufacturer if it meets the minimum order quantity.

Customer Service – Many companies state how great their customer service is but how do you really know? Well if you have time to do some research you can look at the BBB rating, customer reviews and possibly eBay as well. WesBell currently has an A+ with the BBB and a 99.8% positive customer feedback rating with eBay.

We answer every phone and educate those who need help with their electrical wire or cable purchase. We know about the environmental conditions that wire can or cannot handle which helps our customers choose the correct wire or cable without over spending for their particular application.

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DLO 4 AWG Electrical Cable

You might need DLO cable if your application has to do with diesel locomotives, oil and gas drilling rigs or telecom power supply. DLO stands for Diesel Locomotive which is the main application for it but it has very good approvals and ratings for industrial power equipment that gets inspected on a regular basis.

DLO 4 AWG electrical cable is rated for 2000 volts due to its dual insulation. It’s manufactured with tinned copper strands which makes it more flexible than other types of electrical cables such as THHN THWN wire. The insulation also makes it more flexible because rubber will help it bend easier than typical PVC insulation with a nylon coating.

One thing to remember when deciding which cable is best for your application is to realize that a 4 AWG wire is a 4 AWG wire. No matter what stranding option it has to make it more or less flexible it will still have the same diameter and transmit the same amount of electricity. The stranding options are geared towards flexibility because as copper AWG sizes get larger the copper becomes harder to handle.

Applications that require electrical wire to be sent through conduit or snaked through a home or building will be manufactured in a less flexible way. A stiff THHN THWN wire being pushed through conduit will glide right through with less of a struggle compared to a flexible welding cable that will get bunched up as it’s being pushed.

 There are a few cables very similar to DLO cable such as welding cable, Type W and stage lighting cable because they all have rubber insulation. They are considered portable cord because of the rubber and they each vary slightly with temperature, voltage and approval differences. DLO 4 AWG cable stands out with a 2000 volt rating and all approvals needed to pass inspection such as UL, CSA, RHH, RHW, MSHA and RoHS. These approvals are stamped onto the jacket to prove that UL, and the rest, have tested and approved it as compliant to the temperature and voltage ratings.

Engineers are continuously improving their cables and creating new ones to supply any possible application with a specific cable. Once they make a single conductor portable cord rated for 2000 volts, such as DLO cable, someone else will need the same thing rated for 3000 volts. Make sure you speak to your wire and cable suppler about your application so that you’re positive you’re using the correct wire with the approvals needed to meet the NEC code.

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MC Cable 6-2 Copper Electrical Wire

How can you be sure that MC cable 6-2 is the type of electrical wire that you need? Well, if you’re unsure you should probably speak to an electrician or a wire and cable supplier to discuss your application. Typically an electrician will help you find the AWG size based on the amount of power the copper wire will need to provide and a supplier will help you with the insulation and jacket type.

Each type of cable is protected with insulation over the copper and sometimes a jacket over the bundle of conductors. This is to protect it from voltage, temperature and different environmental conditions such as moisture and chemicals. As the voltage and temperature requirements increase the price will increase as well. Since more engineering and more expensive materials are used the price will have to be increased in order to make a profit.

MC stands for Metal Clad due to its aluminum interlocked armor. Don’t confuse the copper conductors with aluminum because of the aluminum interlocked jacket. The special jacket passes inspection as its own conduit so you don’t have to buy or install the conduit first. MC cable is the next step up from indoor NMB cable because it has a few added approvals for outdoor use above ground and underground use in conduit only.

If you need an electrical cable that’s more flexible than you probably have a different application than branch, feeder or service power distribution because MC cable is meant to be used in those particular applications. Using something more flexible might change things because flexibility comes from smaller copper strands and different insulation. Having a different insulation could complicate the standard inspection checks of the installation.

Something more flexible than MC cable 6 2 would be a Type W 6 2. Type W is a portable cord manufactured very flexible with small copper strands and a rubber jacket. Even though it’s a lot more expensive than MC cable it’s still not approved for the same applications. It’s approved for higher voltage, higher temperature, and better flexibility but the jacket is NOT approved as conduit for indoor applications like MC cable.

Make sure you speak to your supplier about your application before buying something other than recommended. It’s hard to see the exact difference between two cables without understanding the applications because something that sounds small may not be as small as you think.

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