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The Advantages of Using Portable Power Cord with EPDM Insulation

The acronym EPDM can stand for a lot of different definitions, but as rubber insulation, EPDM is defined as one of the best insulations for portable power cords in the industry. Portable power cord EPDM Insulation provides all of the following advantages:

  • Exceptional ability to resist damage caused by harmful ultraviolet rays and other weather conditions.
  • Can withstand temperatures from negative 200°C of up to positive 175°C.
  • Stable resistance to moisture and vapor
  • Thermal conductivity maintained at a stable low level
  • Does not absorb too much water due to its structure
  • Fire-resistant and self-extinguishes flames

There are many different types of Portable power cord EPDM Insulation that you can find online and most of these are manufactured both for indoor and outdoor use. The EPDM insulation on the portable power cords also provides better flexibility for the cords so that it can be used for industrial equipment that require heavy use, as well as for use as extension cords when needed in marine docksides, deep mines, for the sound equipment on a large stage, and many others. There are also portable power cords with EPDM insulation that are made specifically for use in vacuum cleaners, food processors, hand tools, other home appliances like washing machines, as well as medical and office equipment.

With all of the various ways in which portable power cords with EPDM Insulation are used, it is no wonder that it is priced heavily, from somewhere around $0.5 to $50 for every meter. Some of the more popular characteristics of the portable power cords that are insulated with EPDM insulation are:

  • High amount of resistance to solvents, oil, acids, as well as extreme temperature
  • These power cords do not tear or abrade easily
  • Retards flames easily
  • High resistance to the damage caused by sunlight and water
  • Great degree of flexibility and durability. The cords can be rolled into a neat bundle when not in use

If you are not sure whether the power cord that you have is EPDM insulated or not, you can actually test the insulator at home. All you have to do is heat a piece of the insulation in the Microwave for two minutes. If it does not emit any smoke or smell, then you can be sure that you have EPDM insulation on your portable power cord. This test would also prove the fact that the EPDM insulation can work on temperatures of up to 150°C.

If you need further information on EPDM insulation for portable power cords, or just need assistance from an expert technician about the product’s in-depth technical information, there are a lot of toll-free numbers on the internet that you can call. Most online stores do already list a few technical specifications based on the manufacturer’s information for almost every portable power cord that they sell, so there should be very little need for you to contact a specialist or personally go to a hardware store yourself.

Welding cable is a standard one conductor 600 volt power cable with EPDM insulation.

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Speaker and Audio Wiring: Some Tips You Need to Consider

It must always be a boost to have a very beautiful acoustic sound emanating from your audio system. Whether it’s in your home or in your office or business area, it always feels good to hear quality sound. So, look for the best speaker and audio wiring and try not to go with a very cheap product.

This guide will help you familiarize yourself more about the exact length, proper gauge and correct speaker wire for your sound system. The gauge that you need for your speaker wire is based on the approved thickness range from 12-gauge to 16-gauge. If the gauge is low, it means that the wire is thick and has better capability to amplify sounds.

The audio components and speakers also help determine the best electrical wire gauge. Of course, you should also consider your budget for this. Another factor, too, is the distance of the amp and the speakers. This means that the longer a wire is, the poorer its reception and transmission capacity of the sound and its quality. Thus, if the wire needed must be long, it has to be thicker or at a lower gauge.

However, the need for a thicker speaker and audio wiring is also based on certain circumstances. If you want full sound quality from a music system, home theater, and the like, then the need for a thicker wire is really acceptable. You will be able to enjoy every minute detail of the music or every sound effect of the film or audiovisual media.

The standard 16 awg wire is acceptable and very satisfying for speakers that are close to the receiver. It is also the most recommended type of gauge wire when you are strictly on a budget. It can be used when routing or running it through some wall holes, door frames, or base boards of the room.

Another factor that helps determine the quality of the speaker wire is the materials used for its making. If it is made of metals, it is expected to have better conductivity. Other high quality speaker wires are designed to have more special construction and video shielding to keep the sound system and the same components from any interference.

The wire you need is also dependent on the measurement. Try to be slack in measuring the distance between the receiver and the speaker including the possible obstructions, loops and turns of the wire. Add some extra length to the final measurement. You must also check that the wire running through all the speakers have the same exact measurement. They must be quite long, too, to ensure resistance. The similarity in measurement for the wires of the speakers is checked so that all speakers will receive the same amount of volume and power.

Further, you may use a standard speaker and audio wiring if you want a simple but equally effective sound quality. Look for wires that you can repaint, allowing it to complement with the color of the room. Make sure that you observe electrical safety measures for your speaker wire and other electronic components.

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3 to 1 Adhesive Heat Shrink Tubing Protection

Man is able to come up with innovative ways to protect electrical wire and cables through the years. Aside from the usual plastic coating or flexible sheaths, technology has provided for the development of tubing that is not only reliable and durable, but waterproof as well. It is a well known fact that moisture (or in general, water) has adverse effects on wires and electronic cables. Water can bring about corrosion and unnecessary disintegration of the conductor which may lead to greater losses, be it in residential, commercial, or industrial applications. Hence, the need for a reliable protector created a demanded for more creativity and innovation on the part of developers of wire and cable.  

Take 3 to 1 Adhesive Shrinkable Tubing as an example. It is developed around the idea of having two distinct parts, namely: the inner wall and the outer wall. It is important to note that the materials of construction used for each wall are two different components or materials. This is due to the fact that they are bound to play different roles in the shrinkable tubing. The outer wall is made of Polyolefin and is referred to as the heat shrink. On the other hand, the inner wall is commonly made of adhesive that melts down when subjected to heat. Since the tubing is made of two walls, it is usually referred to as dual wall tubing.

What happens to the 3 to 1 Adhesive Shrinkable Tubing when it is subjected to heat? Something good is bound to occur once the shrinkable tubing is subjected to temperature slightly lower than the known temperature of activation of the heat shrink. Once the optimal temperature is achieved, inner layer begins to take the gel form in such a way that it is like a stream of glue. After undergoing the process of heating and after everything cools down to the normal temperature, there exists a layer of adhesion between the shrinkable tubing and the wire. Not only that the resulting system is water proof, it is also assured that the wire or the component inside the shrinkable tubing will not experience any unnecessary movement that may be detrimental to the entire purpose of the electrical wiring.

The “3 to 1” in the nomenclature of the shrinkable tubing is rooted from the fact that it shrinks to 1/3 of the original diameter after subjecting it to the process of heating and cooling down. In addition, there is an estimated 15 percent average shrinkage rate if we look into the wire’s longitudinal aspect. In terms of standards, 3 to 1 Adhesive Shrinkable Tubing complies to the benchmark set by AMS-DTL-23053/4. The tubing can operate at temperatures between -55 degrees Celsius and 110 degrees Celsius. The shrink temperature is estimated to be at 90 degrees Celsius. The upper bound temperature, beyond which the tubing is expected to disintegrate is around 135 degrees Celsius.

Aside from insulation, this tubing can be used in wire identification, bundling of connectors, wire strain and stress relief, and insulation of solders.

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Voice Communications Wire: Coming Up with the Best Base Material

From the time Alexander Graham Bell made use of a wire to transmit a human voice to the present time when contemporary voice communications wire technology dominate the communication industry, there can be no doubt about the claim that much more improvements in voice communication are in the offing.  For this reason, you would expect stiffer competitions in the electronics industry because the public clamors for better quality of communication.

The advent of the cellular phones as the primary tool of communication had made the exchange of ideas and information more efficient and faster but complaints about communication glitches with the most modern of communication technology still prevail.  Some of these complaints are traceable to the quality of wires that are used to absorb and transmit sound waves.

In the present time, when economic slump is likely to remain for a longer time, business remains to be robust because consumer demand continues to rise.  One area that needs to upgrade in technology is communication.  People need effective and efficient communication to perform their businesses to be able to produce enough money to support their family or finance their business.  This calls for electrical wire and cable companies to come up with advanced research which are designed to look for ways to improve the quality of voice communications wire.

With easier access to communication (especially through the internet), consumers are increasingly being exposed to information on technology.  They do not just buy gadgets at a whim; they also ask what kind of materials is used to make these gadgets.  They do not just buy cell phones; they ask which telephone companies are producing these cell phones.  Other customers would even ask which company suppliers (or countries) supply the specs of these cell phones.  That also occurs when they buy iPods, computers, sound system and the gadgets that they use when engage in some business or academic presentations.

As already said, communication to people is very important.  Everyone knows that and they need the kind of communication system that produces unhampered, clear and fast delivery of sound units.  People want a system that they can rely on especially during the time when the so-called communication traffic occurs.  Unfortunately, communication failures abound and that is really irritating to communication technology users.  It is the responsibility of those who are engaged in the exchange of communication goods to come up with the best materials in the communication technology.

The exchange of ideas among people (and peoples) is more likely to magnify in the coming days – that is very much inevitable.  It would be dangerous to think that people will just settle for what kind of system that they have now.  If they will, they would better not trust in the present system and do away with technology once and for all.  Consumer confidence is a necessary factor in the life of the business world.   The lack of it can suck the life out of businesses from which people acquire their means of living.  Everyone must focus on producing the best materials for communication technology and it must be now.

The world needs to come up with the best voice communications wire.

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Installing an Intercom System With Electrical Wire

An intercom wiring system at home must be planned carefully to achieve its intended purpose – to provide quick and effective communication system among family members.  If you are considering installing an intercom within your house, you will need the help of experts who can guide you in the installation.  Make sure you have an initial plan that lays down the specific details of the entire system – master station, receiving stations and whether you would this device to play music or any other recordings as necessary.

Enhancing Safety and Security in the House through the Use of Intercom

 Apart from the benefit of calling a family for a phone call or summoning everyone to the dinner table, a communication system in the house can improve security and safety.  You may include a speaker at the front door so you can check visitors before they ever enter your home.  You can also use the intercom when reminding everyone to check on doors and windows if they need to be closed before sleeping.

During emergencies, the system can be very helpful because you can easily get the attention of everybody.  That happens when a burglar enters the house or when a fire is starting to build up.

Installing an Intercom Wiring System

Installing a home communication system is relatively easy.  You will need only the most basic of carpentry skills and some amount of electrical wire to finish the job. If ever, you will need very minimal help from experts for installation.  Find a good location for the master station.  The master station should be easily accessible at anytime for all members of the family.  Prepare the wires in their right lengths to be connected to the main server.  Install the receiver gadgets such doorbell chimes and speakers. You may also consider installing additional receiving stations without using wires.  There are wireless battery-powered speakers available in the market.  

Make sure that you involve everybody in the family in the installation process.  Educate your children in how to operate the intercom as early as possible.  Provide them with specific details on its operation such as proper buttons to use in accord to the situation at hand, volume control, using the music player or the radio and how to turn on/off the entire system or a single line.

Finding the Best Intercom System

In finding a good intercom system, you need to have much information and usually you can get this from reviews of intercom users.  Read through their comments about the system that they are using and you will have an idea on what is the best intercom system to acquire.  In particular, take note of the brand that they are using.  Satisfied customers are quick to inform prospective buyers about how happy they have been with their intercom and they usually mention the brands that they are using.  Also, take note of the intercom brands which are turn-off for these customers.  You would not waste to waste money in this deal.  You need to purchase the best intercom wiring system.

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