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PTFE Wire Has Increased More Than Copper Prices

Everyone knows that commodities are going up very fast including Gold, Silver, Copper and many other metals. Those are the 3 main commodities affecting wire and cable pricing because they’re the most common conductors of electricity.

PTFE wire is manufactured with bare copper, coated with silver and insulated with a PTFE insulation for high temperature applications. As a wire and cable distributor WesBell Electronics buys bulk electrical wire from manufacturers. Manufactures draw the bare liquid copper into solid gauges and insulate them so that they can be used either indoors, outdoors or directly underground.

Since the commodities are changing daily, the wire and cable manufacturers change their pricing each day and sometimes twice a day. That means, as a distributor, our pricing is changing at the will of the manufacturer. It doesn’t mean that we’re marking the price up because we think it’s worth more money, it costs us more to buy it.

PTFE wire has the most interesting story of all. Not only is it manufacturered with rising copper prices, but silver is rising even faster which increases the price in the same way. The 3rd thing affecting PTFE prices is that a manufacturer of PTFE compound was shut down due to the earthquake in Japan. The PTFE compound is the main ingredient in PTFE insulation that allows the wire to be used in high temperatures.

This manufacturer was supplying PTFE compound to many PTFE wire manufacturers that now need to buy it from another source in order to fulfill their orders. That creates a shortage of PTFE wire which increases the pricing yet again.

Many of our customers are asking how it’s possible for a type of wire to cost twice as much as it did a year ago. We explain the situation and some believe us and some don’t, which might make them shop around for a better price.

We, at WesBell Electronics, understand and encourage our customers to search around for the best price because we would never charge an outrageous amount for any of our wire and cable for any reason. We mark it up fairly to make a profit just like any other business. We also tell our current customers about increases BEFORE they call to place another order so they don’t end up losing money on their order due to costing the PTFE wire at a much lower price.

Everyone needs to be very careful about bidding any job using any commodities. The prices are volatile and using a price you got 2 weeks ago for a job today could crush all of your profits. Be careful, check around and let your customer know the price could change when it’s time to buy.

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