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PVC 10 AWG Hook Up Wire Information

Hook Up Wire Lead wires have been known to serve as electrical conductors in homes and business offices. But what most people don't know, or neglect to know is that wires are classified into many categories depending on its attributes and use. Wires are not just plain wires that you buy on stores without considering what its properties and its use.

Lead wires have many uses according to its classifications and coating. Some are coated with copper, others with lead. One common type of wire used by many is the Polyvinal Chloride wire, commonly known as PVC wire. This type of wire is used in many ways like in construction works, clothes and upholsteries. In line with this, the most common use of PVC wires is that it can be used to serve as electronic cable insulations because of its many attributes. First and foremost, this wire is very cheap compared to other kinds. Although it's cheap, PVC wires are very durable; they can also carry low currents that are enough for home appliances.

PVC wires are also available in many colors and forms according to its size, function and AWG (American Wire Gauge). AWG is an important aspect to consider in selecting wires to buy. This determines the current capacity of a wire. Most PVC wires can carry up to a thousand volts because of their AWG.

Wires are not just classified according to its AWG. It can also be categorized according to its physical features. Wires can be flat, coaxial or hook up. It is also important because the structure of wire has certain functions. Coaxial wires are used in cables while hook up wires are best used in home appliances because this wire is enough to handle the low current appliances need.

PVC hook up wire is also available from 26 AWG to a 10 AWG wire. Wires that have 26 AWG-18 AWG can carry 300 volts of current while 16 AWG-10 AWG wires carry a maximum of 600 volts of current.

One type of PVC wire is the hook up 10 AWG wire. This kind of wire can carry a current of up to 600 volts and can insulate a minimum of -20°C up to 105°C. 10 AWG wire carries a 0.32 inches coating thickness for insulation, that's why it is capable of insulating a couple of heat. Wires of this kind are used mainly for home appliances like television and ovens. These kinds of wires are .194 inches in diameter because it is covered with 150 strands of 30 AWG tinned copper. It also comes in different colors.

Apart from hardware stores, PVC wires and other kinds are also available in the internet. Some sites sell custom wires so that they can achieve the client's preferences. Some sites also offer free shipping when you reach a certain number of wires you order, it is better than buying in hardware stores where you have to transport bulk wires from them to your home. But in buying wires, one must be sure that these wires are UL, CUL, SGS and RoHS certificated to guarantee that it is safe and high quality.

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