WesBell Electronics
PLTC Cable

PLTC Cable Multipair Overall Shielded

Power Limited Tray Cable 300 Volts


  • 300 Volts
  • 105°C Temperature range
  • Sunlight resistant
  • Conductor - Stranded tinned copper
  • Insulation - Color coded PVC
  • Shield - Aluminum polyester foil shield
  • Jacket - Crome Gray PVC
  • UL and CSA approved
  • Color Code - Each pair is Black and Red (Numbered for identification)

Part Number AWG Number of Pairs Outer Diameter Weight per 1000'
PLTC Shielded Tray 22/2

22 2 .310" 44 lbs
PLTC Shielded Tray 22/3

22 3 .326" 54 lbs
PLTC Shielded Tray 22/4

22 4 .353" 65 lbs
PLTC Shielded Tray 18/2

18 2 .376" 70 lbs
PLTC Shielded Tray 18/3

18 3 .416" 92 lbs
PLTC Shielded Tray 18/4

18 4 .451" 115 lbs




PLTC 300 Volt Overall Shielded Tray Cable

Tray Cable

This page offers our PLTC power limited tray cable in an Multi Pair Overall Shielded 300 volt version. See our shielded PLTC tray cable if you need this same cable with a foil shield. Both the shielded and unshielded offer the same UL and CSA approvals and 105°C temperature rating.

Both types of PLTC 300 volt tray cable also come in 22 awg through 12 awg in a 2 or 3 conductor version. The conductors are manufactured with stranded tinned copper, PVC insulation and the jacket is also made with PVC. The color code is Black and red or Black, Red and White. This cable can be used outdoors and in conduit as it's sunlight resistant and made to be used in conduit.