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Difference Between SOOW Portable Cord and Type W Power Cable

Romex Cable A lot of people, especially those who need materials for various industrial and mining projects, would ask: What is the difference between SOOW and Type W cables? While both types can be very useful whether for locomotives, portable appliances, cranes, mining equipment, etc., both SOOW cable and Type W cables differ in many respects. First, let's define both these cables.

SOOW cables are often rated for maximum of 600 Volts. Usually, they are available from sizes 2 to 18 awg. Conductor counts available for SOOW cables can go from 2 to 60 depending on your chosen SOOW cable awg size. Basically, SOOW means that the conductors as well as the jacket are oil resistant and water resistant. It is robust and tough as an SOOW cable but in case you are looking for a more robust, tougher cable for your industrial needs, then you need a Type W cable. A Type W cable can handle up to 2000 Volts. It actually possesses the same conduction and jacketing materials used in manufacturing SO cables but then again while both can be very similar a Type W cable is more flexible and often preferred by big industries because they are more durable than SOOW cables. A Type W cable can be bought as a single conductor or multiconductor cable. Aside from these two there are still a lot of Type W cables you can find depending on the size and the conductor counts you need. Type W cables range from sizes 500 MCM down to 8 awg and are available in maximum of five conductor counts.

What is the difference between SOOW and Type W Cables in terms of use? SOOW cables are meant for use with average types of equipment or portable tools like small motors or portable appliances you have at home. You should know that the presence of "W" at the end of "SOO" denotes that this type of cable is also water resistant. On the other hand, type W cables are often intended for heavy use. It means that in case you are working in large companies and there is a great need for tough cables for very demanding uses then you should use a Type W. In many cases Type W cables are very useful in conveyors, lifting magnets, loaders, large cutters, pumps, drills, diesel electric locomotives, cranes, and a lot more. Since they are more flexible and durable than the other types this heavy duty cable is very ideal for tough use.

Remember, cables, whether it is an SOOW or a Type W, can be very useful not only for industrial applications but also for both residential and commercial usage. But remember, since there are a lot of electrical cables to choose from and all are described useful for different types of jobs you have to know exactly which cable is most ideal for your need. Now that you know the difference between SOOW and Type W cables it would be easier for you to decipher which would be best for your current project.

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