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SOOW 18/14 Portable Power Cable

SOOW 18/14 Portable Power Cable


  • UL and CSA Approved
  • MSHA Approved and RoHS Compliant

  • S- Heavy Duty rubber power cord
  • O- Oil resistant conductors
  • O- Oil resistant rubber jacket
  • W- Water resistant




  • Flexible stranded bare copper
  • 600 Volts
  • Outer Diameter - .630"
  • Black Jacket - Black, White, Red, Orange, Blue, White/Black, Red/Black, Green/Black, Orange/Black, Blue/Black, Black/White, Red/White, Green/White and Green conductors


    • Rubber CPE Jacket
    • Premium grade EPDM insulation
    • 3.5 AMPS
    • Used for portable power, power tools, control circuits, and construction equipment
    • Exact Cut Lengths! Buy "Per Foot" and increase quantity to the exact amount you need.

      Per Foot $1.65/'
      500' $760.00
      1000' $1411.43



      SOOW 18/14 is a 600 Volt portable cord product that we keep in stock and cut to length for our customers. This 18 awg 14 conductor power cable is used to bring electricity to power tools, portable equipment, control circuits, and construction equipment. It has a rubber CPE jacket with premium PVC insulation covering the copper strands. Each wire inside is color coded in the following order: (1) Black, (2) White, (3) Green, (4) Red, (5) Orange, (6) Blue, (7) White/Black, (8) Red/Black, (9) Green Black, and (10) Orange/Black. SOOW cables reach a temperature of 90°C and are offered in 18 awg through 10 awg with a UL, CSA and MSHA marking on the cable. The 8 awg through 2 awg are only UL or CSA approved upon request. See our SJOOW Cable for a 300 volt version or our Type W Cable for a 2000 volt version.

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