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Technical Details of Romex® Cables and Romex® 6/3 Cable

Romex Cable Because it has become a famous representative on the product category of electrical wires, the Romex® name has become a generic name for most people. The history behind this term is that an insulated electrical wire that is especially used for buildings was created in 1922 by the Rome Wire Company. The Rome Wire Company, however, was merged with another company, the General Cable. In 2001, Southwire owned the official name of Romex®. This is because Southwire has officially purchased the building wire department of the General Cable industry.

Nowadays, to say Romex® 6/3 cable may not necessarily refer to a branded Romex® product, it may refer to any generic 6/3 cable.

There is specific wire identification for Romex® 6/3 cable. Some people are not yet familiar with it. The external wire identification is based on the brand name of Romex®, its gauge, and number of internal conductor wires that are imprinted on the outer section of the insulation. Since Romex® is used in various commercial and residential building projects, the identification of the type of cable to be used is also based on a color scheme.

The gray color for the outer insulation is the color scheme for the gauges of 8, 6, 4, and 2 of industrial-level or generic Romex®. Thus, Romex® 6/3 cable has a gray color for its insulation. Other colors for the outer insulation of Romex® cables are white, yellow, and orange. Yellow outer insulation is for the gauge of 12 with 2 or 3 conductor wires (thus, 12/2 or 12/3). White outer insulation is for the gauge of 14 with 2 or 3 conductor wires (thus, 14/2 or 14/3). Orange outer insulation is for the gauge of 10 with 2 or 3 conductor wires (thus, 10/2 or 10/3).

In consideration of the identification of the internal wires of the Romex®, the National Electric Code has provided a color scheme for the electrical building wire's insulation. There is no insulation for ground wires and they are bare. Black or red is used for positive wires. However, for the 3 conductor cable, both the black and red are used for the wires in some electrical connections. For the 2 conductor cable, the positive wire is colored with the standard black.

The Romex® 6/3 cable is only applicable for indoor usage and installation. Like all other Romex® brand cables of different gauges and conductor numbers, it is not designed and developed for underground usage or outdoor installation. Note that electrical wiring tasks are governed by certain state or national legal policies and codes. It is very important to consult with a local building inspector if a certain electrical wiring task is legally allowed for you to do it on your own. This only means that even if you think you are skilled, the law might still require a certain electrical wiring task to be done by a licensed electrician. These legal policies and codes have been identified by the local, state, or national government for security and safety concerns of the person in particular and the community in general. Thus, following these legal policies and codes will help you avoid any danger as well as prevent any harmful, improper wiring.

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