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Romex® 10/3 NM-B Wire

Romex 10/3 NM-B Wire


  • UL Approved
  • Mil Spec AA59544
  • Romex SIMpull®




  • Solid bare copper strands
  • Additional 10 awg uninsulated bare ground wire (4 Wires total)
  • Indoor only cable
  • Weighs 164 lbs per 1000 feet
  • 30 AMPS
  • 10 awg Romex ® cables come in the color Orange only


    • PVC Jacket (Polyvinyl Chloride)
    • Temperature 90°C
    • 600 Volts

      50' $53.25
      250' $257.37
      1000' $994.00



      There are many different sizes of Romex® wire so you definitely want to make sure you have the right size by talking to your electrical contractor. You can give them the length and the amount of amps you want to supply so they can give you an accurate awg size. Romex® 10/3 always has an orange jacket because it's in the #10 wire range. Other Romex® gauge sizes will have different color jackets. Try taking a look at Romex® 14/2 or Romex® 6/3 to see the color of those jackets and why they are different. The last thing be be sure of is that this cable is going to be indoors only. If you need to run the cable outdoors at all you should be looking at a UFB 10/3 or another size of UFB cable.