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Power Cable Information

Power Cable The large sizes of portable cord are known as industrial power cables. They’re similar to extension cords that are much bigger and more durable. These large power cables are meant for heavy duty machinery and large construction sites requiring a lot of power.

Type W power cables are 3, 4 or 5 conductors including a same size ground wire. One of the conductors is colored green for a ground but it’s the same size wire as the rest. Type G or Type G-GC is the same as Type W cable but it has additional ground wires. The Type G is always a 4 conductor power cable with 4 additional ground wires while the Type G-GC is always a 3 conductor with 3 additional grounds. They’re both used in heavy duty power supply cables and mining applications.

If you’re looking for something smaller we also have portable cord products like SO cable and SOOW cable. They're similar to an extension cord material and used on smaller job sites. An electrical contractor might be at a job site and need to supply power with a power cable. They would need to figure out what awg size they need based on the amount of power they need.

I’ve been asked the difference between SO cable and SJO cable many times. The “J” stands for Junior which makes it a 300 volt cable instead of 600 volts. The SOOW cable is always 600 volts and has a thicker rubber jacket because of it. Sometimes customers require a smaller outer diameter for the power cable so we offer the SJO cable instead.

It’s good to know what you’re talking about when ordering any type of power cable. They come in all different awg sizes and insulation thicknesses. If you know that the cable is going to receive more impact than usual then let us know that so we can get you’re a more durable jacket. It will cost a little bit more but will be worth it to make it last much longer.

Please call with any questions you might have.