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Medium Voltage MV-105 Power Cables

Industrial MV Power CableMedium voltage MV-105 power cables are mostly used for branch circuits and in main feeders. Due to their voltage capacity, they are also being used for industrial and commercial purposes. They are one of the most popular cables used today thanks to their durability and excellent capability in conducting electricity.

What are its components?

Medium voltage cables are usually made from combination of ethylene propylene rubber (EPR) as well as cross linked polyethylene (XLP). The product uses PVC and chlorinated polyethylene as jacketing compounds. As for shielding components, it usually varies from one product or another. There are instances when copper is used while in some cases a wire shield is used.

Insulation levels for the MV - 105 include 100% and 133%. Choosing between the two is simple: look at the fault clearing time of the system. If the fault clearing is less than one minute, the best insulation level to use is 100%. However, if it is more than that, then the 133% would work best for the buyer. Of course, there are some exceptions in this situation.

What is the typical voltage?

Medium voltage MV-105 power cables usually have voltages around 5kV to 35kV. This way, buyers will be able to choose the best item that would work with their specific needs. As for the C rating, the most common one is 105. However, this isn't always the case as the rating varies depending on the construction of the product. This is why buyers should be careful when purchasing power cables as the wrong rating can trigger problems in the system.

What are the advantages of the MV - 105?

The popularity of this power cable type is not surprising considering its advantages. The product can be used in practically any setting thanks to its durability and excellent conduction capabilities. As mentioned above, this power cable is mostly used for industrial and commercial purposes, showing users exactly just how well it can manage extreme power conditions.

The cables can be used in dry locations as well as in wet ones. This makes them excellent cables to have around the basement where temperatures and humidity tend to be moist. It can be installed in practically any location from conduits, underground installation and aerials, ducts and even troughs.

Choosing Medium Voltage MV-105 Power Cables

Since there are several options when it comes to MV -105 purchases, buyers should be very attentive when making a purchase. In most cases, acquisition of the product should be done by those who have sufficient knowledge about electricity wirings. This way, they can be sure that they are getting the right materials and would know exactly how to use it for maximum efficiency.

With the right choice, people will find themselves enjoying excellent power without being worried about any problems. Since the product is made to last, buyers should be glad to know that this power cable is capable of providing long term service. Even better, its specific construction ensures that individuals will not spend a fortune having the cables fixed and replaced a few years later.

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