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Types of Industrial Amored Power Cables

Armored Power CableArmored power cables can be seen in practically any home nowadays. Considering how effective the product is in providing protection for its users, this isn't really surprising. Basically, this construction is made up of multiple electrical conductors that come together using an overall sheath. This setting allows the cable to be effective in transmitting electricity while providing the protection necessary for the user. Due to its durability, the item is usually used as an underground wiring.

However, not all power cables are the same. This is why it is important for buyers to be very selective with their purchase. This way, they can be sure to buy the best power cable that would suit their specific need. That being said, following are some tips on how to choose this type of power cable.

Consider the Environment

There are different types of armored power cables ranging from aluminum to steel. When buying one, consider exactly where the cable will be placed and anticipate any environmental problems it might encounter there. For example, a cable installed at the basement would need to be durable against moist or wet temperatures in order to last long. Hence, don't be afraid to ask the seller about the capabilities and limitation of the product.

Current Surge

The current surge of cables varies depending on the construction. Make sure to purchase one that is adequate for the electricity requirements of the home. The good news is that there are lots of choices for current surge ratings in power cables, allowing homeowners to easily pick the best one for them.


The brand of the product also plays a very important role when deciding to but it or not. The fact is that although some power cables look good, their construction is not durable enough to last long. Hence, be very particular when choosing a cable and check out the business responsible for its manufacture. Do they comply with any regulations surrounding the manufacture of the product? Don't be afraid to search for reviews about the product to ensure that other buyers are perfectly happy with its performance. Be very wary when it comes to durability reports. Keep in mind that damaged power cables are VERY expensive to repair and replace so choose one that promises to last for long periods of time.


Obviously, price should be a top consideration, especially for those who are operating on a budget. The usual setting is that pricier cables provide better quality. However, this isn't usually the case. It's perfectly possible to find good quality armored power cable without spending too much for it. This is why homeowners are advised to read reviews about the product so that they can get a fairly accurate assessment from other buyers.

All in all, buying an armored power cable is a good option for those who want something strong and effective for their electrical wirings. Although usually used for underground installations, the armored cable can also be seen in visible parts of the home.

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