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Olflex® VFD Slim Shielded Motor Supply Cable

  • Flexible Black PVC Jacket
  • 18 awg through 2 awg
  • Foil tape and tinned copper braid shield
  • Lapp Surge Guard Insulation

Olflex VFD Slim

Olflex® VFD Flexible Motor Supply Cable

  • Dual Flexible oil resistant PVC jacket
  • 18 awg through 2 awg
  • Foil tape and tinned copper braid shield
  • Lapp Surge Guard Insulation

Olflex VFD

Olflex® VFD with Signal Pair for Brake

  • Oil and chemical resistant Elastomer Alloy Black Jacket
  • 16 awg through 4 awg
  • Foil tape and tinned copper braid shield
  • Lapp Surge Guard Insulation

Olflex VFD with Signal

Olflex® FD VFD - Variable Frequency Drive Cable

  • TPE black Jacket
  • 14 awg through 10 awg
  • Foil tape and tinned copper braid shield
  • Lapp Surge Guard Insulation

Olflex FD VFD

Olflex® SDP TC - Severe Duty Bus Drop Power Cable

  • Oil and Chemical resistant Elastomer Alloy orange Jacket
  • 14 awg through 2 awg
  • UL, CSA, CE, NOM and RoHS Approved

Olflex SDP TC

Olflex® Symmetrical - Motor Supply Power Cable

  • XLPE Insulation with PVC Jacket
  • 1 awg through 500 mcm
  • Longitudinal Copper Tape Shield
  • UL, CSA, CE, NOM and RoHS Approved

Olflex VFD Symmetrical

Important things to remember when shopping for VFD Robotic Cables

Olflex VFD Cable Cable connections should be made of high quality materials and with added flexibility and functionality. When it comes to VFD robotic cables, this stuff is durable enough plus it is reinforced with added security. These commodities are just the right one for your needs so you have to make sure that you check out the company logo just to make sure that you are purchasing the genuine merchandise. It will also be best to purchase the same from reliable and trusted online stores.

VFD robotic cables are especially manufactured to provide the finest service and even though these items will be exposed to tremendous pressure as a result of flexion and torsion, the buyer can be assured that the cables will still perform its duty. The electrical or optical communication features will still perform at its peak and you do not have to deal with all the side effects of exposure to elements. If you require a highly elastic wire that can transmit data from one source to another then you should check out the VFD robotic cables.

The following are some of the most important characteristics of these robotic cables:

  • Suitable thickness
  • One hundred percent robotic capabilities in all its programs
  • One hundred percent field bus capacity that has been proven effective

Robotic wires are not cheap and it can be time consuming for you to find a replacement in case your old cables are worn out. In this line, it is important that you know the right company that you should get in touch with whenever you have to change your old and dilapidated wires. Keeping your robotic cable in the best shape is the wisest thing to do in order to avoid any complications in the future.

Regular check up is also significant and once you detect that something is wrong with your connections, you should do the repairs at once. Never delay any type of repairs that has something to do with electrical works. Simple and uncomplicated steps that will prevent further damage have to be done without delay. It is vital that you keep your robotic cables in the best shape possible.

Daily inspection of your robotic wires should also be conducted. There are times when the wires crack or wear out because of the application of too much pressure. Snapping of a single strand will surely cause a lot of problem for the establishment and it will also create a working are which is considered unfit and unsafe. You can prevent possible malfunctions provided do your job of checking all your connections.

Robotic connections are very significant; hence, it is suggested that you choose the right brand. Depending on the type of needs that you have, you can easily route the wires in two ways: external or internal. A lot of cable issues have been solved without too much difficulty. Temporary stoppage of work and other issues regarding operations will be prevented provided you purchase top quality robotic cables from a reputable online store.

WesBell offers many types of Olflex® Servo FD control cables, so if you don't see what you need on our website please call to discuss your application with our knowledgeable sales staff. We offer Free Shipping on orders over $250 and cut any small lengths you may need.

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