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Olflex Wire - Lapp USA

Olflex® Wire is a flexible control cable manufacturer. They're known for manufacturing top of the line electrical and electronic cables mainly for flexibile applications and equipment. Now known as Lapp USA, Olflex® makes sure to have UL, CSA, CE, MSHA and RoHS approvals on most all of their cables. Due to the expense they manufacture a few cables without approvals however the same cable will also be available with all of them as well.




Olflex® 190 Flexible Control Cable

The series Olflex® 190 is for control cable applications that require a flexible cable to bend around corners or cable track. It comes in a shielded and unshielded version with UL, CSA, CE and RoHS approvals. There are all black numbered conductors and a green/yellow ground wire with flexible bare copper strands.

Olflex 190 Flexible Cable



Olflex® 890 Flexible Control Cable

Lapp USA also manufactures a similar robotic cable to the 190 series called Olflex® 890. It's a continuous flex cable which means it can be bent back and forth while the application is running. The Olflex® 190 series can bend into position, but it can't continue moving when the machine is turned on.

Olflex 890 Flexible Cable



Olflex® 110 Flexible Control Cable

The Olflex® 110 series is very similar to the Olflex® 190 series without the UL and CSA approvals. It's a 600 volt flexible control cable used most commonly on electrical equipment whether it's dry, damp or wet conditions. The conductors have PVC insulation along with a gray PVC jacket and optional shield.

Olflex 110 Flexible Cable



Olflex® Servo Control Cables

Servo control cables are commonly used in stationary applications and as supply and feedback cables. There's standard flex and continuous flex options and all they're are composite cables with 2 different guage sizes in each cable. Servo cables have exceptional braid shielding in the CY versions for EMI and RFI interference.

Olflex Servo Cables



Olflex® VFD Control Cables

VFD stands for "Variable Frequency Drive" and has all of the industry approvals on all 6 different types of VFD power supply cables. Most versions have a foil tape and tinned copper shield and jacket insulation is either PVC, TPE or Elastomer Alloy.

Olflex VFD Cables