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3 Layers of Kynar Wire Wrap

Solid Copper Strand

3 Layers of Kynar Wire Wrap Kynar wire is only offered in a solid version instead of both solid and stranded. Since wire wrap is so thin, offered in 30 AWG through 22 AWG, there aren't too many customers that need it to be more flexible. The main reason for getting a stranded wire is to increase the flexibility and Kynar is already flexible enough in nature.

Silver Coating

When you pull the insulation back you will see what looks to be silver, tin or aluminum wire but it's not. It's copper wire with a coating of silver which helps with corrosion. If the entire wire was manufactured with pure silver the cost of it would be astronomical. Copper is a great conductor of electricity and the silver coating helps increase the conductivity. Both the copper and silver included in Kynar wire wrap force the pricing to change daily. So, be careful when searching too early for pricing, it may change when it comes time to buy.

PVC Insulation

PVC insulation is used on basic hook up wire to protect the copper from the application it's placed in. If you plan to use your lead wire outdoors then you'll need to find another type of insulation that protects copper from environmental conditions. Since Kynar is used indoors it doesn't need as much protection and, therefore has a very basic cost effective PVC insulation.

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